The history of the imprisonment of the famous Torpedo player and the USSR national team still haunts football fans. Where is the truth and where is the lie? Details specially for the Cheka-OGPU and were prepared by the famous sports journalist, author of books about football Alexei Matveev




“Edik was a normal Soviet person, like many of us,” says Eduard Streltsov’s long-term partner, Torpedo defender of the 60s Grigory YANETS. - One difference - a great football player. The best in the country of the Soviets, twice in a row recognized as the strongest at the end of the season. And this is after getting out of jail.

It is unlikely that his human qualities worsened upon his return “from there”. People are bad, gloomy good deeds on the football field and in life do not. Can't progress, improve something. Edik showed and proved his worth with his game. By the way, Anatol'ich never had a reputation for being gloomy, as someone believes. We, partners in Torpedo, know and remember its characteristic features.

I didn't ask him directly about life in prison. I didn't need to know. Much has already been said and published. There is little truth in the publications, mostly negative through. Regarding Streltsov, his family.

Here, an obvious connection with the then Minister of Culture can be traced. Eduard Anatolyevich himself told the details, I did not call for frankness. We talked on the topic, a rare case. Usually Streltsov restrained himself, remained silent.

Furtseva's daughter, apparently, fell in love with Edik, who did not reciprocate. Well, he did not like her, according to Edik himself. You can’t love by force ... Apparently, the wounded pride of Furtseva Sr. played an important role in the story with subsequent imprisonment. Well, her daughter was basically rejected. The incident at the dacha with "rape" arrived in time. Like an unexpected gift of fate. Revenge. Atu Streltsov!

Comrade Furtseva came to Comrade Khrushchev and made an angry speech. Like, what does a footballer allow himself to do?! Girls are raped. It is necessary to arrange a show trial over the "scoundrel" so that others would be disrespectful. Arranged. Planted.

I know that the allegedly raped girl refused to claim against Edik. What are his questions? There seemed to be none. An no. The process is exemplary. Demonstration of the stupidity of that power.

- Basically, Streltsov kept silent in the locker room during his football career, - Grigory Yanets continued the story. - Both before and after matches. It was impossible to understand what kind of feelings he was overwhelmed with. Then the course for rejuvenation of the composition was taken. In 1968, five young people made their debut at Torpedo, including me. The backbone remained, from Streltsov, Brednev, Shustikov, Kavazashvili, Mikhailov, and others.

Streltsov always supported the youth, helped with advice, encouraged when needed. The youth turned out to be talented, no one needed to be urged on. The coach sorted out the mistakes after the game.

Such a generation of players in Torpedo picked up that none of us abused alcohol. They were almost ascetics, in all seriousness I say. Football, and only football. “And the girls? And the girls later, ”- if you recall the words of a famous song. We almost literally followed the principles.

For ten years he played with Streltsov for the team of USSR veterans. We played five matches in a row a week, the schedule was tough, one might say, merciless. In terms of health. No whining was heard from anyone. endured. We enjoyed communicating with local football fans, the local masters. Central Asia, the Far East, many regions traveled with football "concerts". Met wonderful people.

Streltsov is not only a national football hero, but also a master of the game adored by ordinary people. There is a colossal difference in the perception of Edik by the fans and us, mere mortals, who were the company of a genius.




They played as veterans in Kazakhstan. There, Edik's arrival was awaited with particular impatience. We met enthusiastically. At the end of the match with the local team, Streltsov was invited to talk - personally. Local rich uncles gave him a luxurious gold watch. Not all of us received such chic presents.

Ten years of difference between me and Anatolyich. I didn’t go home to Edik, we didn’t sit at the same table, we didn’t make friends with families. Communists brought up in the spirit of respect for elders. Still, they kept their distance, they did not become familiar. Only in rare cases did people come closer, communicate beyond the edge of the field.

Actually, such communication was quite enough, for example, during a career, when Streltsov and I played in Torpedo. For example, at the base in Myachikovo, near Moscow, they gathered. In the breaks between training sessions and matches, a group of players watched their favorite Soviet films. Often, Eduard Anatolyevich himself invited to these viewings, was the initiator.

Staying in jail? It means that it did not affect, in any case, too obviously on the abilities of a person. There is a definition - a nugget. Edik is the clearest example.

Played very brightly after returning. I can not explain the nature of the phenomenon. There are no answers to all questions. Maybe trite, but a unique football player. Such people are born, apparently, once a century. And you don't have to compare him to anyone. Apparently he was born a football player...

None of the Torpedo players clashed with Edik. Here, the leaders of the club, I believe, parted ways with the outstanding master in a not human way. He could still play, bring tangible benefits. Even after the injury received during the double match with Dynamo. Streltsov was restored by our doctors.

Probably, the torpedo bosses looked at the passport. Bah, yes Edik is 33! It's time for them to retire. common practice at the time. Even the great Streltsov fell under the "skating rink".

I think the team's coaches, not least, played a negative role. Young specialists came to the post, who had recently played for Torpedo. Apparently, they did not want to have such a colorful, respected, beloved by the fans, football player nearby.

They were considered a competitor, a threat to their imaginary authority. In general, "technically" was removed from the team. Approximately also got rid of Valery Ivanovich Voronin. Which does not honor the then torpedo managers.

Then Streltsov was looking for work after a hasty departure from the team of masters. I repeat, not by choice. The boys from the youth sports school "Torpedo" coached. Traveled across the Union with a team of veterans.

But the great player was not looking for such a share for himself. Still, he saw himself in big football. Maybe in an administrative position, or as one of the mentors of his native club. Alas, no luck.

By the way, strong guys came out from under the tutelage of Streltsov, who later played at the base of Torpedo. Sergei Shustikov, for example, are his peers. At that time they became champions of the Union among youths. The same Igor Chugainov studied with Edik. Streltsov was in charge of cutting football talents for a year. Then they organized the so-called special school, capable young men of Anatolyich moved there.

Alexey Matveev

To be continued