Source: has at its disposal a sensational document. This is the testimony of the professional killer Andrey Chelyshev. At one time, he, together with members of his group, professional mercenaries, committed a whole series of resonant murders, most of them using sniper rifles. For example, according to the collected evidence, it turned out unambiguously that Andrei Chelyshev and his brother Sergei were the perpetrators of the execution of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich in 1997. Not many people know that immediately after his arrest he confessed to the murder of Vladislav Listyev, the protocol of this interrogation of the killer was at our disposal and we will publish it in several parts. And at the same time we will tell you what is wrong with these readings. We returned to the topic of Listyev's murder due to the fact that the person who solved this crime died - the former investigator of the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia Pyotr Triboi. The cause of death was pneumonia caused by coronavirus. The triboi had to go through incredible obstacles in order to establish who ordered and executed Listyev, and the fact that none of these persons ended up in prison is not his fault. Let us speculate a little on this topic before publishing Chelyshev's testimony. In this article, we'll talk about a few pieces of evidence that Triboi has collected. The investigator found out that the "customer" - Sergei Lisovsky - and the organizer - "authority" of the Solntsevskaya organized criminal group Igor Dashdamirov (Dushman) were introduced by the leader of this group, Sergei Mikhailov (Mikhas). The latter at that time was under arrest in Switzerland and Triboy flew to this country to interrogate Mikhas. Lisovsky and Dashdamirov themselves denied acquaintance and even just communication with a friend during interrogations. However, during one of the searches, Lisovsky's notebook was seized, in which Dushman's phone was found. There were witnesses who saw them together. Under the weight of evidence, Lisovsky and Dashdamirov admitted that they had met. It was established that before the murder of Listyev, they met several times. It was also established that during the same period, Dushman met with the Solntsevskaya brigade leaders, for whom the killers brothers Alexander and Andrey Ageikin worked. Namely, they were the perpetrators of the murder. Realizing that the ring around him was shrinking, Lisovsky switched on "heavy artillery" - he turned to Tatyana Dyachenko, the daughter of President Boris Yeltsin and an extremely suggestible person. Lisovsky convinced her that Triboi was "digging" not for him, but for Yeltsin. After all, Lisovsky was an active participant in Yeltsin's headquarters in the 1996 presidential elections. Tatyana Dyachenko convinced her father that through the "Listyev case" they were preparing a "tunnel" under Yeltsin and he actually blocked further work in this direction.

But, according to a source, Lisovsky understood that his cover from above might not be eternal, so traces of the crime were carefully destroyed. In Israel, the killer Alexander Ageikin was found dead. According to the official version, he also died from a drug overdose. However, Triboi was certain that a murder had taken place. Alexander Ageikin was the "weakest link" in the group of killers. In addition to the fact that he was on drugs, he suddenly began to suffer remorse before his death. He told his acquaintances that he repented of the murder of Listyev, he felt sorry for this man. During interrogations, he obviously would not have become silent ...

And in 1998, unexpectedly, the murder of Listyev was taken over by the professional killer Andrey Chelyshev. Chelyshev's gangs were detained by officers of the RUBOP of Moscow and SOBR at a huge risk to life (the whole group almost died) in the mountainous area of ​​the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan. In the 90s, there was a big mess in Russia, which affected this story as well. It turned out that it was not clear how the killers could be delivered to Russia. Both the Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan did not allocate a plane. At the same time, there were fears that the mercenaries would simply be liquidated along with the capture group. And then, unexpectedly, a private plane arrived for the operatives and criminals, which brought them in. The operation in the Osh region was led by the head of the 10th department of RUBOP, Vitaly Serdyukov. As it turned out, he studied with Sergei Lisovsky and she is longtime friends. It was Lisovsky who paid for the plane to transport Chelyshev's group. And soon upon arrival, Andrei Chelyshev unexpectedly confessed to Listyev's murder. gives the first part of the killer's testimony.

Protocol of interrogation of A.A. Chelyshev on Listyev's murder

“I have a cousin Volkov Yuri Gennadievich, he is a former soldier. Around the period 1990-1994. Yuri served in the Western Group of Forces. An officer named Zaur served with him, I don't know his patronymic and surname. I knew from Yuri that Zaur had previously lived in Nalchik, and recently was one of the leaders of the Russian Medical Center. He looks 46-50 years old. From Yuri's words, I know that Zaur lives in Moscow, he has a household in the Moscow region along the Yaroslavl highway. I definitely don't I know the name of the settlement where Zaur's dacha is located, I remember the route visually. To this protocol I am enclosing a diagram of the location of Zaur's dacha with my own hand. Yuri introduced me to Zaur one day in mid-late February 1895, Yuri came to Zaur's dacha just to see him. We arrived in Volkov's blue Mazda car. Zaur tried to get an apartment for Yuri. Yuri always called him by name and patronymic. I want to say right away that in Moscow, except for Yuri, his family and Zaur, I did not know anyone. One day in late February - early March 1995, I don’t remember the exact date for a long time, I, together with my brothers Volkov Yuri and Drozhzhin Oleg Borisovich, were at the clothing market in Konkovo ​​- they were selling jackets. We were engaged in the sale of upper wearables in this clothing market every day from February to April 1995. Yuri was in charge of renting two trading places on the market and, in general, organizing trade. That day at about 6 pm I was sitting in Volkov's Mazda atomic machine. We parked the car near the territory of the market next to the paid parking lot. I remember this place visually and can show it. As I said, at about 6 pm, a maroon VAZ2121 car stopped near me, a man who looked like a Caucasian came out of it and came up to me. He looked as follows: he looked 35-40 years old, height 175-180 cm, dense build, oval face, hair was not visible from under the mink folder, the back of the nose was straight. He spoke with an accent, from which I concluded that he was Caucasian. When he spoke to me, he looked to the side, stood in front of me in profile. If I am shown his photograph, I think that I will recognize him. He wore a dark, thigh-length leather jacket and black trousers. When he approached me I was standing by the car. He asked me "Andrey Chelyshev?" I answered in the affirmative. "From Fergana?" I have confirmed this. He said: "We need to go with people, one person asked, you know him." He added that if I go, I can make money. Since I didn’t know anyone in Moscow except Zaur at that time, I understood. that this man came to me from Zaur. I want to say right away that he did not explain to me anything about what would have to happen, if I knew that I would have to take part in Listyev's murder, then I would categorically refuse, because I and all members of my family loved him very much ... No specific amount was given to me and no one later gave me any money.

 I asked him what to do. The man turned around and pointed to a gray "Opel Cadet" car, which was parked not far from us, 30-40m away from a grocery store. I can also show the place where the Opel stood. The car and license plates were heavily soiled, the numbers were unreadable. The car windows were not tinted and I saw that there were three people sitting in the car. The man told me to go with the guys. During our conversation, neither Yura, nor Oleg was around, they went somewhere on business. I went to the car. In the driver's seat there was a guy who looked up to 30 years old, of medium height, solid build, round face, regular facial features, large. His hair was dark, his hair was short, and he wore a black knitted sports cap that fitted his head. He was unshaven. Outwardly he looked like a Caucasian. He wore dark trousers and a long, dark leather bomber jacket. Next to him in the front passenger seat was another guy, Russian by his appearance. He looked 25-30 years old, average or above average height, athletic build, thin face, regular facial features, clean shaven, no beards or mustache, blond hair, short haircut like "hedgehog", blue eyes, no expression in the eyes. The ears are of medium size. I drew attention to one feature of the left ear - the upper part of the curl is flattened .... At first he sat in the car without a headdress, before getting out of the car he wore a black sports cap, the same as that of the driver .... I got a good look at the hand of his left hand - the hand is rough, with clearly visible veins and tendons on the back. He and the driver did not smoke. I saw this pariah better than anyone else. In the back seat was a third guy, who looked 25-35 years old, of average or above average height, solid build, round face, correct facial features ... He smoked "L&M" cigarettes (I remember this well, at my request he gave me a cigarette ) ... These people I saw for the first and last time in my life ... When I opened the door, the light in the salon did not come on. We drove towards the center. I practically don't know Moscow, so I find it difficult to describe our route. It was already dark. We drove slowly, for a long time, at least 40-50 minutes. On the way, everyone was silent, they did not call each other in any way, for the entire time of the road, the Russian guy in a rude manner instructed the driver not to turn when he tried to turn in our direction. Nobody told me what was going to happen. So I decided that we are eating to knock out someone's money debt. After some time we arrived or to the street located near the Paveletsky railway station .. This is the only landmark I know. I don't know the name of the street, I was on this street for the only time in my life, but if they take me to the Paveletsky train station, I will try to show it. I can say that the place where Listyev was murdered, where I was waiting in the car for the guys with whom I was traveling, is located not far from the Paveletsky railway station. When we left, we got to the station very quickly in 2-3 minutes, no more. "

Проьокод допроса

Проьокод допроса

Ivan Kupinov

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