In the village of Pestovo, Mytishchi district, the entire coastal strip was captured by Forbes list resident No. 49, now well-known to many, Farkhad Akhmedov. He became famous recently when a recording of his conversation with producer Iosif Prigozhin got on the Web. In the audio recording, the interlocutors criticize the Russian leadership in harsh terms for the so-called SVO against Ukraine, which led to the isolation of Russia from the rest of the world. And Akhmedov also complains that everything was taken away from him in Russia. Of course he's lying. Details - at

Although everyone knows that the coastal strip 20 meters wide cannot be transferred to private ownership to anyone. However, Akhmedov, having fulfilled the wishes of his young (in comparison with him) wife, captured the entire coastal strip, putting up a fence not just at the edge of the water surface, but leading it into the water for several meters.

Administration of the city of Mytishchi is inactive. The Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow Region and the Environmental Prosecutor's Office as well - all in one harness! They shrug their hands and say: “You know who this Akhmedov is!”

Around his house with a golden roof covered with gold leaf, Akhmedov bought up all the land plots (a total of several hectares, given that a weave in the village of Pestovo costs from 1.5 million rubles) demolished solid houses on them, and, interestingly, construction debris he didn’t take it to the landfill, but dumped it literally a couple of kilometers from his new estate - right in the forest in a specially protected natural area.

Most of one of the plots purchased by Akhmedov with his insatiable wife, namely the entire coastal strip, a land plot with cadastral number 50:12:0040101:136, is blocked off by an iron fence that Akhmedov put up (the photo shows how the fence enters the water). Previously, this section included the road to the beach and the village beach, where the villagers swam, and now Akhmedov impudently blocked it (photo). For the time being, local residents are allowed to swim on a piece of the beach, now Akhmedov's site, but they threaten to block it as well.

The roof of the new house of the Akhmedovs is covered with gold leaf like the domes of a temple (photo). Manages the construction of the estate and the demolition of nearby houses, his once young wife. He almost never appears on the site. Works on the construction of the estate lump-sum more than a hundred workers.

Akhmedov is buying up plots with houses. With good houses, then they break, construction debris from the demolition of houses was taken out into the forest under the power line in a neighboring village. Thanks to social activists, as well as specialized organizations of the city of. Mytishchi, at the end of last year, this landfill was taken to the landfill (it took about twenty trucks).

So now the village of Pestovo has become its own ulus of citizen Akhmedov and his insatiable wife.

The photo also shows one of the houses bought by Akhmedov: there was a solid wooden house with a bath, and what it looked like after the demolition.

In general, now Akhmedov is blaming Putin, forgetting that he acquired the land with the once village beach, thanks to the latter's vassals. In no country in the world where the rule of law is respected, this would be impossible.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov