The former owner of the Bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin in the near future may be changed from house arrest to detention. According, hotina suspected violations of Demarest. In particular, that during visits to the clinic of the sister, Khotin gives orders to subordinates on how to hide his remaining assets.

As told by sources, Khotin is allowed to leave the "home prison" for medical procedures in the clinic nakff (located at BC IQ-Park ul. Ugreshskaya d. 2). It should be noted that this BC belongs to the Hotin, a clinic owned by his sister Margaret of Lebanon. "During those visits right in nakff Hawtin actually meets. During them, he receives and transmits information through proxies. Thus, he coordinates the actions of the defendants in the criminal case of embezzlement, in which he was taken under house arrest. Also Hawtin continuously monitor and guide your assets and gives instructions what to do to hide their assets from possible arrest, the withdrawal of funds abroad", - stated the opinion of our source. According to him, the relevant information has already been transferred to the FSIN, which is engaged in checking compliance with house arrest. it is possible that the question of changing this measure of restraint to a more strict one - detention may be raised.

According from NACF Hawtin, in particular, gives commands to his aide Sergei Pogliacomi. On it the ex-owner of "Ugra" recorded oil and some other assets. Today we will talk in detail about this zits-Chairman Khotin.

Sergei Pidlisetskiy was born in Beregovo, Transcarpathian oblast, Ukrainian SSR. In Moscow in the late 90-ies he was an unremarkable person: he went to VAZ 2109 and was registered in the hostel on Pokrovsky Boulevard. It should be noted that Sergey in General very much fell in love with this "hostel". Having got rich, he changed one after another expensive foreign cars: Mercedes, BMW, Lexus. Changed prestigious apartment: we had apartment at 98.4 per square meter in the house 20/31 structure 1 in Tokmakova the lane, a luxurious apartment at 67.5 square meters in house 39/1 building 1 on the Earthworks. However, there certainly was a frat house on the Pokrovka.

Apparently, this is due to the fact that Pidlisetskiy strashno not like to pay fines and state fees. Entire mailbox hostel, where Sergei does not happen, literally Packed with the subpoenas and calls from the bailiffs. Still, if only for the last two years, according to about 15 enforcement proceedings were initiated against him.

However, probably, and now Sergei Pidlisetskiy went on VAZ 2109 and would not have lived in luxury homes, and in the Dorm, if at the end of 90-ies of the fate brought him together with Yuri and Alexei Hodinami. One of the first large objects that captured the father and son in the capital, was the Moscow soap factory (MMZ) and Podlisetsky played a significant role in the raider attack.  In 2000, Khotin-controlled LLC "MVS-trade" bought a modest package of 15 % MMZ. Another 20 % belonged to Moscow, but with the then mayor Yuri Luzhkov, or rather with his wife Elena Baturina, Khotin Developed good relations. Therefore, this package of shares could also be recorded in the asset of Yuri and Alexei. However, 65 % of the shares were controlled by other structures, in 2001 their owner was banker Mikhail Zavertyaev. Suddenly the bailiffs seized the package, Hominy and predstaviteli city authorities immediately held a shareholders ' meeting and, holding only 35 % stock, has elected its full Board of Directors and appointed by the General Director of MMZ Sergei Ponticello. On SVOD he "came" to fight, accompanied by riot police and big guys thuggish appearance. The actions of all these armed men led by Sergei. On his orders, in his office was locked, who worked for many years at the plant, a top Manager Dmitry Fomin. In fact, he became a "hostage". The journalists of RENT-TV and TV-6 who arrived to the place were beaten, and their cameras broke.

Mikhail Zavertyaev made through the courts to the ballot voting shareholders meetings, which were scheduled to Pidlisetskiy invalidated. Then he called lchin Alexei Khotin, began to threaten and made an appointment at the restaurant. On it, Khotin Jr. long boasted of close friendship with Elena Baturina, connection with the security forces. But that didn't help either. As a result, an attempt was made on Zavertyaev - he was shot in the head. Fortunately, the banker was still alive.

And the factory remained under the leadership of Pagliaccio. That is, by Hatinh, pulled off a simple Scam.

He signed the documents, which are all property of MMP was included in the loan collateral completely different structure. Then Pidlisetskiy filed a statement of introduction at the enterprise of procedure of observation. All the workers were thrown out the door. And on the former site of a prosperous factory there was a business center "capital", the offices where Hotiny successfully for many years rent. By the way, for the organization of work with thousands or even tens of thousands of tenants, which are located in almost 40 now controlled by the fathers and sons of shopping and business centers, is responsible just Sergei Podlisetsky. All these centers are "recorded" on different, often changing or changing the name of the company, which work with tenants. The only thing that varies is the presence of formal or informal rukovoditelei these firms Sergei Ponticello. I tried to collect the names of the structures where the secret owners are Hotins, and podlisetsky manages them: "Cube", "Complex investments", "Art-vising", "Center-T" , "Aggregate", CJSC "interbiznes", New life group, "Techmetod", "Finmarket", "Direct Management", etc. one thing remains Unchanged in the work of all these firms: they "throw" large sums of both tenants and their employees. As it happens, what schemes came up with Pidlisetskiy and Hominy to Rob landlords, will tell soon.

Sergei Pidlisetskiy operated and non-core assets Hotiny not affiliated with "yo". He was the CEO of the company "Russia oil", Oil company "Progress"" associated with JSC "NC DULISMA". During the service in the last structure of the Khotyns, he almost became the object of a criminal case. Pidlisetskiy "cheated" on 12 million roubles to LLC "Integra-drilling". And when hotina "lit up" the ground beneath their feet, he rewrote the whole oil industry on Pagliaccio and he declared it his.


  To be continued


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