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As it became known to, one of the divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow opened a case on the fact of illegal operations committed by the bank "Yugra". However, it is possible, when the reader gets acquainted with this material, the corresponding decision has already been canceled. For the owner of "Yugra" Alexei Khotin "mountain" is the Prosecutor General's Office, which will not let any cases related to him. Yes, and before the charges were brought against Khotin, in any case, the investigation would not have come. There is no purpose to plant Khotin. According to, the task is to quickly remove all of its illegally obtained assets (including those acquired with the funds of Ugra's investors), and this can be done without any business.

It is already clear that the once powerful administrative resource of Alexei Khotin has come to naught. Yes, the Prosecutor General's Office is still trying to "fight" for Khotin, but obviously she has not much chance. The fact that Alexei's affairs are "awful" can be seen even from publications in the media. Earlier, Khotin was not seen in active information wars, hoping to solve problems "quietly" through his connections. "Ugra" was engaged in condom and unconvincing positive PR. Now, on various resources on a paid basis, one after another, materials appear that the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Vasily Pozdyshev, allegedly fled abroad to avoid an unpleasant conversation in the Prosecutor General's Office regarding the actions of the Bank of Russia in relation to Ugra. Officially, according to, Khotin Pozdysheva accused of all his troubles. Well, Alexei can not openly "run into" Igor Sechin, who in private conversations and calls the culprit of the whole situation with the "Yugra". As reported by, according to Khotin, Rosneft received a "leaky" Bashneft and to plug this hole, Sechin decided to get oil assets of Khotin through bankruptcy of Yugra bank.

According to, the ongoing course of events inside the Central Bank and the DIA shows that one oil company, Khotin, will not get away. He will have to part with absolutely everything (which, of course, he did not manage to take abroad), and a queue of those wishing to receive these assets has already lined up. And the method of seizing property from the Central Bank and the DIA has been worked out through claims to involve bank owners in subsidiary liability. While it is officially announced that the "hole" of "Ugra" is 7 billion rubles and it is exactly so much that Hotina is "lit" with the lawsuit. But you can not doubt that in the end, this figure will grow at times and will be equal to one that will take from Khotin his "oil industry", shopping centers, etc. For objectivity, it should be noted that Alexei really pumped out at least 40 billion rubles from Ugra to his projects and a beautiful life.

According to, DIA lawyers have already begun to work out a suit with the help of a number of interested parties. Hearings in the arbitration system promise to be extremely fast. Who, if not Khotin, needs to know this, who himself, with the help of arbitration, has seized many objects. After the entry of the decisions into legal force, the assets of Khotin will be withdrawn in favor of the state, and then I can pick up those who wish to be cheap, whose list is known in advance.

But, you know, Khotin is absolutely not sorry. Man earned his entire Russian career by using various connections, fictitious criminal cases and court decisions, seizing various objects. Now the boomerang flew back.

       At home, in Belarus, Alexey Khotin and his father Yuri were engaged in cosmetic business and had good connections in the higher echelons of power. One of the main patrons of the family was Vladimir Naumov (who held the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus from 2000 to 2009). Naumov had friendly relations with a large group of Russian siloviki and officials. When Khotiny conceived to open a business in Russia, Naumov "shared" these ties with his father and son. Initially, Khotiny planned to also do cosmetic business, received for these purposes a couple of shops in one of the capital's factories. However, with the help of the raider attack, they managed to seize the entire plant. He was immediately converted into an office center, the premises of which began to be leased. This business turned out to be extremely profitable. Father and son began one by one to seize other capital factories and factories and redesign them to the business center. In total, thus, dozens of objects were under their control. As you know, "appetite comes with eating." After visiting the raiders, Hotins tried to correct their reputation and already bought Gorbushkin Dvor and the Moscow hotel for the money. However, real purchases require real money. To do this, they also bought a bank "Yugra", which began to offer a huge interest on deposits. The tens of billions received from the population went in the form of loans to technical firms and were used for the needs of various Khotin projects.

         Along the way, they began to develop the oil business. As Khotiny received "wells" will be the subject of separate publications

Stepping forward with a broad march across Russia, Khotiny built up and developed "ties", originally obtained from Naumov. Without them, they would have long been behind bars and without money.

Source: Rucriminal