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When reported that all the patrons shamefacedly turned away from the owner of Yugra, Alexei Hotin, he clearly hastened to do so. We completely forgot about Artem Chaika, the son of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika. Artem has long known Khotin, they are connected by many joint projects. For example, when Hotin had problems or, on the contrary, interests in some regions of Russia, then powerful support for the prosecutor's line went exactly through Artem Chaika, in fact, the No. 2 man in the system of the Russian prosecutor's office. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Prosecutor General's Office demanded that the Central Bank's orders regarding the activities of Ugra be canceled. The supervisory authority protested the Central Bank's orders to impose a moratorium on payments to creditors, as well as on imposing on the DIA the functions of the temporary administration of the bank. Their Russian Prosecutor General's Office found "groundless".

And it's not just a desire to save the main "milk cow" of Hotin called the bank "Ugra", which allowed to receive billions of rubles directly from the air, under the promise of high interest to depositors. Artem Chaika understands that the "evisceration" of the insides of "Yugra" will reveal so many "skeletons in the closet" that it is not known what will result for many large individuals and structures. For example, details of common affairs (with the financial support of Ugra investors) Alexei Hotin with the main sponsor of the Bolshoi Theater and a prominent businessman Alexander Klyachin will certainly pop up. Or the oil affairs of Hotin and the vice-president of Transneft, Mikhail Margelov. About this will tell you later. In the meantime, we will report another such "skeleton in the closet."

The Central Bank did not follow the instructions of the Prosecutor General's Office. And on July 20, 2017, payment of insurance compensation to depositors of Yugra began. Acceptance of applications, as well as payment of reimbursement are carried out through VTB 24 (PAO), PJSC Sberbank, JSC Rosselkhozbank, PJSC Bank FC Opening and PJSC BANK URALSIB acting on behalf of DIA and at its expense as agent banks.

The most interesting on this list is the bank "Otkrytie". According to, it was through this bank that part of the funds of Ugra was withdrawn. And Alexey Hotin at one time was his co-owner. It was this firm that in November 2014 acquired 7.4348% of the shares of Bank Otkrytie for 10 billion rubles. Thus, Hotin in a couple of "Ugra" has also received a "piece" of "Discovery". But a little bit Alexei was always a little. Almost immediately after the purchase, he began using the "Discovery" for his dark affairs. Including those for which Elvira Nabiullina introduced a temporary administration in Ugra.

According to, having received instructions from the Central Bank of Russia to increase Ugra's capital, Hotin pretended that he was "taking a visor" and announced that it would receive deposits of hundreds of millions of dollars placed in the bank by Radamant Financial AG (controlled by Hotin) . However, all these deposits were the money of Ugra's depositors. In 2014, they were withdrawn from the bank under the guise of lending to OOO Novatek and a number of other firms, scrolled through promissory notes through offshore companies (Deneary, Usas, Hiaparel, Taldom), planted in Radamant under Type of payment of dividends, which placed them as deposits in Ugra.

So, here, according to, all these events took place in December 2014 - a month after the purchase by Hotin of 7.4% of the bank "Otkrytie". And the money from "Yugra" for "Novatek" entered the account in the bank "Otkrytie". Absolutely all further manipulations with the funds withdrawn from Ugra occurred with the direct participation of the management of Otkrytie Bank. The result of this was that the funds deposited from Ugra were re-entered into the bank, but under the guise of the owner's personal funds (Radamant Financial AG, that is, Hotin). Initially, they were placed under the guise of a deposit, and then transferred to the capital of Yugra. Bank Otkrytie and its management took the most direct part in such manipulations of its then co-owner - Alexei Hotin. His 7.4% he sold only in October 2015.

And how many more such "secrets" are hidden in the archives of "Yugra" with accuracy is not known.

Alexey Hotin, it is necessary to give him his due, does not deviate from the line of behavior chosen by him in life. There are two main components in respect of Yugra Bank. The first is the use of connections to solve problems. The second one is mass and conditional PR in publications that have long contracts with Yugra, for example, in and The messages appear as follows: "The press office of the majority shareholder of PJSC" Bank Yugra "Alexei Khotin confirmed to" "that the businessman is in Moscow. In the near future, Hotin plans to give an interview about the measures taken to restore management over the bank "Yugra", about how the negotiations are going on with the regulator, on the recovery plan for the credit institution. "

This message was born after the article about the flight of Hotin from Russia. At the same time during the day the same "", then filmed. Which is not surprising. The message is extremely unconvincing. Interviews (which so far have never appeared) is not a confirmation of being in the country. Most importantly, the sources of, who personally know Alexei Hotin and conduct direct communication with him, are assured that at first he disappeared for several days. And then all communication with them began to lead from distant countries, and not from the office of "Ugra", where, as representatives of Hotin assure, it happens every day.

Source: Ruriminal