The murder of an authoritative businessman Badri Shengelia committed in September 2021 on the Novopriozerskoe Highway remains unsolved. A dozen bullets riddled a black Mercedes S500 moving towards St. Petersburg. Shengelia was an extremely colorful character of gangster Petersburg, he knew many secrets of this city. In the last years before the murder, he became a witness of the TFR and the FSB of the Russian Federation in many high-profile cases. In particular, Shengelia testified against the leader of the Tambov organized criminal group, Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin).

The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and are starting a series of publications about people who were closely connected with Shengelia. Gradually, our investigation will reach the moment with his murder. Today we will start with Stepanov Vladimir Leonidovich, one of the closest friends of Shengelia.

Бадри Шенгелия

Today Stepanov Vladimir Leonidovich is a wealthy man, a respected businessman, head and founder of a number of enterprises in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Member of the Public Council for Small Business under the Administration of the Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg, the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg and the Commission for Combating Corruption in the Administration of the Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg.

However, few people know that before becoming a "respected person", he acted as a customer, financial and information sponsor of very interesting schemes.

Stepanov began his entrepreneurial activity in the now distant 90s, when, as a result of the dubious privatization of consumer cooperation enterprises in the Lomonosov region, he - Stepanov received control of all his assets. At that time, there were many large and small trading facilities on the balance sheet, the income from the activities of which Stepanov personally began to receive.

Known facts of fraudulent activities with the property of state-owned enterprises located in Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Stepanov worked very closely with the criminal authority Shengelia Badri, who loudly thundered throughout St. Petersburg.

The basis of this cooperation was the purchase by Stepanov at a knockdown price of the property stolen by Shengelia in order to legalize it, the so-called conscientious buyer.

Acting as a customer and organizer, while ensuring uninterrupted financing of raider seizures, Stepanov always remained in the shadows, giving Shengelia the right to enter the forefront.

If you carefully study the history of real estate purchased by Stepanov at that time, then almost all of them are somehow connected with Shengelia.

The established alliance of Stepanov - Shengelia and the "right hand" of Shengelia - Daraselia Akaki Gvandzhevich worked for a long time and very effectively, and it was mutually beneficial cooperation. Stepanov - got valuable assets on the cheap, Shengelia - had fun with easy money as long as he could.

However, the sources of say that the cooperation between Stepanov and Shengelia was not limited only to economic aspects, it even went so far that the “fighters” from the Shengelia brigade exerted measures of force on Stepanov’s competitors and forced them to somehow “move” in favor of Vladimir Leonidovich, well, really, why not help a good person. They say that there is objective evidence for these circumstances.

Stepanov, through his connections in the law enforcement agencies, provided Shengeli with services to conceal the acts committed by him. In this regard, a certain law firm Yurservice LLC (TIN 780517390149) seems to be of interest, it was in this firm that the lawyers who worked for Shengelia, who dealt with issues of raider seizures and hostile takeovers, were officially registered. The sole founder of Yurservice LLC and the general director was Shengelia's "right hand" - Daraselia, and since August 2009, control over the company (according to data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities) passed personally to Stepanov and remained so until its liquidation in October 2018. The question is why Stepanov is such a burden, the reputation of the company, to put it mildly, is tarnished, it does not have any know-how, Daraselia himself was already on the federal and international wanted list by that time, but no, Stepanov personally flies to him in Bulgaria and draws up documents for himself firms. The reason was in the documents of Yurservice LLC, which undeniably showed a direct connection between Stepanov and the crimes committed by Shengelia and his brigade, and Stepanov flew after them.

But these are all things, although not very long ago, but still of the past days, and Shengelia has already gone to another world for more than three years. If you wish, of course, you can tell a lot more interesting things about the activities of Stepanov V.L. and his "cooperation" with Shengelia, would be an interested listener.

Stepanov repeatedly flies to Daraselia, who is on the wanted list, but at the same time quietly living in Bulgaria.

He offers him to resume, so to speak, cooperation and pick up the “crumbs” that Shengelia at 50 Ligovsky Ave. did not formalize at one time (the site of CJSC SCAM in the very center of the city), and then receive income from them. These "crumbs" were nothing less than engineering networks and communications, through which heat, water, electricity are supplied, sewerage is diverted for the entire complex of administrative and business buildings located at 50 Ligovsky Prospekt. These "crumbs" also included networks gas supply to the boiler house located at the same address.

Why did Stepanov need Daraselia? soon to be demolished for the needs of Russian Railways.

Everything turned out to be not so simple. As a source told, SCAM CJSC, although it has been listed in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities since 2006, which is in the process of liquidation, has a record of an invalid address, but as a legal entity it still exists and therefore has all the rights provided by law. The liquidator in it is precisely Daraselia, and this was the key factor.

Stepanov's plan was as follows: Daraselia should issue a power of attorney to the person indicated by Stepanov to represent the interests of SCAM CJSC with the widest possible powers, including the right to alienate real estate.

Daraselia, apparently from old memory, tried to put forward some conditions of his own, but the arguments of Stepanov's new friends, immigrants from one of the Caucasian republics, as well as a reminder that he is still wanted and, if desired, of course, can be found very quickly and deported to Russia finally convinced Darasely to accept Stepanov's proposal.

Using the power of attorney received from Darasely, copies of documents on the privatization of the property of CJSC SKAM were ordered from the Central State Archive of St. Petersburg. Using archival documents and resorting to the services of cadastral engineers, the necessary documents were prepared for registering ownership of engineering networks and communications.

On the basis of the received archival and newly produced technical documents, on January 22-23, 2020, the ownership of engineering networks was registered in the name of ZAO SKAM. In fact, immediately after that, namely on January 30, 2020. a contract for the sale of all these engineering networks was concluded, the purchaser of which was Stepanov's daughter, Yegorova Elena Vladimirovna.

A significant fact is that the total price specified in the contract for all networks is 24,000 rubles, while the total cadastral value of engineering networks exceeds 53 million rubles.

These are not some virtual networks, these are real-life and fully functioning engineering communications that provide energy resources to 17 non-residential buildings with a total area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters.

When this information became known to a wide range of interested parties, for an explanation, which is natural, they turned to both.

Daraselia did not give an intelligible answer, and Stepanov's arguments boiled down to the banal - "I bought it and it's mine."

Then, on behalf of the shareholders of SCAM CJSC, a claim was filed with the Arbitration Court to recognize the transaction for the alienation of property (engineering networks) as invalid. Case No. A56-6328/2021.

During the trial, which lasted almost a year, it became obvious that Stepanov simply deceived Darasely, he was not going to give him any money, but his threats were absolutely real. Realizing this, Daraselia begins to actively cooperate with the shareholders, provides them with the necessary information, and from the defendant of SCAM CJSC becomes the plaintiff in the case in the Arbitration Court.

Realizing that with an honest and objective trial, he has no chance of a positive outcome for him, Stepanov, using his corrupt connections in law enforcement, organizes an audit against the shareholders of CJSC SKAM. His daughter Yegorova, who by that time had married for the third or fourth time and became Masterova, writes a statement to the operational-search unit of the criminal investigation department for attention! fraudulent actions by the shareholders of SCAM CJSC. Surprisingly, they react to her statement in the most lively way and zealously begin to check the statement.

The shareholder who filed a claim with the Arbitration Court is under unprecedented pressure, investigators come to his home, repeatedly interrogate him, convincingly ask him to drop the claim, and threaten him with criminal prosecution.

Место убийства Бадри Шенгелия

The operative of the criminal investigation department openly participates in court hearings while taking the side of Egorova (Masterova), provides her with verification materials, including those containing personal data of citizens. Relying on the support of the employees of the criminal investigation department, Egorova (Masterova) disputes the right of the shareholder to file a claim, stating that, despite the convincing evidence presented (an extract from the register of shareholders), he is not a shareholder at all, in addition, she makes a statement about the falsification of evidence, in which puts on doubt the authenticity of Daraselia's signature on the documents that she herself submitted to the court. When it turned out that Daraselia himself refutes this by sending a corresponding written appeal to the court, on which his signature is certified by a notary, she herself immediately withdrew her application. The course of the process is not only documented, but also to prevent any misunderstandings, misunderstandings, an audio recording of everything that happens in the courtroom is conducted, the audio files are attached to the case materials, so this episode is very easy to check.

There are many other audio and video materials that clearly demonstrate the true essence of Stepanov.

After the court made a decision on the merits of the case, which satisfied the stated claims in full, that is, recognized the contract of sale as invalid, Stepanov sent a message to Daraseliy with a threat - “I will put you in jail very soon.”

Can Stepanov turn his threats into reality? This is definitely a rhetorical question. Indeed, in addition to an almost unlimited financial resource, participation in public councils and committees, which are mentioned above, Stepanov has other resources along a kindred line, so to speak.

Daraselia, we must give him his due, is by no means sinless, and if he finds himself in Russia, he cannot avoid meeting with justice, but isn't it time for the competent authorities to turn their attention to Stepanov.

Of course, only a court can call a person a criminal, but how else can you call a person who has made his fortune on connections with crime?

Any criminal is a danger to society, and a criminal endowed with power, authority and the ability to influence the fate of people in particular.

We, for our part, will observe how this story will continue and, most importantly, how this story will end.


To be continued

Alexey Ermakov