The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation confirmed the information of the telegram channel VChK-OGPU about the completion of the investigation into the murder of businessman Shabtai Kalmanovich and the transfer of the indictment for approval to the prosecutor's office.

Место убийства Шабтая Калмановича

Officially, the department reports: "The first department for the investigation of especially important cases of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow has completed the investigation of the criminal case against Bagaudin Kostoev, Ali Belkhoroev and Batyr Tumgoev.

The body of Shabtai Von Kalmanovich with multiple gunshot wounds was found in the afternoon of November 2, 2009 in Moscow on the carriageway of Novodevichy Proezd in a Mercedes Benz 500. In addition, the driver of the car born in 1976 was hospitalized from the scene of the incident, who also received gunshot wounds to the right side of the body. The man survived thanks to timely medical assistance. The investigation established that Tumgoev informed the accomplices of the alleged route of the victim's movement. After that, the defendants moved around the city in a silver Lada-Priora car without state registration plates, driven by Belkhoroev. Having caught up with the Mercedes Benz 500 in the area of ​​the Smolenskaya embankment, Kostoyev opened fire on the car. Subsequently, the investigators seized 19 9 mm shells from the scene ”.

According to the materials of the case, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation put forward a version that Kalmanovich could have been ordered by his ex-wife Anastasia, the producer of the singer Zemfira. But it was not possible to find confirmation of this version. Here is an excerpt from the materials: "Kalmanovich A.N. after the murder of Kalmanovich Sh.G. tried to restore relations with her daughter in order to establish custody of the state inherited by her by the will of the victim. to organize the murder of her ex-husband. "

What other versions the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia studied in Moscow can be understood from the questions that the investigators asked during the interrogation of Kalmanovich's widow Anna Arkhipova. will tell you about this in detail.

Members of the "Taganskaya" organized criminal group, who were engaged in raider seizures, were checked for involvement in the murder. They had their eyes on the Dorogomilovsky and Tishinsky markets, co-owned by Shabtai Kalmanovich. The latter had long been friends with Ivankov and Mikhas, attracted him to his side. Moreover, Yaponchik could not stand the leader of the Tagansky Igor Zhirnokleev, he constantly recalled his former work in the OBKHSS system.

Шабтай Калманович и Анна Архипова

And then, one after another, murders began to occur.

On July 28, 2009, an attempt was made on Ivankov's life. The bullet hit the "thief in law" in the stomach, he was taken to hospital, where he died in October due to complications after being wounded.

A month after Yaponchik's death, in November 2009, Shabtai Kalmanovich was also shot by killers in Moscow.

Former "thief in law" Ilya Simoniya (Makho) is accused of murdering Yaponchik, but influential lawyer Merab Dzhangveladze stood behind him. Merab had a long-standing friendship and partnership with Fat.

Kalmanovich was also a participant in the conflict over a slaughterhouse near Moscow. cites the testimony of Anna Arkhipova.

According to the woman, she met Kalmanovich in 2002. At that moment, Anna was an active athlete and played for the UMMC women's basketball club. Around the end of October 2002, a person was introduced to the players who would lead the team. At that time, the season had just begun and the team was losing a fairly large number of matches, and this was not the case, despite the fact that the team consisted of 60% of the Russian national team players. After the arrival of von Kalmanovich Sh.G. to the team, everything changed dramatically, the players had the opportunity to live in expensive hotels, fly on good planes with comfort. Upon arrival and after the games, all the girls received a bouquet of flowers and notes from Shabtai, if someone got sick, then he definitely did everything so that the person would recover faster.

At the time of the murder, Shabtai, according to the testimony of his wife, had actually two open conflicts. The first one is connected with "Spartak", on this conflict there have been and there are many court proceedings. The second conflict was associated with the Trinta sports school, whose general director was Valentina Grigorievna Bashkirova. Shabtai was the initiator of changes in the wage system in children's sports schools and changes in the legislation regarding children's basketball in Russia. There was also a constant confrontation and competition between two super-clubs in Russia and Europe - UMMC, owner A.A. Kozitsin and "Spartak g. Vidnoe".

 Recently, since about September, Shabtai was feeling bad, but after a sign of examination at the HARD CENTER in Muychen, it turned out that there was no threat to life and health. There were no changes in his conversations, behavior, he behaved as always. “I also want to clarify that I have never heard such names from Shabtai as - Vyacheslav Ivankov“ Yaponchik ”, Sergey Mikha ylov "Mikhas", etc., if he knew them, then I would at least somehow he either heard or saw. I can’t explain anything more because I feel bad, ”Anna snapped to the investigator's question.

During another interrogation, the investigator asked whether von Kalmanovich Sh.G. ever conflicts with the residents of Vidnoye, Moscow region?

 Answer: no, it was not.

The investigator's question: was von Kalmanovich Sh.G. ever on the territory of a slaughterhouse located in the town of Vidnoe, Moscow Region?

Answer: I don't know that. The meat was bought at the Vidnovsky market of the Moscow region, or at the Dorogomilovsky market in Moscow. They took mainly veal, pork, chicken, less often lamb.

The investigator's question: did von Kalmanovich Sh.G. construction of houses on the territory of the city of Vidnoye, Moscow region, did he have land in the city of Vidnoye, Moscow region?

Answer: there was definitely no land in Vidnoye. In the Leninsky district of the Moscow region there were two small garden plots of 6 or 8 acres, somewhere in the village of Leninskiye Gorki, Moscow region, or close. I sold these plots, invested money in the team.

Investigator's question: Do you know Batyr Usmanovich Tumgoev, Ali Musayevich Belkhoroev, Bagaudin Khamidovich Kostoev?

Answer: no, they are not familiar.

Investigator's question: von Kalmanovich Sh.G. ever mentioned conflicts or joint business with the above people? The answer is no. "

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov