Source: Rucriminal continues a series of publications about unknown facts of the biography of prominent Russian businessmen. In this article we will talk about the founder of PIK Group Yuri Zhukov. In recent years, his name has not come down from the pages of the newspaper, in connection with the conflict with the former owner of the Pavlovsky border Sergey Poimanov. Zhukov, as head of the National Non-metallic Company (NOC) and OOO VEB Project Management, is suspected of extorting Poimanov. This case then excites, then closes, then resumes. Behind all these "wars" it was already forgotten how Zhukov built his career. The time has come to recall this.

 The version that Yuri Zhukov has built his career is not true. At all stages of activity, according to Rucriminа, he had influential patrons. In 1993, he was the general director of the company "Luch", which was owned at that time by a very influential business lady from Blagoveshchenskaya Natalia Tsurupa. She also owned a whole group of companies in Moscow and Blagoveshchensk, including PPCs established jointly with the Association of Special Services of the Amur Region. In the Moscow region, she also controlled a cooperative of individual developers "Ship Pines", in the founders of which as a result were Zhukov and his future partner for "PIC" Kirill Pisarev.

In the mid-nineties, Pisarev and Zhukov together established many companies, including MABSH, Technosklad, which engaged in various activities: food production, rielertstvo. In 1993, Zhukov, together with Tsurupa, established JSC "Techmashstroy" - an extremely important structure at the initial stage of the formation of our hero's business. Then Tsurupa of the founders disappears, and Pisarev takes her place. And soon among the founders of "Techmashstroy" appears Yankovsky Evgeny Yanovich. This scandalous businessman, who owned a large construction business, Legprombank, etc. Yankovsky had connections in the government of Moscow (at one time he contacted Iosif Ordzhonikidze) and the Moscow region, the FSB, etc. As Rucriminа believes, it was after he became Zhukov's partner that things clearly went uphill. And to the group "PIC" Jankowski clearly had a direct relationship. In OAO "First Mortgage Company", in addition to two founders of natural persons (Zhukov, Pisarev), there were two founders of the legal entity, including AOZT "Tekhmashstroy", where Yankovsky held a stake. The second founder of the legal entity was AOZT Zhilstroyindustriya, among the founders of which was Lesexpo (activity: timber export), which was at one time under Yankovsky's control and had accounts with Legprombank. Later, "Lesekspo" came under the control of Zhukov and Pisarev.

You can safely say that for a certain period of time, Jankowski was not an advertised co-owner of "PIC".

It was during the period of cooperation with Yankovsky (1996-2003) that all the most turbid moments of Yuri Zhukov's biography occur. In 1999-2000, He headed the Offshore Offshore Representations Offices DELT EDGENSIE LTD (SEYCHELLES ISLANDS), London International Business Limited, VICTOR MALT INC. (Saint Kitts and Nevis) .By indirect evidence, these offshore companies were also connected with Yankovsky, and then moved Under the control of Zhukov.

According to, in 2000-2001, Yuri Zhukov, at least four times attracted the attention of law enforcement. In January 2000, Zhukov was checked, in connection with the murder in Moscow co-owners of the Rossich company Rozhkova Galina Alexandrovna (was found strangled). In 2001, Zhukov was checked in connection with the contract killing of the president of the Federal Chamber of Notaries of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Tikhenko. Zhukov was friends with the main suspect in the organization of the murder of Viktor Repin. In February 2002, Zhukov was checked in connection with the "ordered" murder of Vladimir Kanevsky, the general director of the Moscow-based outdoor advertising agency "Ator". He also got into the field of view of operatives after the detention of two criminal "authorities" - Amiran Temirov and Otan Pataridze. It turned out that they are connected with the United Commercial and Industrial Bank (OTP-Bank, which was part of the PIK group, then it was renamed the Housing Finance Bank). In particular, the gangsters maintained relations with the Bank's Deputy Chairman of the Board Alexander Levankov.

In 2003-2004, Yankovsky began serious trouble with law enforcement agencies (in the end, he was sentenced to ten years) and he split off from the group "PIC".

By this time, PIK already had a new reliable cover. Starting from 2003, a group of companies began to build buildings (both residential and non-residential) for the needs of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal