On the account of the gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako) more than 40 murders, and not one "customer" for these crimes has not yet been officially established. According to the telegram channel of the VChK-OGPU, the reason is that the “customers”, friends, partners of Dzhako were people with the highest “connections”. And the good for their landing nick will not give. Gagiev’s friend and partner was the owner of the Salyut vodka factory Elbrus Komaev, who now has the partner in the alcohol business, the head of North Ossetia, Vyacheslav Bitarov. The main issues on the line of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Ossetia Kamaev is solved by his close friend Mayor of Vladikavkaz Tamerlan Farniev (better known in certain circles as Karkusha). Farniev, by the way, was also a friend of Gagiev. To solve problems at the federal level, Komaev also has the necessary connections. talked to informed sources who told Komaev’s path to the ruling elite of North Ossetia. Until 2005-2006, Komaev, who did not have a higher education, worked as a kamazist - he transported cladding panels for houses and repairs, as well as vodka produced by the Salyut factory owned by Oleg Gioev. Vodka seemed Kamaev more profitable business and he decided to focus on this business. To do this, he had to deceive his partner - cousin Taimuraz Dzanagov. Komaev “squeezed out” KAMAZ, which they bought together, and began to resell and transport vodka. Sources believe that, perhaps, Komaev would have been a fine vodka even now, but school acquaintances affected.

At school, Komaev studied with Oleg Gioev, and he began to ask the manager for Salute to him. By that time, Gionev himself lived in Moscow, and in Beslan, the director of the plant was engaged in affairs. And then the director, accidentally or not, got into a serious accident. It became clear that the treatment will take more than a year. At the same time, Komaev actively rubbed his confidence in Gioev. As a result, the owner of Salyut made him the commercial director.

For two or three years of work at the plant, Komaev shipped left products for many tens of millions of rubles that he put in his pocket. Overgrown with bonds. According to sources, Komaev became friends with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Ossetia for Economics and Corruption - Marzayev Evrik (now he is an adviser to Bitarov). He also closely interacted with Arthur Akopyan (he was deputy chief of the Department of Economic Crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Ossetia), Arthur Kozonov (he was then the senior detective of the Department of Economic Relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Caucasus Federal District, now he is a criminal defendant). Later Komaev became friends with Tamerlan Farniev, Vyacheslav Bitarov and Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako).

In 2000-2001, by the Decree of the Local Government Administration (AMC) of the North Ossetia-Alania region, Salyut OJSC and Salyut LLC provided for use and long-term lease 3 land plots with a total area of ​​41 hectares at the address: Beslan, ul. Pervomaiskaya, d. 224 and 224A, for the construction of a plant for the production of alcoholic beverages, champagne and grape wines. Both of these enterprises belonged to Oleg Gioyev Mairamovich. who appointed them the general director of Komaev Elbrus Khadakhsikoevich.

         Gioev was married to Zalina Kachmazova. They had two daughters, Madina and Bela.

        After the construction and launch of the plant, Gioev lived in Moscow in an unregistered marriage with Natalya Afanasova and their children - Zara and Timur.

         In April 2007, in connection with the information received about the thefts at the plant, Gioev called Komaev to Moscow. During their meeting in the Moscow office, Gioev smashed Komaev’s head in blood. And a week later, on April 18, 2007, Gioev was killed by blowing up a scooter at the entrance to his office on Shmitovsky passage. Three more people passed by, one of whom died. As it was found much later, the crime was committed by killers of Aslan Gagiev, a good friend of Komaev.

        In April 2007, four children of Gioev and his father, Gioev, Mayram Samsonovich, submitted applications for acceptance of the inheritance. The protracted litigation began for assets that in 2010 bothered Mairam Gioev; he simply appointed his relative Kazbek Gioev to the position of Director General. A year later, Gioev Sr. died. After his death, the plant stood up; the loans received were not serviced. Then the creditor bank appealed to the Arbitration Court with a lawsuit to transfer the pledged equipment to the bank with its subsequent sale at the auction and reimbursement of loans issued. The lawsuit was fully satisfied and in 2011 the mortgaged property was put up for auction.

Having learned about the tenders, Komaev asked the bank to redeem the entire plant as follows: redeem pledged equipment from tenders, and purchase the remaining equipment and real estate by redeeming shares and shares of Salyut enterprises from OM Gioev’s heirs Having received consent, Komaev E.Kh. registered a new company - Salyut CJSC, which was owned by his wife’s sister, as well as Kondor LLC, Korm Agro LLC and Mountain Cosmetics LLC controlled by him. Salyut CJSC received a loan of 140 million rubles.

          By this time, four children of Gioev had 20% of the shares and shares of LLC and OJSC Salyut, and 20% of his deceased father passed by testament to his niece, Beragova Rita.

         As it became known later, Komaev in collusion with the directors of OJSC and LLC Salyut, as well as with an employee of the FSPP, who was conducting enforcement proceedings, bought not only mortgaged in the bank and indicated in the court decision and in the writ of execution for the loan received in 140 million rubles. equipment, and all movable and immovable property of Salyut enterprises. Moreover, all this property was estimated by the “independent” appraiser Golosny M. at 140 million rubles, despite the fact that the book and market prices of all this property exceed this amount by tens of times.

The whole process was accompanied by criminal events. In a strange way, the appraiser Golosnoy died. The bailiff who organized the auction of the Salyut property disappeared. Killer Gagiev killed the former director of the Salyut plant Vadim Dzhioev, who wanted to bid on the redemption of the assets of the Salyut plant.

According to sources, the shadow of a bloody Jaco is visible behind all these events. Not surprisingly, he was the unofficial co-owner of Salute.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov