Readers continue to wonder how operatives of the interior Ministry and the FSB, suddenly, during the search navhodyat "modest savings" (and, this is not all their savings) in the amount of 9 billion rubles and 12 billion rubles. We are talking about a former employee of the interior Ministry Guebipk Dmitry Zakharchenko, who had a monthly salary of $150 thousand from the founders of the civil code 1520 for the security forces to close their eyes, as the civil code plunders hundreds of billion rubles received under contracts with Russian Railways. Also we are talking about the employee about the chief banking calving Management To the FSB of the Russian Federation Cyril Cherkalin and his predecessor, Dmitri Frolov. They received even large sums for "protection" of banks-"vacuum cleaners", cash plaschadok, transit channels, etc. And it for readers such income of operas revelation. As follows from the help of the interior Ministry as much as 10 years ago, which is available for decent operatives even then it was not a secret. They directly write that the whole group of employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs and FSB of the Russian Federation "protect" for a fee of 100 thousand dollars a day, communities "washing" on 50 million dollars a day. Employees of the interior Ministry honestly admit that the struggle with these communities is almost not seen, moreover, the security forces are fighting with each other for the right to the covered "platform" remains the only one. Dmitry Frolov also appears in this reference. Do you know what happened next? Custody was not sent to the investigators listed in the certificate, and one of its authors, an employee of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation Dmitry Tselikov. He was arrested in a fabricated case. publishes this interesting document:  


This organized community appeared on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2002. The main organizer was elbakidze Gubler the emilyevich to 16 October 2006 the group included: - main Ivan Gavrilovic, a former member of the Board of Directors, OOO "ERCB"; Zakharov Sergey Y.; Frankel, G. 11.01.2007 arrested on suspicion of murder of the first Deputy of the Bank of Russia Kozlova, against elbakidze D. E. SK of the Russian interior Ministry opened criminal case No. 248103 materials allocated from criminal case No. 290983. Elbakidze is on the Federal wanted list. Earlier in October 2006 in the room where this community of SK at the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia was located the search is carried out. During the search, documents, computers and other electronic media were seized, indicating the illegal activities of this group. In the study, Zakharova Yu. P. discovered the documents relating to the insurance company rostra, was in 2000, the registered capital of 1 billion rubles. Together with the founding documents, the original licenses issued to this company were found and seized... Only for the period 2006 this group of persons carried out more than 1,000 illegal banking operations related to laundering, cashing and withdrawal of foreign currency abroad. All operations were carried out using the purchased credit organization (LLC CB "Bank of investment and credit" (license revoked 09.08.2006), KB "Trade and investment Bank" (license revoked 27.09.2006 G.), UKB centurion (license revoked 26.08.2006 g), KB Novokubanskiy (license revoked in June 2006), etc. However, Mazin I. G. Zakharov and S. Yu still continue to carry out illegal activities. In February 2007, they teamed up with community-led Kulikov A. A. In the community:

- Dvoskin, Eugene Vladimirovich.

- Kulikov Alexey Anatolyevich, is a member of the party "Fair Russia", plans to run on the Federal list of the party in deputies of the State Duma, the financing of the party carries out at the expense of funds received from illegal banking operations.

- Kataya Dmitry Valerievich

- George S. Shkurko

Persons belonging to the group for the period from 2006 to the present are involved in illegal banking operations through accounts:

- "The European clearing Bank" (license revoked 06.06.2006);

- LLC CB "Bank of investments and crediting" (license revoked


- CB "Investbank Belkom" (license revoked 07.09.2006);

- LLC CB "Trade and investment Bank" (license revoked


- OJSC CB "Migros" (license revoked 20.12.2006)

assistance in conducting illegal banking operations carried out by employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the RF Central Federal district, daily payment of 100 thousand dollars. USA;

- JSC "Evroprominvest" (license revoked 02.11.2006);

- LLC "Antares" (license revoked 05.04.2007):

- Rubin LLC (license revoked 07.03.2007)

- JSC CB "Siberian development Bank" (license revoked 05.04.2007);

- JSC "Construction industrial Bank" (license revoked

10.05.2007), "Leabank»;

Jaroslav JSCB CJSC (license revoked 09.07.2007).

The convergence of these groups was due to the conflict that arose in 2006 in connection with the UK conducted at the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and employees of 57 Department of ORB № 10 of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia search at the address: Moscow, refrigerating lane, 3.

During the search, documents, money, more than 300 seals and other material evidence confirming the illegal actions of this community were seized from the printing house located on the territory of the enterprise.

However, in the process of investigative and operational activities

it is established that a number of employees of 57 Department of ORB No. 10 of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia (Kudashev, Chekmarev and possibly Ziganshin) are connected with Kulikov.

From the available information and testimony of witnesses, it follows that in addition to illegal banking operations related to money laundering and withdrawal of foreign currency, this community is engaged in "raids" on various firms that send money for cashing and laundering. Basically, for these purposes, employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia are used. Also involved in this business is the Deputy head of the Department "K" of the FSB of Russia D. Frolov, some issues for this group are solved by the head of the duty service of the DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

It is established that in December 2006 Kulikov using the employee 57 Department Kudasheva organized "planned arrival" on the citizen of Latvia for the purpose of acquisition of its property, money. According to reports, "hitting" was planned in the framework of ORM after the events of waders were planning to cash seized in the office and complete control over the number of credit institutions and real estate. However, the plan of Kulikov and the performers was violated in view of the suspension of the ORM and the search at the facility in connection with the discovery of documents CB "Migros" and a number of companies involved in the community "Juba", myazin, Zakharov, Frenkel.

In view of the fact that the customer payments were exhibited at KB "the Siberian Bank of Development", controlled at that time community Myazina "clients" made him the requirements for a refund (according to current indications Kulikov in collusion with a number of individuals working in KB "Infoprogress", "Timbre Bank" and knowing where the managing server is transferred to an account under his control more than 10 million dollars. US client funds exposed for cashing, laundering and transit).

Between groups was a short "war" with the community Myazina were made by the staff of the "N" of FSB of Russia (Mikhalev O. N. and parsley E.) from Kulikova - Frolov, Shakhov.

According to the investigation documents (PTP declassified, are in the IC at the Russian interior Ministry) these actions Myazina had in mind the fact that he realized the pressure of another community "Resin" (organized group headed by a, Stepanov I. V., has a direct relation to illegal banking transactions through the account of OOO KB "Smolensky Bank").

In December of 2006 as the "trailing edges" of the data community used CB "Gradobank", a branch of KB "Antares", NGO "MRC". In February 2007, working relations were established between the groups and CB Rubin and Antares were used for joint activities to carry out illegal banking operations. The General "roof" over two groups took Frolov D. (Management "To" FSB of Russia). With the direct participation of these groups burned JSC "industrial Construction Bank", CJSC JSCB "Jaroslav", JSC "Pico-Bank", CB "Diamond", JSC "Mordovian" (license revoked in March - July 2007).

At the present time for carrying out illegal banking operations by using the CB "Union Bank", CJSC "Alliance Bank" in the near future as a "terminal" group is planning to launch AKB "Falkon".

According to reports, "Falcon" will also use the OPS headed by Verteletsky P. V., nicknamed "Pasha Helicopter", previously conducted illegal banking operations through JSC " NCO "Atis", LLC IKB "Hermitage" (license revoked 15.08.2007).

It is established that the myazin group has stable relations with the head of GTU № 2 of the Bank of Russia (Sitnikova). Previously, this channel belonged to elbakidze D. E. Information resource on the conduct of any activities provided by a former employee of the FSNP of Russia Belozerov, nicknamed "Flamingo" (associated with employees of the former 36 Department of the DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, (materials PTP declassified, are in the UK at the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia).

According to the available materials, the monthly rate for informing the group sent to the DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia is 536 thousand rubles. USA.

According to the available information, the Bank "Falcon" was sold to the groups by the Central Bank employees, contact numbers and the name of the employee are now being established. According to public information, "Falcon" appeared in a criminal case initiated by the UK at the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in respect of corruption of the former Minister of justice Kovalev.

The investigation was conducted by a group headed by senior investigator for ATS IC at the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Shantin GA.

Currently the result has direct evidence and materials ORM confirming the purchase and the use of community Myazina and community Kulikova number of credit institutions.

The practical struggle with these groups in the power structures is reduced to zero. Experience shows that in the protection of these groups are actively involved employees and managers of "N", "K" FSB of Russia and their territorial bodies, units of the DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and their territorial bodies. Also in this community involve all the links, and the potential to whom they have provided or provide services for cashing, money laundering. If we take into account the amount of money each community passes (more than 30 million dollars only in Moscow) per day 30-50 million dollars. US, it is easy to assume what kind of confrontation is the staff opposing these groups. Since 2004, according to the data of the State Deposit insurance Corporation (DIA) in Russia, licenses of more than 120 credit institutions have been revoked for money laundering. However, only the heads of the oil and new economic position design bureaus have been arrested and are currently being prosecuted. According to preliminary data, the total economic damage to the Russian economy is estimated at more than 6 trillion rubles. As a result, more than 40 % of funds are currently in the shadow sector, which leads to an increase in inflation, undermining the stability of the credit and financial system of Russia."

To be continued

Zakhar Belocerkovsky