On Monday, prosecutors appealed the decision of the Tosno court of the Leningrad Region on parole of Oleg Makovoz (MacLeod), a former leader of the fraternal criminal group led by thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). Tyurik, in turn, was a force cover (on the gang line) of Oleg Deripaska. Both were featured in a Spanish Mafia money laundering investigation. Tyurik and Makovoz “lit up” in the grandfather about the murder of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich. Macovoz was even interrogated as part of this case. In particular, he was questioned in detail about which privatized objects were of interest to thieves in law, whether they said anything about Manevich, etc. However, Macovoz understood that revelations in the same case could cost him his life, so interrogation did not help seriously advance the investigation.

At one time, Makovoz was an involuntary active participant in the great war of the security forces in St. Petersburg. According to the source of, at one point a huge number of unrevealed “custom-made” murders and raider seizures in St. Petersburg not only became very striking, but also became indecent. It was then that the leadership of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate together with the "authorities" came up with a joint special operation: all executions and explosions, primarily those committed by the "Tambov", "hang" on the "authority" of Oleg Makovoz, and all raider seizures - on the authority of Leukhin (Medved). The deputy head of the Organized Crime Control Department of St. Petersburg Vladimir Sych and the head of the city police department Vladimir Piotrovsky and authorities Misha Kupchinsky and Kumarin took part in discussions of the details of this cooperation. Moreover, the latter said that he was ready to “give” to law enforcement officers Badri Shengeliy too, so that everything would not look so obvious. As a result, all those crimes that are currently incriminating Kumarina could have been put on Makovoz and Leukhin several years ago. Everything was ready for this: dozens of witnesses gave the investigation “necessary” information, relevant articles began to appear in the media, the Central Internal Affairs Directorate stepped up work in a given direction, and prosecutors also moved according to the developed scheme. And here Vladimir Putin gives the green light to the arrest of Kumarin, investigators and FSB officers of the Russian Federation come to St. Petersburg from Moscow to investigate the most high-profile cases themselves. As a result, a war broke out between the St. Petersburg security forces from the Central Internal Affairs Directorate and guests from Moscow - investigators led by Oleg Pipchenkov and FSB officers.

Oleg Pipchenkov managed to win over Oleg Makovoz and Badri Shengelia, who later became the main witnesses for the prosecution. Both at one time were close to businessman Kumarin and both agreed to a deal with the investigation. But if the interest of Badri Shengelia, who was also accused of raider seizures, was to get the least punishment in court, then St. Petersburg police accused Oleg Makovoz of a series of contract killings. And the court managed to sentence him to 23 years in prison. And this is serious. However, the very first verification of the materials collected in the case of Poppy carrier made investigators from Moscow doubt the legitimate actions of the St. Petersburg law enforcement agencies.

According to, Oleg Makovoz’s bad luck band began in the early 2000s when someone Alexei Mironov turned to him with a request to arrange a meeting with Roman Tsepov, head of the Baltic Escort security company (Roman Tsepov, a former guard of Anatoly Sobchak, known for his close ties with Vladimir Putin, died in 2004, according to the conclusion of the doctors from poisoning). The essence of the question that Alexey Mironov planned to discuss with Tsepov was to help appoint his person to the position of head of Astrakhan-Gazprom, a subsidiary of the Russian gas monopolist. Tsepov answered positively, but refused to meet with Mironov, and asked for five and a half million dollars for his services. All negotiations passed through Macovoz, which transferred money and was the guarantor of the fulfillment of all obligations.

Our sources in the special services said that the questions about the appointment to a position in Gazprom and its subsidiaries were solved by Tsepov through the deputy chairman of the board for security of the gas monopolist Sergei Lukash. Mironov knew this. By the beginning of 2003, he began to get nervous. The money was transferred, the necessary appointment did not happen, and in February, among other things, it became known that Sergei Lukash was dismissed from his post.

Responsibility for the refund, of course, fell on Macovoz. On this basis, a conflict broke out between him and Roman Tsepov. Tsepov refused to return the money. Instead, he is organizing an assassination attempt on a Macovoz. But the murder breaks down, and its organizer Denis Dolgushin and some performers Yu.Sudnev and Bobylev brothers are arrested.

Dolgushin during the investigation does not last long and admits to a whole bunch of contract killings. Another defendant appears in the case, he is also the customer - Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin, at whose direction these crimes were committed. But in February-March 2004, according to our information, Kumarin will be organized a meeting with Dolgushin right in the premises of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in St. Petersburg, after which Dolgushin changes his testimony and, in some miraculous way, instead of “Kuma”, Oleg becomes the customer of all the killings Poppy truck. And then the head of the St. Petersburg criminal police Vladislav Piotrovsky personally leads the operational support of the new high-profile case.

In 2008, the investigation team of the UPC, led by Oleg Pipchenkov, will discover a forgery in the case file on Makovoz. The latter will be charged with the murder of four people, taken under state protection, and in the case of the "night governor of St. Petersburg" there will also be a bloody trail.

To be continued

Timofei Grishin