More than 10 thousand people took part in the action in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow. On February 27, people came to the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge to lay flowers at the site of the politician's murder. At 23:31 a minute of silence passed. It was at this time six years ago on the Moskvoretsky bridge, in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin, Boris Nemtsov was shot dead. will publish materials of the investigation, trial and verdict in the "Nemtsov case". In this article, we present the protocols of interrogations of a soldier of the "Sever" battalion, Zaur Dadaev, who is accused of performing a crime. According to some reports, having familiarized himself with these testimonies of Dadaev, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called him a "hero" and "patriot."

Заур Дадаев

In his testimony, Zaur Dadaev explained the motives that prompted him to murder. “I didn’t want there to be any strife on the territory of the Russian Federation, a misunderstanding because of some person insulting Muslims,” a fighter of the “North” said during interrogation. According to him, Boris Nemtsov "insulted our prophet Muhammad." “All of Russia explained to Boris Nemtsov that he was wrong, that this should not be. That all that every faith must be observed and respected. He did not support this. Then we decided to act in our own way, ”Dadaev was indignant to the investigators.

According to him, he once discussed Nemtsov's behavior among Chechens in the Evropeyskiy shopping center. A certain Rusik was present at the meeting, who allegedly said: "Yes, you do it (kill Nemtsov-, you need to do it, since Nemtsov supports Charlie Hebdo and wants to distribute cartoons in Russia." At the same time, he promised to repay 15 million rubles for the murder. “There was no contract murder. The money sounded like “for the sake of Allah,” said Dadaev. “I didn’t ask for or receive this money, I didn’t need this money, since it’s dirty. I did this crime because of the Prophet Muhammad, ”Dadaev said.

Also, the fighter of "North" described in detail how he shot the politician. “He walked with a girl ... 40 meters. I caught up with him with a quick step. Point-blank, well, not point-blank, about five meters approached. Said nothing, no words. Then he immediately fired three shots, ”Dadaev said.

“When he fired three shots, Nemtsov fell. When he fell, he pulled this girl along with him, - the fighter of "Sever" told the investigators. - Since the girl was not involved, I did not touch her. When he fell, I was already running, the harvester leveled off. The car passed, I see - Nemtsov is getting up. He did not fit, as he was, and fired three more shots. The car drove up, got into the car ... ".

Rusik was installed Ruslan Mukhutdinov - the personal driver of the officer of the "Sever" battalion Ruslan Geremeev. However, the name of Rusik, and his boss, the investigation made the "organizer" of the murder. He is wanted. Some operatives believe that Mukhutdinov is no longer alive. cites one of the testimonies (he was interrogated repeatedly) by Zaur Dadaev.

“On January 7, 2015, malefactors shot at the editorial office of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo. It was the journalists of this publication who posted insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in their weekly, which was the reason for the attack on the editorial office and the murder of journalists. After that, Boris Nemtsov on the Internet on the pages of various publications, as well as on his website, publicly justified the actions of the Shari Hebdo cartoonists, supporting their position on posting offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and calling for such cartoons to be placed in the Russian media. For me and for all Muslims living in the Russian Federation, these cartoons and their publication are offensive and unacceptable. My friends Anzor Gubashev and Shavanov criticized Nemtsov's actions, since we believed that it was Nemtsov who initiated the calls for the placement and publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in Russia.

Анзор Губашев

 Around January 9, 2015, I flew to Moscow to my friend Anzor Gubashev, I do not remember his address in Moscow at that time. I myself stayed then at the Salut Hotel in Moscow. I remember that I spent 2-3 nights in Moscow, then went home.

Around January 9-10, Anzor Gubashev and I were sitting in an unknown company of Chechens in the Evropeyskiy shopping center. In this company, there was just a conversation about "Charlie Hebdo" from France and Boris Nemtsov, who supported the public placement of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. All the participants at the meeting spoke extremely negatively about Nemtsov's actions. Then I left for Chechnya for 2-3 days, then returned to Moscow. Approximately in the period from 12 to 20 January 2015 in Moscow, I, Anzor Gubashev and Beslan Shavanov decided to follow Nemtsov, find out his place of residence, the cars on which he travels, his lifestyle and places of usual stay.

In addition, in Moscow, in the Chaikhana cafe, located on the 2-3rd floor in the Evropeyskiy shopping center, Anzor Gubashev and I met a man, a Chechen about nationality, who introduced himself to us as "Rusik" We told him that we needed a car and a pistol to carry out the murder of Nemtsov. He listened to us and said that he would call us back. We have not seen this "Rusik" before and. did not know. After 2 days from "Rusik" under the windows of the house where we lived with Anzor Gubashev at the address: Moscow, st. Veernaya, house 3, building 4, they brought us a VAZ car or something like that, I don't remember its number. The car is not Russian-made, old, the color is closer to silver. We had to use this car to spy on Nemtsov and in the murder of the latter. The fact that the car below was reported to us by "Rusik" by phone. Then Anzor Gubashchev went downstairs to the car, the keys to which were inside the cabin. According to Rusik, there is a pistol under the right passenger seat in the car, Anzor found this pistol in the place indicated by Rusik. The pistol was a PM with a homemade silencer. Anzor did not bring the pistol home, but simply locked the car and returned.

Then, on January 21 and 22, 2015, Anzor drove this car to Nemtsov's house, whose address we found on the Internet. Anzor established the address of Nemtsov's residence, who lived not far from the site of the subsequent murder. We did not drive this car all the time, we were afraid to get lit up, since we did not have any documents for it. In the observation of Nemtsov from January 25 to January 27, 2015, Shavanov Beslan also began to participate with us. I can say that the two of them drove and followed Nemtsov and his movements in a Range Rover car around Moscow. I also walked 1-2 times to Nemtsov's place of residence and to his place of work in some party. Nemtsov's office was located in the building on the 2nd floor. I don’t remember the address of his residence and work, but I can show him on the spot, as I orientate myself in these places in Moscow.

During the observation and preparation for the murder from 22 to 27 January 2015, we saw Nemtsov 2 or 3 times. The schedule of his movements and work was chaotic and it was impossible to guess where and at what time he would go. The pistol was always in our ZAZ car while observing Nemtsov.

On February 27, 2015 in the evening at about 20-21 o'clock I, Anzor Gubashev and Shavanov Beslan in a ZAZ car monitored Nemtsov's place of residence. Anzor and Beslan were patrolling by car, and I was walking not far from Nemtsov's residence and near Red Square. I tried not to attract the attention of others. In addition, Beslan and I had telephones for prompt communication with each other, we did not call anyone else from these phone numbers. We bought these phones somewhere in Moscow to use for the murder of Nemtsov.

So, while walking, Beslan called me on this number and said that he had recorded the appearance of Nemtsov in some tavern on Red Square, who sat there with a girl. After that, I went to the car where Anzor was sitting. The car was located approximately between Nemtsov's work and his place of residence. I don't know the address, but I can show it on the spot. I got into the car, in which at that time there was only Anzor. Beslan this time watched Nemtsov, sitting in a tavern, waiting for the release of that. Beslan had to give the command to me that Nemtsov went out and that he could be killed safely.

In the car, I took a 9 mm PM pistol, on the barrel of which a homemade silencer about 15 cm long was already screwed on. The pistol was not on the safety lock, but the cartridge was not sent into the chamber.

After some time, Beslan called me and said that Nemtsov had left the tavern with a girl and headed towards his house along the embankment and would go out onto the bridge. We conducted telephone conversations in the Chechen language. Then Anzor and I drove along the embankment along the river to the base of the bridge from the Kremlin side, then I got out of the car with a pistol. He was holding a pistol with a wound silencer in his trousers closer to his stomach, Nemtsov and his girlfriend were already walking across the bridge from Krasnov Square towards Nemtsov's house. I walked briskly after him across the bridge, gradually catching up with them. On the way, I did not come across any of the passers-by. The time and place was perfect for the murder. Nemtsov was on the right, and his girlfriend moved on the left, holding Nemtsov's arm. Having approached at a distance of 10 meters from them, I took out the pistol with my right hand and, putting the cartridge into the chamber, transferred it to my left hand, since I am left-handed. At the same time) at the same time, the cell phone, which was in touch with Beslan, I transferred from my left hand to my right hand.

 Then, at a distance of 5 meters from Nemtsov, I fired 3 pistol shots at him in the back area. All the bullets hit Nemtsov. I fired a pistol with my hand outstretched, at the same time as the first shot I told Beslan on the phone: “Drive up” and turned off the phone. At that moment, on my side, I noticed an orange-painted emergency services car. Nemtsov fell from the shots and pulled the girl behind him, who tried to hold him and hold on herself, but he knocked her down on the asphalt.

Then I noticed that Nemtsov was trying to get up from the asphalt. By this time I had moved back from them. But seeing these actions of Nemtsov, shot him three more times with a pistol. I don't know where these three bullets hit. Then I got into the car that drove up to the scene of the murder. Anzor was driving the car, and Beslan was in the back seat. We passed the bridge, then turned onto Bolotnaya Square and after about 350 meters I jumped out of the car. They drove forward immediately. And I stopped a passing car, I don't even remember its make, and drove 2-3 kilometers on it. Then he left it.

 Then I again caught an oncoming taxi-car, which also drove 2-3 kilometers. There I again caught a passing car, on which I already drove to our place of residence at Moscow, Veernaya street, dem 3, building 4.

After 40-50 minutes Beslan and Anzor entered the apartment. From the media and news, I learned that the news of the murder of Nemtsov caused a resonance in society, everyone was talking about this murder. After 2 hours, I will call Rusik and say that “something needs to be taken,” meaning the pistol I used to shoot at Nemtsov. Some time later, on the same day, "Rusik" sent some young guy to Veernaya Street to me, who introduced himself "from Rusik." I gave the gun to this guy and said that he got rid of it urgently and threw it somewhere in a pond. I don't remember this guy. He is thin, about 175 cm tall, and has blond hair. The guy took the gun and left, never saw him again.

 After that, on February 28 at 14:30, Anzor Gubashev and Beslan 1Shavanov flew from Moscow to Grozny together. Then, on about March 1, 2015, at the same time, I flew from Moscow to Grozny. At the same time, a Rusik drove into Veernaya Street after me in a Mercedes car with a digital number on the car 007. On the way, the murder was not discussed.

I do not agree that we killed Nemtsov for a reward, since we did not receive any reward for the murder. I would like to note that it was this "Rusyak" who, at the stage of preparation for the murder, told Anzor and me that each of us three after the murder "for the sake of Allah, not for murder, will give 5 million rubles." But this money is not for murder, I repeat, but as I said, so I told. No clarification. At the same time, no one gave me money before and after the murder. I don’t need this money. Since I did it for the sake of Allah due to the fact that Nemtsov insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

I no longer consider it necessary to tell and answer questions during real interrogation. I apologize to the Almighty for taking Nemtsov's life. "

 To be continued

Timofey Grishin