Source: found out some details of the United Russia primaries held in May in the Krasnodar Territory. Long before the party elections themselves, we published a complete list of future winners. After summing up, it turned out, as expected, that it was a jackpot - everyone who was appointed in advance by the regional authorities won. But, as it turns out now, some EP comrades, in order to make the manifestation of electoral love for themselves more convincing, seem to have resorted to hacking. There is every reason to believe that the incredible success in the primaries of the current deputy chairman of the Kuban ZSK, Nikolai Gritsenko, would have been achieved with the help of ... hacking the State Services website.

Николай Гриценко

Nikolai Pavlovich is the leader of United Russia in the Krasnodar Territory. And his desire to show an outstanding result in the primaries is probably understandable. But how did this brilliant victory come about? The officially registered number of voters in the Tikhoretsky district, where Gritsenko put forward his candidacy as a list member, is 91,521 people. Even the proportion of those who voted in this constituency No. 18 - 41.9% - caused surprise! There has never been such an appearance here. Not even the presidential election. And this despite the fact that employees of the regional administration, plus personnel from municipal administrations, sweated liters in the three-day primaries, knocking out a turnout of 10-15 percent by hook or by crook.

 But the most surprising was the result of Gritsenko - 31,290 votes were cast for him! For comparison, in other constituencies, the happiness of victory was ensured by the number of votes from one and a half to four thousand. Well, a couple more candidates showed results in the region of 10 thousand votes. Which, with the minimum allowable turnout, was quite enough.

With his 31,000 votes, Gritsenko became the absolute champion of the regional Russian primaries! Those employees of the regional administration, in whose "sponsored" districts the results of the "winners" appointed in advance turned out to be pale, the result for the territorial group No. 18 was set as an example. From other Kuban municipalities, they began to call Tikhoretsk to find out the details of this unexpected persuasiveness. In order to adopt progressive experience already at the very elections of deputies of the Kuban ZSK, which should take place this September. But in Tikhoretsk, local United Russia members could not explain the phenomenon. But even if they knew, it was hardly worth sharing this criminal information. Because it is not for bureaucratic meetings on the exchange of experience, but for ... criminal protocols of the Investigative Committee and the FSB.

First of all, some obligatory clarifications on the primaries procedure itself. Voting of citizens in the Krasnodar Territory was organized exclusively through the State Services website. State employees traditionally spread rot on the subject of mandatory registration and provision of voting scans to higher authorities to check the presence of love for EP. This, in the end, gave those very winning votes for the recommended winners. At the same time, only residents of the territories included in one or another constituency could vote for the imposed United Russia party. The website of the State Services tracked this mandatory condition for the registration of voters. But, as found out, in the case of Gritsenko's victory ... the data verification system suddenly turned off on the site.

But if, during the hours of the primaries, a voter changes his residence permit, say, from Anapa to Tikhoretsk, the State Services website checks the correctness of the newly submitted data. In relation to elections, this is done primarily to ensure that a citizen registered in the territory of another constituency of the region cannot vote for "not his" candidates in other districts. But tens of thousands of votes cast for Gritsenko, as it turned out, were not checked by the State Services for registration in district No. 18. This means that even the inhabitants of Novorossiysk, even Rostovites, even Magadans, could give their vote for Gritsenko.

At the time of the Kuban primaries, the State Services, for some reason, did not require SNILS voters to vote for Tikhoretsk, a photo of the passport pages with the citizen's data (including, as it were, a “new”, Tikhoretsk residence permit). That is, there was no talk at all about re-registration at State Services as “residents of district 18” in those three days!

Probably, we can talk just about hacking the site in order to disable this function. The fact that the authorities of the Krasnodar Territory use authorized hackers to "set up" the opposition, introducing various "terrorist appeals" on "foreign" sites, on social network pages, with subsequent attempts to open a criminal case, is not particularly a secret, but in order to hack the State Services? And, all the more so, solely to indulge the exorbitant vanity of the secretary of the Krasnodar regional branch of the United Russia party, Nikolai Gritsenko - this is already something new in Kuban hacking.

No matter how noble Gritsenko's goals are, this cybershow deserves serious analysis. After all, there are more than one election ahead. Including the main ones - the election of the President of Russia. Which, as predicted, will also be held online. And where a guarantee that the result will not be real, but the way the noble Kuban leader Nikolai Pavlovich Gritsenko wants to see it?

Roman Trushkin

To be continued