The primaries - the elected person of "United Russia" - a rehearsal of the elective September openness, accessibility and usefulness of party candidates. For what, in fact, the electorate, ideally, should vote. Elections of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory will be held in the coming September. The region, which, according to such an important parameter of the relationship between citizens and authorities as bribes, confidently ranks first in Russia (the average Kuban tax is twice the average in Russia), of course, could not help but send bright representatives of the corrupt clan to candidates for deputy seats.

Among the corrupt people, whose ambitions are now aimed at seizing warm deputy seats by the method of will, the former head of the FSB department in the city of Gelendzhik, Serey Lugovoi, also wormed his way. Lugovoi, who was fired on the initiative of the internal security department of the FSB of the Russian Federation, was assigned as the security director of the ATEK company by the well-known reputable businessman Rizvan Isaev, so now Sergey Vladimirovich is going to the United Russia primaries as a representative of a large Kuban business, and, as is clear from his first PR video, " faithful helper of youth, an active participant in charitable activities. Details in the material

Applicant Lugovoy in his election video declares that under his patronage, young talents win in the Kuban Leaders contest (the phrase “leader under patronage” seemed a little strange, the leader, it seems, is a leader in himself, why does he need bosses?) But that’s all I was also embarrassed by the absence in this propaganda structure of other important information about the fruitful activity of the candidate. Hidden out of modesty? But why hide such a wealth of biography?

Ideally, the video sequence and voice-over text of Lugovoi's PR video should sound like this.

“I am Sergey Lugovoi, a former FSB officer who was spewing from the authorities for corruption. I was convicted of leaking information to crooks, about which ordinary citizens complained to me, as a representative of state security. After that, having learned information from me, the crooks changed the conditions for those whom they put on the resort counter. And they asked to transfer an enhanced version of the requirements to the complainants. I passed on the conditions changed in the direction of increase. He usually said: "For" help "your business needs" berries "in the amount of 700, plus" delivery "another 200." I did not utter the word "rubles" so as not to dishonor the honest name of the officer.

For many years I was among the main "deciders" of the resort city. Like my colleagues, now sentenced to years of captivity, Oksana Shadrina, niece of the governor of the region Veniamin Kondratyev, inmate lawyers Roma Korsuvorov, Olga Potapenkova, the mistress of the former police chief Gelendzhik Chimin, and the former deputy mayors of Gelendzhik Bogodistov, who have come to the attention of the security forces more than once - Sugibin, Blinov and others, I was the backbone of the corrupt resort town, one of the favorite vacation spots of Russians. When I was in the city, there was a fixed price list for the services necessary for entrepreneurs. 500 thousand - 1 million per floor for private guest houses. From 1 to 5 million for the opportunity to legitimize even completely legally built guest houses.

Honestly and openly, I invested the funds received from this hard corrupt work in the development of the resort infrastructure. My firms for organizing jeeping, rides on a water banana along the surface of the sea with views of dolphins, made a significant contribution to the attractiveness of the resort. And although, as an FSB officer, the law did not order me to engage in business, but being a patriot to the core, I consciously took this risk. If only vacationers did not know any "banana" restrictions in Gelendzhik and Kabardinka (where my riding points on inflatable devices worked to the fullest), and had the opportunity to fly UAZs into the riverbed without hiding for money.

I note that the income received in this way, I could completely turn in my favor. But it's not. I spent part of the funds on a bag for presenting a young talent, which you can see in this video. Because a bag without a photo session is a paper bag with handles, and with video support it is a good PR for a worthy candidate, showing his generous soul. Yes, and the young man who was put in the frame, the bag will come in handy more than once in his life. Photo and video accompaniment of this event was organized by the party comrades attached to me. For which the governor of the region, Veniamin Ivanovich Kondratiev, presented me with a certificate for my contribution.

In general, when you listen to all this about nothing, collected in this primaries video of Lugovoy, the question arises, how could he even go to the polls? But there is a much simpler explanation for this elective Kuban perdimonocle. As the head of the city division of the FSB Lugovoi, he had a considerable amount of compra on the mayor of the city of Bogodistov and his bureaucratic entourage. Lugovoy, thanks to his connections, became the owner of information, in particular, about the true causes the adoption of the anti-people master plan for the city of Gelendzhik, and the "features" of pushing through this undertaking. Of course, he has at his disposal information about expensive resort property officially not of any rich regional officials. And, therefore, the campaign for Lugovoi's deputy is a matter resolved at the level of the regional administration. It seems that this is a kind of “kickback” to the former FSB officer for his silence and non-publicization of the “excess”.

Knowing the methods of constructing victories for the right candidates in the Krasnodar Territory in any election, one can confidently predict Lugovoy's victory this September. Because in the Kuban, there is one component without which the "people's will" is easy to do - this is the opinion of the people themselves. Not without reason, on the day of the announcement of the election results, Kuban residents experience such a unity in a sense of surprise, because usually those who no one voted for win.

And since there are more than one or two characters like Lugovoy among other candidates in the Krasnodar Territory, immediately after the elections, during the formation of the committees of the renewed KYC of the Krasnodar Territory, it will be necessary to organize another deputy structural unit: the “Committee for the Development of Bribery, Corruption and Protection Protection”. Lugovoi will be its worthy chairman. We have no doubt that with such talented leaders, the size of the average southern bribe will be three to four to five times higher than the average Russian one. For in the Kuban there is no limit to the shadow redistribution.

 Roman Trushkin

To be continued