On 6 June, it was announced that the alleged perpetrators and organizer of the murder of the famous businessman Shabtai Kalmanovich, committed ten years ago, had been detained. The case involves three people from Ingushetia, one of which, the owner of the gas station Ali Belkharoev, was arrested Presnensky district court.

As it turned out during the proceedings, on Zhabrail Kostoyev and Ali Belkharoev, as well as the alleged organizer of the crime of Beslan Tumgoev, who was also detained, the employees of the main Department of criminal investigation Department of the TFR and came out, checking the connection of the phone found near the scene of the perfect ten years ago crime.

rucriminal.imfo continues to acquaint the reader with the "wiretaps" from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. In this sitate we present a conversation with Berezovsky singer, businessman and state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon.

On the record Berezovsky passes Kobzon appreciation from his daughter Katie and asked what was meant in conversation with Yuri Luzhkov, what are the 10 million and what a property. Discuss business projects related to land and real estate in Moscow. They also remember the unkind word Shabtai Kalmanovich.



B.: Ale


B.: Thanks. Hello!

K.: Boris Abramovich...

B.: Yes, Elk, welcome

K: Well, I reported everything...Badri.

B.: Yes, he told me briefly, he told me briefly...

K: You'll find out how Katya

B.: I just called her, she just thanked her terribly and asked me to give you a huge thank you to Inela. Just at its best.

Q: Everything is at its best, right?

B.: Yes, I really liked it and well, I just really appreciate it.

K: You're welcome...

B.: Joseph Davidovich...

K.: And?

B.: So this is the case. Still unclear. Tell me, do you understand? What has been said about thousands of properties to take away, 6.5 is.

K.: I understand, because I was present at their conversation on the speakerphone.

B.: Because he told me, Yuri Mikhailovich, at our meeting. He told me , you know, that there would be no talk about real estate ...

K.: Right

B.: 7.5 thousand we will pay...

K.: Yes.

B.: That's all.

K: Well, he remains on his opinion.

B.: And now Badri said that there would be a was supposed to be a thousand-dollar property.

K.: For the first thousand

B.: That's the whole point. And Yuri Mikhailovich said - seven and a half thousand will be paid...

K.: He needs... he was crying, Soso.

B.: So.

K: That he has no money, he needs to accumulate 13 million...Bye.

B.: So.

K: For what he says, quickly...

B.: Quickly, here you understand what is the matter, I will now tell you how I understand the problem. Here's real estate, that's the problem with anything. Then OK remember, Yuri Mikhailovich, the main objection against real estate. He said - we have no criterion in determining its value, and this question will stand now for a year. Hello!

K: Yes.

B.: And in General, I think that's the way it will be.

K: Well, anyway...

B.: (interrupts) You understand what it is to find a property that will suit the top and that they will agree the price with these... In General, of course...

K: he doesn't want the First batch, he said so. He doesn't want the first batch, he wants to pay the money.

B.: Well...Great! (unintelligible) the question is that we need real estate again.

K: Well, that's their problem, what money they will pay. That's their problem, he just doesn't want to, so to speak...

B.: Well, you can find a cool solution for a thousand cars in real estate. Great decision, you know what?

K: first of all, We need to talk to Soso about what he means. Because I scared Badri, said he said he was funding.

B.: Yes.

K.: Then I began to explain to him what he says, the contract, he says, due to the fact that there was tied real estate, he says, incorrectly drawn up. We'll just redo it, he says. But not about what demonstrate of the question.

B.: That's understandable. All right. Good. You know, here are some options for real estate. We have, for example, rent, for the land. Right?

K.: Yes.

B.: There for 49 years, there is land, remember?

K.: Yes.

B.: you Can simply, as if in payment of the rent, so as not to suffer with the selection of real estate. Is there a simple solution here which can be.

K: it's a thought, Yes...

B.: You See? And be done with it.

K: It makes sense... That object?

B.: Exactly! Remember that we took on the Arbat, bought the land.

K: Yes.

B.: There is also (inaudible) the same firm. Prepay for 49 years, today I received the car, and nobody says shit about it. Reasonable?

K.: Reasonable...

B.: Absolutely.

K: Well, Boris, I leave early in the morning to the North.

B.: So.

K.: And it is unlikely that I will intercept it today.

B.: don't! At least I can do it myself.

K: I'll be back On Monday.

B.: This is tolerated until Monday, and on Monday I will also be, we can call him ourselves, in General, before that we agreed. That's the first question. Second - Joseph Davidovich was able to give him this letter?

K: Sure.

B.: What do you think the reaction

K: Well, he wrote such a resolution - Morozov...

B.: So.

K.: ...we need to talk. I said , what is it? He says - well, talk to Morozov, what you can do how to reverse.

B.: yeah, I get it.

K: Well, that's it, we'll wait.

B.: All right, fine.

K.: Okay.

B.: Joseph Davidovich. Thanks a lot. And I'm sorry, but Morozov who is this?

K: Well, the head of this Department ...

B: Ah, I see. All Right, Joseph Davidovich.

K.: And?

B.: Well, are you leaving today or tomorrow?

K.: Tomorrow morning.

B: Tomorrow morning, when will you be back?

K: Monday.

B.: Well, once (inaudible) if not hard, dial my phone.

K.: Yes. Did you have a chance to talk? My question.

B.: No, I did, and I think that I will move on this issue. I do not think I will move, I have moved on this issue, I think I will solve it. I'm having problems.

Q: What?

B.: Well, this friend, (name unintelligible), he still called Yuri Mikhailovich, at that time.

Q: Who is it?

B.: You remember when you gave the interview ...

K.: Yes.

B.: which Yuri so outraged. So after this interview, (name unintelligible) saw this interview, he called Yuri Mikhailovich, said - Yuri Mikhailovich, I have nothing to do with LogoVAZ. Just like this.

Q: Who called?

B.: Kadannikov.

K: Come on...

B.: Honestly.

K: Yes, he's crazy...

B.: That's right.

K.: Shabtai number 2.

B.: I think Shabtaj to him away. Just like this. So, such things, Joseph Davidovich.

K: Yeah, I'm just... you add me. All right, let's live.

B.: We will live.

K.: Yes.

B.: Maybe. (laughs)

K.: Yes.

B.: Happily, happily. Bye.

K.: Not Yet.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov