The Investigation Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation has completed an investigation into the kidnapping of a US citizen, businessman Boris Minakha. According to the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, the defendants in this case are Batyr Bekmuradov (a close associate of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov, nicknamed Shakro Molodoy) and David Mirzoev (companion and right hand of billionaire David Yakobashvili). However, despite the fact that all the investigative actions have been completed, it is difficult to say when the materials will be in court. The matter is not easy, as are the persons involved in it.

 Minakhi was a friend and partner of Yakobashvili. Then there was a conflict between them over a large elevator. Then Minakhi, along with the security guard, was abducted by Bekmuradov (pictured) and his unidentified militants. Minakha was demanded to rewrite the shares of the elevator and, on the promise of doing so, was released. Bekmuradov was later detained in the high-profile case of a shootout on Rochdelskaya. It turned out that he was recording all his conversations, including with Mirzoev. Also, at first, Bekmuradov testified about the abduction, in particular, said that Mirzoev personally came to look at the abducted Minakhi, wearing a false mustache and beard. Then he, however, refused to testify. The FSB Directorate opened a criminal case, conducted searches at Mirzoyev and Yakobashvili (including the Sobranie museum), both of whom had left Russia in advance. But then Yakobashvili managed to negotiate immunity. He returned, was interrogated, confronted with him, but in the case he remained as a witness. He returned to the Russian Federation and Mirzoyev, despite charges of a serious crime, was not taken into custody.

   Much remained unsaid in the story of a bribe of 1 million dollars for the ICR officers for the release of "authority" Andrei Kochuikov (Italian) - the "right hand" of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro). The money was transferred by the "fixer" Dmitry Smychkovsky, but he was only an intermediary. And who allocated this round sum? The materials contained testimony that it was done by a distant relative of Shakro, David Mirzoev, who is the junior business partner of David Yakobashvili. He paid his share, and the share of Yakobashvili, who is also familiar with Shakro. However, it was not possible to collect evidence of this during the investigation. So the one who allocated 1 million dollars by an unidentified person remained.

 But it was definitely established that Mirzoyev, together with the man Shakro Batyr Bekmuradov, abducted businessman Boris Minakhi on Yakobashvili's signal. It was possible to establish this with accuracy due to the fact that Bekmuradov recorded absolutely all his conversations. He also recorded his conversations with Mirzoev, during which there was a discussion of Minakha's abduction.

At the disposal of were the minutes of the court hearings in the Shakro case, which contain transcripts of several such records by Bekmuradov. We give them:

“So, one of the recordings recorded a conversation between Bekmuradov and Kalashov with the following content:“ Yes, Zakhar Knyaznvich! Here, Andrei (Kochuikov) has arrived ... I'm waiting for him. " Some time later, Bekmuradov says to another interlocutor - Kochuykov himself: “… Kalashov just told me…:“… you and Andrey (Kochuikov) will be… he will bring you into the course… If anything, hedge me, he says. ” Then Bekmuradov explains to Kochuikov that the contractor, that is, Misikova, is a friend of Kalashov's wife. Then Bekmuradov and Kochuikov discuss a plan to put pressure on Zhanna Kim. At the same time, Bekmuradov, assessing the position taken by Zhanna Kim. in the course of the conflict, sums up: "... she legally refutes everything" presented to her ", she does not consider herself a debt, she is confident inside herself."

 Another audio recording recorded a conversation between Bekmuradov and Misikova, during which they discuss the conflict situation that arose between the latter and Zhanna Kim. At the end of this conversation, Bekmuradov communicates with another interlocutor and, in particular, says the following: “... Marina (Kalashova's partner) she brought me this woman ... everything is a ghoul. What is there to talk about ?! " In addition, Bekmuradov said the following: "... openly between us, like this, without notes, ... let's start thinking logically with you: you know that up to the level of ours once ... Ded Khasan ruled." Then Bekmuradov talks about the criminal redistribution of spheres of influence and summarizes: "Do you think I do not know the resources of our" Uncle "?" In addition, he says: “I went into the criminal sphere and swing from there ...”.

During the judicial investigation, Bekmuradov confirmed that "in some cases" he called Kalashov "Uncle". "

Timofey Grishin

To be continued