Bashkiria under the leadership of Radia Khabirov and his friend, the first vice-premier of the government, Andrei Nazarov, more and more resembles their personal khanate, which is not subject to federal laws and which does not care about any decency. In 2012, the chairman of the Kirovsky district court of Ufa, Munir Valeev, was expelled from the judiciary for shamelessly custom-made decisions. He is a close friend of Khabirov and Nazarov, made strange decisions, to put it mildly, in their favor. In particular, with the help of one such decision, Nazarov v. Internet, the fresh first deputy prime minister of Bashkortostan cleans the Network of negative publications about itself. First of all, that in his youth Nazarov was tried for gang rape of a minor. So, deprived of the status of a judge for corruption, Munir Valeev for a long time tried to regain his lost status, reached the Supreme Court, but to no avail. What Valeev himself failed to do was done with a wave of his little fingers, Khabirov and Nazarov. According to their instructions, the other day Valeev became a member of the Constitutional Court of Bashkiria. And Khabirov and Nazarov wanted to spit that all instances of the Russian Themis recognized Muneev as a violator of the code of judicial ethics. In their khanate, Khabirov and Nazarov do what they want. was surprised to find that publications from our search engines periodically disappear, including from our resource, about the dubious past of the owner of the Granel company Andrei Nazarov. Being interested in the reasons for what happened, we contacted the search engines and found out that this was done at the request of the lawyers of Andrei Nazarov, who refer to the decision of the Kirov District Court of Ufa (Bashkiria) as of August 8, 2011. Various bloggers and journalists paid for by Nazarov, periodically issuing “orders” in his defense, all refer to the same court decision. found this judicial act and learned a lot of interesting things, both about the peculiarities of justice “from Nazarov” and about the personality of the judge who made the decision necessary for the owner of “Graneli”.

The lawsuit that Nazarov’s representatives filed with the Kirov Court is truly unique. It generally does not have a respondent site, the media, the author, etc. - that is, a specific source of allegedly inaccurate information about Andrei Nazarov. The lawsuit was filed about the dissemination of information "on the Internet" that was inconvenient to the Head of the Graneli, without indicating on which resources on the World Wide Web the information appeared. Judge Munir Valeev didn’t embarrass such a lawsuit, and he began to conduct a unique hearing “Andrei Nazarov against the Internet”. It directly follows from the text of the decision that the Internet is the defendant in the present case. For example, someone would publicly say some information about Nazarov on the air of one of the TV channels, and he would file a lawsuit not against the offender and to the broadcast, but in general to television. Therefore, it is not surprising that in these hearings there were no representatives of the defendant. They are not provided for in such an interesting form of hearing. Accordingly, no one could provide documents confirming the veracity of the information published about Nazarov.

As a result, Munir Valeev, according to, made a simply amazing decision. It reads as follows: “Recognize the above information circulated on the Internet in relation to Nazarov A.G. not true. ” Thus, Valeev and the owner of “Graneli” built a certain eternal document. In order not to continue to write to journalists, even if they have a copy of the verdict against Nazarov, the latter already has a decision from Valeev to remove this information from the Internet. Readers at will say: “And do similar judges still work?” And they will be absolutely right in their doubts. Exactly 11 months after such a strange decision in the interests of Andrei Nazarov, the Qualification Collegium of Judges decided to satisfy the submission of the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus and impose a disciplinary sanction on the chairman of the Kirovsky District Court of Ufa Munir Valeev in the form of an early termination of his powers as a judge and the chairman of the Kirovsky District Court from November 9, 2012 to the deprivation of his third qualification class judge. And with shame they kicked Valeev out of the judiciary, as found out, with the following wording: “systematic violations of the requirements of the law“ On the status of judges in the Russian Federation and the code of judicial ethics ”. Behind this wording lies that Judge Valeev made strange decisions in the interests of a number of plaintiffs, far from legislation and just reasonable decencies. ( will talk about these decisions in the near future).

Since then, Valeev has constantly tried to return to the profession, and in 2016 he reached the board of administrative affairs of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, which refused to satisfy his application. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation considered that Valeev did not belong in the judiciary. So until 2019, Valeev was without a status and Khabirov became president of Bashkiria. First of all, he tried to make a friend of Andrei Nazarov prime minister. But in Moscow he was not approved for this position just because of the very criminal conviction for rape, which Nazarov is clearing information about from the Internet. Then Khabirov himself also became prime minister, and Nazarova was made deputy prime minister. And his next decision was to nominate Valeev to the place of member of the Constitutional Court of Bashkiria. And Kurultay approved this candidacy. Great now in Bashkiria. The deputy prime minister is convicted of raping a minor, and the member of the Constitutional Court is an ex-minister of Themis, who at one time was deprived of judicial status.

To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov