The former owner of the Bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin was very upset when the media got information that he decided to testify to the head of the banking Department Of the FSB of the Russian Federation Dmitry Cherkalin and his predecessor Dmitry Frolov, who had been covering for the businessman for a long time. Of course, it was not an official statement, but a creative story hotina operatives of the FSB, so to speak, no report. There's a leak. By information after that, Alexei had an unpleasant conversation with his father Yuri - the founder of the whole family business. He explained that such an act is not accepted in their circles, is not understood by these circles and at such a pace Hotins can lose the remains of patrons. 

Besides, Alex told his story of relationship with Carolinum and Frolov are extremely hurt family struggle with the chairmen of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Vladimir Talinum and Basil Pozdyshev. Allegedly against the latter is about to start checking the FSB. We while find out the truth-whether it, or Alexey simply "humbled" that he didn't chatter language. We do not exclude even that behind the request were Tulin and Pozdyshev, who were quite close to Cherkalin and Frolov. But just in case will help bodies and in several articles will talk about how, that our sources of remembered and Tuline and Pozdyshev. For example, about their relationship with the shadow banker № Evgeny Dvoskin.

The history of relations between Dvoskin and Tulin lasts from the 90s. In 2004, Tulin was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank for the second time. At the same time, a similar position was taken by Alexei Ulyukayev, with whom Tulin is on friendly terms.  At that time, there were several major megagroups of cashiers: Evgeny Dvoskin and his partner Ivan myazin; dzhumber elbakidze; Boris Sokalsky.; father and son of Alexander and Vladimir Antonov. Have elbakidze was powerful "roof", with him in open Dvoskin to fight not dare. But Sokal he considered the main competitor and was ready to Finance the operation to take it out of business.  With the arrival of the Central Bank of Tulin, for the banks, which controlled the Sokal, began a real hunt. Clearly, in the interests of Dvoskin. Consistently had revoked the license of the Bank "Imperial", "Vertical", "Spring", "NEP-" the Bank "AKA Bank", etc. Sokal managed to get control of one of the tanks in Yaroslavl and then in the Tulin team he revoked the license. At this time, Sokalsky was already in the "development" of employees of the interior Ministry, which recorded the conversation Sokalsky and his partner Sergei Turbine. During it they discussed that Tulin we must somehow "clean" because it is on the "order" Dvoskin and Myazina leads them hunt. At the same time there was a meeting of Sokal and myazin, to which the parties tried to agree. Sokal was asked to restrain a person Dvoskin and Myazina in CBR. However, the common language is not found. Having decided that Sokalsky can reach and to physical elimination of Tulin, information was transferred to CBR. Most interesting is that Tulin urged not to give her a stroke (not to initiate the case). In the Central Bank, his help Dvoskin and Myazin did not remain unnoticed, so he then preferred to quit.

Sources said that Thulin introduced Dvoskin and Pozdysheva.  According to some reports, Dvoskin presented Pozdyshev luxury apartments in Monaco, worth more than 4 million euros. Dvoskin himself, they are not particularly needed, as he is not traveling from Russia and anywhere in the world can be detained at the request of the FBI. The last time he was detained was in Monaco.

Vasily gift was glad and often visits the new thing. In General, it is surprising when Vasily finds time to work in the Central Bank of Russia, since a significant part of his life consists of holidays abroad. If mere mortals in the summer on the weekend go to the country, the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Pozdyshev on the weekend flying to nice.

 Take for example the year 2017. On December 30, 2016 Vasily Pozdyshev flew from Moscow to nice (from which to Monaco with apartments for 4 million euros at hand), and returned to the capital on January 9. A week later, on January 15, Pozdyshev flew for a couple of days to relax in Dubai. Having cleaned up the banking sector for less than a month, Vasily went back to Dubai on February 12, where he stayed until February 18. After that, he visited Moscow for a day, and on February 19, on Sunday, went to his native Paris, where he stayed for one day. February 20, Basil returned to the capital. February 28 Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank flew to Zurich, where he returned on March 3. There was a painful month on the job, and on April 5, Pozdyshev went to Germany. He arrived from Malta on April 8. 24 April Vasily flew to Israel, and two days later returned, but from Zurich.  Finally came the long-awaited may holidays and may 6, Saturday, the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank went to the beloved Dubai. There he stayed until may 14, and then for two weeks dropped in Moscow.  May 30 Pozdyshev again Packed his bags for shipment to Paris, and returned from the French capital on June 3. On June 13, he flew to Stockholm for three days. And on June 19 again left for Paris where, we will remind, at it real estate, friends, business etc. This time Vasily was late in France for a week - till June 25.   

Particularly interesting was the Pozdyshev July, when the situation unfolded around the Bank "Ugra". Basil obviously had a lot to celebrate, as all this month, every weekend he went to nice. On the 14th of July the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation have served in this resort town, and returned on July 16.  July 21, Friday, the plane with Pozdyshev on Board headed for Tunisia. But in the end Basil was in the same nice, where he returned on Sunday, July 23. This week was for the Deputy Chairman of the CBR "hot"- they decided to talk to the Prosecutor General for his actions against the Bank "Ugra". Pozdyshev did not want to communicate and on July 28 flew back to nice, where he decided to stay. Moreover, on August 3, his birthday. The apartment for 4 million euros is much better than in a small office on a wooden chair in front of the Prosecutor, asking uncomfortable questions.

To be continued

Arseny Drones