Valentin Yumashev in an interview with Vladimir Pozner at the Yeltsin Center made a number of high-profile statements. Yumashev assures that initially Putin was not going to rule the state for 20 years: “Of course, when Putin arrived on December 31, he was sure that God forbid one term, and if two terms, he would be the happiest person in the world and could in two terms finally rest. ” The stories that “Family” or Berezovsky played a decisive role in appointing Putin as Yeltsin’s successor, Yumashev called complete nonsense. “The President, and neither Yumashev, nor the Family, nor Berezovsky made a decision. These are all the myths that were born during the struggle between Yeltsin and his candidate Putin with the team of Yevgeny Primakov-Yuri Luzhkov, ”said Yumashev.

 The head of the presidential administration of the time of Boris Yeltsin also spoke about the relationship between Putin and Yevgeny Primakov. “Primakov went the day after being prime minister to Yeltsin and demanded to shut down the media for criticizing the government. And twice he tried to fire Putin from the post of director of the FSB,” Yumashev said.

It is worth noting that Yumashev himself was very strict with certain media. This is evidenced by records from the archive of wiretaps of Boris Berezovsky, which are published by Then Valentin Yumashev asked Berezovsky to stop funding the Nezavisimaya Gazeta for non-liked articles. That, asked to "run into" the "Moscow Komsomolets" in the transfer of Sergei Dorenko. Listen for yourself.

On the first record, Valentin Yumashev calls Boris Berezovsky and makes an appointment to transfer certain documents. At the same time, he proposes to continue the discussion of further development of the magazine "Spark". Before coming to politics, Valentin Yumashev was the editor-in-chief of Ogonyok, and then controlled this magazine. Then Yumashev goes on to the main topic: "You pay Nezavisimaya Gazeta ... You stop payments until you work out a general concept." What Berezovsky says in response is almost inaudible, but from further statements it is clear that he does not like the idea. He says it’s wrong to stop funding the Independent. Yumashev does not like this very much, he is indignant: “I agree, and you don’t give me money,“ Spark ”. For some reason you give Nezavisimaya Gazeta, but you don’t give Ogony. ”

On the second record, published by, Berezovsky and Yumashev speak again. As you can understand, the article in MK still came out. And Yumashev gives Berezovsky the next party tasks, asks if it is possible to insert the idea of ​​“hitting” Chubais now in order to break Derenko’s broadcast to break the core on which everything rests. He proposes to formulate all theses to Berezovsky himself. The point is that MK works for enemies. Make an appointment. Berezovsky says he has a meeting with Zakayev and then everything needs to be discussed (plans for Chechnya).

 To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov