Source: Rucriminal continues a series of articles about the "owners" of Rublevka, about people who "rule" the Odintsovo district, and about those to whom they distribute the "golden" land. In this publication, we will describe how, as a result of the "coup" organized by the authoritative businessman Gavriil Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala), the head of the Rublevka, Alexander Gladyshev, was removed from his post, and Andrei Ivanov, a relative of Makhachkala, was placed in his place. And also about the close family and business ties of the current rulers of Rublyovka.


 Rublyov's conspirators-Yushvayev and Klinovsky

The head of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, Andrei Ivanov, stopped the construction of a house on the Mozhayskoye highway because of the conflict between residents and the builder until a compromise is found. In general, an ordinary event, even in the Moscow suburbs. But it is scrupulously reported by the largest Russian news agencies (obviously not free). Of course, Andrey Ivanov, the head of the "golden hectares" of the Moscow region, such a Russian California, needs to generate normal positive working news, so he does not regret the positive PR. After all, reports of some "Rublevsky Ball" MGIMO or subbotnik United Russia are suitable only for secular news or the party press.

What to say - Odintsovo district is very, very difficult: here is the most expensive land in Russia. Here Rublevka with Barvikha, Gorki and Nikolina Mountain and their inhabitants. But who said that the head of Odintsovo district, Andrei Ivanov, is a simple man? Simple people do not go here. And, moreover, do not lead.


Ivanov appeared in Odintsovo district in 2013. He was not then 40 years old, and he did not have the status of a political heavyweight. And its appearance has a very interesting prehistory.

Alexander Gladyshev was considered to be the King of Rublyovka, who ran the district since 1991. It was he who at one time noticed a small merchant Timofei (Timur) Klinovsky, whom he made his "confidant". Gladyshev, thanks to his position, "sawed" the land on Rublyovka, and Klinovsky sought buyers for them. In this bunch, Gladyshev was the unconditional boss, and Klinovsky began as a "boy in errands". But as Timothy (Timur) grew in touch with influential customers, his own status also grew. As a result, Klinovsky also became a member of a notable family, his son Andrei married the daughter of Mikhail Kasyan, the former prime minister, and now one of the opposition leaders. And the list of VIP-partners in Timofey's business is counted not by one page, among which, of course, are Gabriel Yushvayev and David Yakobashvili. Yes, and Klinovsky himself for many years of cooperation with Gladishev became the owner of huge territories. It is clear that he began to consider himself equal to Gladyshev, and, perhaps, even a new boss in their bundle. As a result, in 2012-2013 between Gladishev and Klinovsky began to mature conflict. It was then that Gladyshev was slipped into the Trojan horse.

Ivanov took a modest position as an assistant to the head of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region on general issues. Meanwhile, Klinovsky and Yushvayev were already preparing for the operation to remove Gladishev from his post and appoint a man to the vacant seat. In December 2013, Gladyshev, who had a difficult relationship with the governor Andrei Vorobyov (whose family is connected with Yushvayev), announced his resignation. But this was only a cunning maneuver. According to the idea of ​​an experienced hardware player, early elections were due in February 2014, where Gladyshev without any problems wanted to push his faithful Olympic champion Larissa Lazutkin to the place of the new head of the district. But Klinovsky and Yushvayev managed to outplay Gladyshev.

         Together with Gladishev, his first deputy, Marina Shibanova, was to retire, then there would be no one to lead the district and there would be a good reason for early elections. But Shibanova, despite the agreement with Gladishev, unexpectedly did not resign. A large sum was obtained from Yushvayev and Klinovsky. And Io was appointed. Head of the district. Therefore, it was worth forgetting about early elections. Realizing that he was losing the district, Gladyshev still pushed through the Council of Deputies a decision on early elections. But, having connections in the courts, Klinovsky and Yushvavev managed to organize the decisions of the officials of Themis about the illegality of the election ahead of schedule. As a result, already in December 2013, Andrei Ivanov was appointed head of the administration of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. In fact, it was he who became the acting president. Head of the district. The newly appointed high-ranking official, with the strong support of Klinovsky and Yushvayev, managed to prepare all that was necessary for his victory in the elections held in September 2014 for almost a year.

So in the Moscow region of Odintsovo in fact, there was a hardware personnel revolution.



Nephew Vorobyov in the service of Garik Makhachkala

In fact, there are only two scenarios for the appearance of Andrei Ivanov in the region: a friendly-clan and absolutely criminal. None of them is flattering for the governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov.

It is quite obvious that Ivanov is a protégé of Gabriel Yushvayev, who in certain circles is better known as Garik Makhachkala. He is one of the most famous representatives of "Mountain Jews". According to Forbes data for 2017, Yushvayev is 82nd in the list of Russia's richest men with a fortune of $ 1.3 billion. Here is such a reference about Mr. Yushvaev in the Forbes pages: "First Business In 1989, after serving nine years for robbery, he founded Along with David Yakobashvili, the "Trinity" auto show, which sold American cars, and later - the "Metelitsa" casino on Novy Arbat. In 1993, the partners joined the project for bottling juices at the Lianozovo Dairy Plant. This was the beginning of Wimm-Bill-Dann, bought in 2011 by PepsiCo for $ 5.4 billion (the company's largest transaction outside of North America). Yushvayev received $ 1.1 billion for his share. "

 Yushvayev for the governor of Moscow region - a man is not a stranger. Andrei Vorobyev's native nephew, Artem Vorobyev, held the post of general director at Razdory City, where his partners were Gabriel Yushvayev, David Yakobashvili and, incidentally, Sergei Matvienko, not at all the namesake. It is difficult to imagine that the business partner of the governor's nephew paid money for the appointment of his protege. Rather asked, agreed, agreed. In the region, it's not a secret for anyone that Yushevayev once worked for the Minister of the Environment of the region Anzor Shomakhov. Garik Makhachkala's protégé is Dmitry Golubkov (Mosoblgaz), the mayor of Losino-Petrovsky was previously convicted by Asfan Vikhraev (known to the citizens as Andrei Vikharev). So the head of the Odintsovo district, Andrei Ivanov, is just one of many appointees in this series.

By the way, Ivanov Yushvayev is not a stranger. And even your own. Andrei Ivanov is married to Yushkaev's niece Zoya. And, on Gabriel Yushvayev's other niece, his long-term business partner David Yakobashvili is married, by the way. So Yakobashvili and Ivanov are brother-in-law.

Such kind of touching family ties were formed in Odintsovo district. How else. Still need each other. Yushmaev and Yakobashvili have a wide variety of business interests in Odintsovo district. Back in 2010, they acquired a controlling stake in ZAO Agrocomplex Gorki-2, which owns about 10,000 hectares of agricultural land in the vicinity of the settlements of Rublyovka, Barvikha, Zhukovka, Razdory. Business and fitness centers, shopping and entertainment complexes have already been built on these lands for a long time, and near the lakes and rivers a huge number of fashionable cottages have appeared. Among the partners are the ruble residents Ruslan Baisarov, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Arkady Novikov, Artem Mikhalkov, and, of course, Timur Klinovsky, the "risen" and not offended Rublevke expert.

Land in the suburbs continues to appreciate. And Yushvayev and Yakobashvili, apparently, consider Odintsovo district as one of the strategic sites for investing and multiplying the funds earned from the sale of WBD (American PepsiCo in 2011 acquired for $ 3.8 billion 66% of WBD shares, including 19.6% Of shares from Yushvayev and 10.5% from Yakobashvili.So, it is quite clear why former WBD shareholders needed a "man of their own" in Odintsovo district.

And, probably, not only for this. In the Gorki-2 suburbs near Moscow Yushvayev owns the Veterok restaurant. In this restaurant in September 2016, a pro-Russian politician from Kharkov, a field commander and the founder of the Oplot movement, Yevgeny Zhilin, was shot dead. As can be seen from the video from the surveillance cameras, in the premises of Yushvayev the killer felt confident, waited for the victim at the table, where Zilina was specially planted by employees of "Veterka". The guards did not try to detain the killer, and the information from the surveillance cameras of the restaurant did not help him identify him. And why not have such a secluded restaurant in the grounds of a relative?

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal