As it became known to, the next defendant in the case of fraud during the construction of Shoigu's main project - the National Center for State Defense Management (NTSUOG) - will be the former deputy finance officer of the RTI Systems Concern Rostislav Rychkov. He, like the ex-commander of division 3 of a separate air defense army (missile attack warning system), ex-deputy general director of RTI Vyacheslav Lobuzko (arrested) was interrogated as a witness and during the investigation it was established that it was he who was associated with all financial fraud with NCUOG. Sources say that in the near future the former immediate supervisor of Lobuzko and Rychkov, the ex-general designer of the missile attack warning system, Sergey Boev, who headed RTI until 2016, and then became the general director of Vympel, where all this The trio continued to work together. Rychkov continues to head Vympel's financial block to this day.


The source of spoke about the scale of theft during the design of the NCUOG of the Russian Ministry of Defense. In fact, for state money, computers and other hardware were purchased several times more expensive than the market value, on which the work of a hardware-computing complex was simply imitated to combine various kinds of information bases, information sources. Since 2014, the budget for designing and equipping the center has been constantly increasing and the amount of budget spending has exceeded 40 billion rubles, but this did not give the desired effect, only beautiful sofas, armchairs, TVs and computers for fabulous money.

The scale of the theft is amazing, as are the crumbs that the responsible employees of the Ministry of Defense received from the military acceptance, turning a blind eye to outright hack work on the part of the main contractor of the center and theft.

To whom an apartment, to whom a car.

But there is no evil without good. It was the greed of the highest ranks of the Ministry of Defense and the main contractors that led to the fact that the lower performers began to testify and clarify the chains - schemes for theft.

According to a source, it is possible that the sons of Lobuzko, who were once structured into senior positions in subsidiaries under the leadership of their father, and where financier Rychkov was always present in conjunction with them, will also be brought to criminal responsibility.

As it became known to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, the Moscow Garrison Military Court received the materials of the case against the head of the military reception, the military representative of the Ministry of Defense in the RTI Sistema Marchukov concern. He entered into a pre-trial agreement, under which he testified against Major General Vyacheslav Lobuzko, one of the "fathers" of the VZG early warning radar "Voronezh" - stations designed to detect ballistic and cruise missiles, ex-commander of the 3rd division of a separate air defense army.


           The source told how it was one of the most high-profile cases related to the Ministry of Defense, which leads to the head of the department of military representations of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Oleg Stepanov, ex-Deputy Minister of Defense Mikhail Mizintsev (now in Wagner PMC), and, if desired, to Minister Sergei Shoigu . The investigation is being conducted by the Military Investigation Department for Strategic Missile Forces.

It all started with the detention of Marchukov's subordinate Kozlov for receiving a small bribe for the employment of an employee in a military reception. Kozlov was asked to conclude a pre-trial agreement and tell not only about the episode with a small bribe, but also about other well-known crimes. He began to testify against Marchukov, for which he received a suspended sentence.

Сергей Шойгу

Marchukov was charged with the same episode of bribery for employment, as well as two other episodes of receiving bribes (for general patronage and in the form of an apartment) and fraud when installing software on radar complexes.

Initially, Marchukov did not agree to a deal, but after the episode with the bribe for employment “disappeared” from him, he decided to conclude an agreement and testify on other episodes known to him. In particular, on the facts of embezzlement of funds during the construction of Shoigu's main project - the National Center for State Defense Management (NTSUOG) "Center 2014". Marchukov was "inscribed" in the schemes. According to his testimony, Lobuzko was arrested.

As already wrote, Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Lobuzko was the former commander of the SPRN division, after his resignation in 2000, he transferred to AFK Sistema, where he worked until 2019 as a key top manager of the AFK defense block. As the first deputy of JSC RTI, he was engaged in the construction of early warning stations for launching Voronezh missiles, since 2014 he oversaw the creation of the Center R&D, i.e., the construction of the National Defense Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense on Frunzenskaya Embankment. It was the machinations associated with the construction of the NCUOG that formed the basis of the criminal case and accusations of the general of corruption.

It is noteworthy that claims against Lobuzko arose long ago and he was interrogated as a witness. In 2022, as First Deputy he is the CEO of MAK Vympel (part of Almaz Antey), he quits Vympel, having prepared the ground for retreat in advance, lobbied for the post of General Director of Vympel his friend, also a retired general of the Ministry of Defense Igor Makushev, whom he attached to Vympel back in 2020, after how he was dismissed from the Ministry of Defense with a scandal. From this point of view, Makushev turned out to be an ideal figure, far from the issues of warning of a missile attack and control of outer space, an outright lazy and incompetent Igor Makushev, with his inaction and "controllability", cleans up the former sins of Lobuzko's team.

Interestingly, during his idleness in Vympel, Makushev became friends with the company's chief accountant, Elena Torkunova. Torkunova came to Vympel together with Lobuzko from RTI, where she cleaned up the major theft and fraud of the Sitronics company. There was such a daughter from AFK, due to which huge budget funds were stolen - these debts, which subsequently hung in the cost of production as part of a defense order.

The next defendant in the case of embezzlement during the construction of Shoigu's main project - the National Center for State Defense Management (NTSUOG) "Center 2014" - may be Major General Oleg Stepanov, Head of the Department of Military Representative Offices of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the interlocutor of the Cheka-OGPU, the former head of the NCUO MO Mikhail Mizintsev, who was recently dismissed from the post of Deputy Minister of Defense, and even more significant figures in the Moscow Region, whose decisions and signatures were used to determine the main supplier in the person of RTI JSC, could be hit. ”, which was then part of AFK Sistema.

As it became known to the Cheka-OGPU, Sergey Datsko was also interrogated, who, as the head of the DMZ, was responsible for the development and production of UAVs and Kh-22, Kh-55 cruise missiles for almost 10 years. It turned out that it was Datsko who gave a bribe in the form of an apartment to Marchukov, the receiver of the Ministry of Defense, for turning a blind eye to the theft in the Moscow Region.

When Major General, Deputy General Director of PJSC "RTI" Vyacheslav Lobuzko decided to thank the receiver of the Ministry of Defense Marchukov for turning a blind eye to large-scale theft in the systems of the Ministry of Defense, he instructed Datsko to do this. Since Marchukov wanted an apartment for his relative, Datsko fictitiously employed a woman at the DAZ and, as an employee, issued her a subsidy for the purchase of housing. However, while Datsko appears in the case as a witness.


Timofey Grishin

To be continued