Source: continues to publish confidential conversations of officials, oligarchs, journalists which debts were fixed by Boris Berezovsky for years. From these conversations readers can learn many secrets of representatives of the Russian imperious and business elites, what they say and think actually, instead of "sing" in ears from TV screens. In this record three people - Boris Berezovsky, the banker Alexander Smolensky and Valentin Yumashev who held positions of the adviser Yelitsin, and then the head of presidential administration talk.  Berezovsky tells Smolensk that everything is ready for a 100-million loan, but you need "your" person who has the right to sign. Smolensky says he does not know where the money should go, are their ORT. Berezovsky says he doesn't know, Badri Patarkatsishvili knows everything. Two oligarchs jokingly quarrel with each other. Berezovsky passes the tube Yumashev. Smolensky complains that "this toad" offends him. Notes that "BAE EN" (Yeltsin) did all in 2 days. Yesterday he saw "Sergei Pavlovich" (Mironov?) and he "ran", because he is personally responsible to society for the fate of Yeltsin. Yumashev promises to call back, as will be the last "good".


B.: Ale

S.: Yes, Bor.

B.: Alexander Pavlovich, welcome.

S.: Hello, Hello.

B.: So I have one good question.

S.: Yes.

B.: So, we are ready for this 100-million loan.

S.: I know we're here ...

B.: Tell me, I need my own man. Your man said he can only give you a passport on Friday.

S.: So.

B.: What ensures we don't... what assures us of the impossibility of arrival...

S.: And it is not present, it is now in Germany, it arrives only...

B.: (interrupts) And you can give someone else who has a pass...

S.: No, I can't give anyone else, I can give a person who has the right to sign documents. And he knows it. Here's Badri, Badri now (inaudible) signing a contract, right?

B.: Yes.

S.: We are studying it now and sent it to him in Germany by Fax...

B.: Good, good.

S.: But, (inaudible), we have a copy of the passport, Bor. Hello.

B.: Copy of passport, (inaudible) power of attorney, a, copy of passport, Yes, I think it is possible, agreed. A copy of the passport, Yes, excellent, suitable.

S.: And on Friday morning already, so we will give the original, they will put their visa...

B.: Absolutely perfect, absolutely perfect.

S.: Yes, but the fact is that we did not understand how these 100 million will Shine, where they are, ORT gets it?

B.: That, you know, I don't know anything about the scheme, Badri knows everything.

S.: Very well, Boris Abramovich, we will not give you these 100 million.

B.: It's not the first time, so I kind of got used to it.

S: Oh, that's right.

B.: Yes, of course.

S.: Do you mean that I have clamped something?

B.: Of Course.

S.: What exactly?

B.: (laughs) I'm in person...

S.: No, you know what, Borya(laughs)... You already made Chernomyrdin's statement, I will remember it to you...

B.: What kind of statements did I make?

S.: That I (unintelligible) stole millions."

B.: 40, if I was talking about the 40, I would not be me. And Chernomyrdin I have 40 million I would not waste your time.

S: Ah, that's it.

B.: Yes.

(both laugh)

S.: Boris Abramovich, he laughs best who laughs without consequences.

B.: This is absolutely true...

S.: Yes...

B.: That's what I ask you to remember and write down.

(both laugh)

S: When will I see you?

B.: Today, if you don't mind...

S.: What?

B.: Today, if you don't mind.

S.: When?

B.: Well, set the time yourself.

S: in the Evening somewhere...

B.: Come on tonight.

S.: where will you be?

B.: I'm here all the time.

S.: At home?

B.: Yes.

S.: In the club?

B.: Yes, at the club.

S.: Well, I'll call closer to 9, okay...

B.: I look Forward to it.

S.: Oh well waiting for you with impatience, you're waiting for someone impatiently.

B.: No, just you.

S: No, you're just waiting for Gusinsky.

B: Oh, I see.

S.: To fly faster pancake.

B.: Yes, I see.

C. In Madrid.

B.: Okay.

S.: Yes...

B.: Hugging.

S.: Goodbye, Boris Abramovich.

B.: Hugging.

See you later...

B.: Valya says Hello to you.

S.: Val?

B.: Yumashev is called.

S: Here, give him a straw for a second...

B.: No, he doesn't want to talk to you, he says...

S.: Yes, it is a tube...

B.: No, he says you're a damned thief and doesn't want to talk to you.

(both laugh)

B.: And says that you stole 40 million and much more from Michael Ivanovich's help for you.

S: Well, good...

B.: All, I pass the phone.

S.: Come On.


(second conversation)



Y: Hello Alexander Pavlovich, glad to hear from you.

S.: Boris, hi dear. See this toad I defy everywhere.

Y: You call it a seller, like this... supported cars.

S: Yes, Yes, Yes, seller supported... showman, you know.

Yu: Showman.

.: Yes

Yu. Alexander Pavlovich, are you alive?

S: I am.

Yu: do you Fight them all off?

S: Uh, listen to how cool bn did yesterday...

Y: Yes, Yes, that...

S.: This is aerobatics...

Yu: This is aerobatics, right.

S.: (laughs) I was so happy yesterday, as if I won the car without participation...

Yu: Killed everyone...

S.: What?

Yu: I Killed everyone, moreover, in two days.

S.: Yes. Thank God for that. I saw Sergei Pavlovich yesterday...

Yu: Yeah

S.: There Pavel Borodin has charged me with the task...

Yu: Yeah

.: ...given, now, and yesterday I was on it, to be honest, the little...came over, because of some problems there. I say - you are personally responsible to the society for everything to be normal. He - I mean, you know, it's complicated... I say I don't know anything. Nothing. He doesn't.

Yu: Absolutely right.

S.: Here, but he's such a good man, I liked him.

Yu: No, the Earring is cool, cool...

S.: Such, sane...

Y: Absolutely cool, just really.

S.: Well, Valya, it's okay?

Yu: Hug, Alexander Pavlovich. So it's all moving, and I'll call you when I've got the last of the good stuff.

S: Good.

Yu: Yeah

S.: All, there is, thank you.

Yuri: see you later, Bye.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov