On July 30, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention until September 27 for three members of the team of Police Ombudsman Vladimir Vorontsov - Irina Andina, Evgeny Moiseev and Fedorov Vasily. The judges and prosecutors were not embarrassed that Andina had small children, the circumstances that led to the detention, their obvious danger to society, etc.

Моисеев, Андина, Федоров

A case was initiated against Vorontsov's associates under Article 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (false denunciation).

Previously, they created the film "Save the Police Ombudsman", about how the case against Vladimir Vorontsov was fabricated. In particular, Svetlana (real name Irina Andina), sent by Vorontsov's friends, agreed to become the victim. She pretended that she was ready to cooperate with the CSS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In exchange for her reinstatement in the police job, she was offered to give false evidence that Vorontsov had extorted money from her.

In the trial of Vorontsov, this episode, like many others, fell apart.

In the pre-trial detention center, Evgeny Moiseev prepared an Appeal to everyone who supports the team of the Police Ombudsman, persecuted for the truth. The appeal was transferred to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, which we publish:

"Hello comrades! Evgeniy Moiseev, the creator and administrator of the TG-channel "At the bottom of justice", addresses you. I am the one who initiated and inspired the film "Save the Police Ombudsman", where Vasily Fedorov, Irina Andina and I managed to infiltrate the lair of Russia's enemies - werewolves in uniform and the capital's CSS, who falsified the criminal case against Vladimir Vorontsov and deprived him of his freedom .

And now we are closed. As they say: "from the bag and from prison ...". But I like the phrase of my close friend more: "Petrovich's appointment has not been canceled yet."

In general, for 9 months the Moscow USBs, together with all sorts of Stroganovs and Krivolinguses (I never called him that, but now I will only do that, and in all procedural documents), they thought about how to put us behind bars, and only 07/26/2022 thought of it. 9 months… They gave birth… And what do you think? This is part 3 of Art. 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - a deliberately false denunciation, combined with the artificial creation of evidence for the prosecution #rukalitso

Listen, Pathfinders, that's not how it's done. The artificial creation of evidence for the prosecution should be combined with a deliberately false denunciation not by your extremely peculiar logic, not by the actions of law enforcement agencies, such as drawing up a protocol of interrogation or confrontation, but by the actions of the guilty. For example, when staging a theft, the perpetrator hides some thing from the vault, breaks the lock and throws the person’s things at the place of the pseudo-crime, in respect of which he then makes a deliberately false denunciation, simultaneously presenting them as material evidence for the prosecution. But because Article 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is considered completed from the moment of filing an application for a crime that did not exist. And what you are trying to impose on us is, in the peak case, Part 1 of Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or part 2 of Art. 309 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Republic, and this, if you believe in the absurdity of your version.

But here's the bad luck: at the time of the initiation of a criminal case against us, the statute of limitations for all these articles (Article 307 - knowingly false testimony; Article 309 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - coercion to testify, including knowingly false) has passed, so how Irina filed an application in May 2020, and you only opened the case in July 2022, that is, 2 months after all the terms of our possible criminal prosecution had expired. Do you know why? Because a deliberately false denunciation in this case is qualified not according to the 3rd, but according to the 1st part, because. in case of competition of norms, a special one is applied and, based on the totality of crimes (Article 17 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), everything that can formally be presented to us is Part 1 of Art. 306, part 1 of article 307 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and part 2 of art. 309 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but they are all of minor gravity, therefore the statute of limitations is 2 years. And we did not artificially create interrogation protocols, protocols of interrogation and confrontation - this was done outside the so-called deliberately false denunciation, and was done not by the applicant, but by pseudo-policemen, which means we did not artificially create anything, so here you, as lawyers, screwed up very badly. And in general, what deliberately false denunciation, as a crime, can we talk about, if crime is completely excluded here. Look here.

Based on Art. 40 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation excludes the criminality of the act if the "crime" is committed under psychological coercion. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the provisions of Article 39 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - an extreme necessity, in which the harm caused must be less than or equal to the harm prevented. For example, if a person commits a crime of minor gravity in order to prevent a crime of minor or moderate gravity, and at the same time he is subjected to mental coercion, then the act committed by him excludes crime, and he is considered innocent. That's all the arithmetic. Now look how it was in our case. On May 13, 2022, the USBs led by Krivolingus arrived at Ire. They begged her, and begged, and tried to swindle her into a statement about the crime against Vorontsov, but all they achieved was her repeated clear and clear answers that Vorontsov did not extort anything from her and did not commit any crime, but the money she transferred to him was a payment under the contract for the provision of legal services to him. On the audio recording, everything is perfectly audible, as Irina clearly says all this to both the USBBs and their boss, Stroganov, who, obviously, also understood everything that way. He directly said: “Yeah, I understand,” when Irina replied that she was transferring those 30 thousand as payment for services. And after a couple of weeks - from May 28, 2020 - this "thirty" suddenly became the subject of a crime - extortion by Vorontsov from Irina. Here are miracles!

On May 13, they know perfectly well and understand that Irina paid 30,000 for services, and exactly 2 weeks later, these same policemen write that this is the subject of extortion. 2 weeks ago this was not the case, but here - bam! became. A normal transformation, moreover, the same policemen, led by Stroganov, who knew the truth, signed procedural documents "backdating" about a crime that Vorontsov did not commit. That is, on May 13, Irina wrote a statement that Vorontsov took money from her for the provision of legal services, lost the case and at the same time only made “dirty” jokes about Irina’s personal video, gave an appropriate explanation. And only later, when Krivolingus took her to Moscow (May 24), he first began to persuade her, then tried to bribe, and then generally began to exert mental pressure - threatening to put Irina in an isolation cell, filing a case against her, as they did with Vorontsov. It was only then (May 27, 2020) that she wrote a statement about extortion, which was not there. And she wrote it under the dictation of Krivolingus, fearing that he would organize an illegal criminal prosecution (Article 299 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). That is, being under mental coercion, Irina wrote a statement against Vorontsov. That is, she formally committed part 1 of article 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, preventing against herself part 1 of article 299 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and, perhaps, paragraph “a”, part 2 of part 127 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. So, she committed a crime of minor gravity, having prevented 2 crimes of medium gravity against herself. Here it is - correct legal arithmetic. I wonder how they will prove our guilt if the audio recordings (some of which are still waiting in the wings) capture everything that I just described?! Are they like in that proverb: they came out in the process of investigation on themselves, and even try to formalize all this procedurally?! Mdaaaaa… #rukalitso I didn't expect it to be so dumb!

And, look, they also created a whole group of 8 GSU investigators. Well, for yourself, what not to do?! Speaking of the investigation team. It is headed by a young guy - Yegor Fedorov (not a relative of Vaska). Normal guy, I'll tell you. He is subscribed to the OP, sympathizes with Vorontsov and even with us, he watched our movie on October 20, 2021 - on the day of release. The guy in the subject, in short. After the arrest, he didn’t take my phone away from me, he said that he would blame everything on the USBs, like they messed up. Well, what does that mean? From my phone, you can go to any of my computers that they seized from me in the office and at home, as well as change any correspondence both on the phone itself and on the computer. And if all this time my phone is uncontrollably with the USBs (or where it is now), then all the evidence in the case is multiplied by zero. Twice, because during this time everything can be modified, changed, created, deleted, cleaned up, etc. I also want to say special thanks to Yegor for the fact that he gently whispered through my lawyer in court that my cellmate was planted on me specifically for intra-chamber development (VKR). So, know all the employees and BS-nicknames, if Alexander Mikhailovich Kononov was added to your cell, then this is an agent cooperating on a covert basis with operas. subdivisions of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow, and he was planted specifically to breed for something bad against you.

When I returned from the court to the cell, Kononov's life changed dramatically. He immediately quit smoking, then he lost the ability to walk, then to sit at the table, then to put his feet on the floor, and then to speak at all. On a morning walk, he begged the duty officer to put him away from me, saying that he was afraid for his life. And immediately I began to sit in the cell alone, which, in principle, was what I was trying to achieve. Another follower also came to me. I don't remember my name, but my last name starts with B, my name starts with D. Sooo stupid. Not like a colon or a dash in a sentence, he doesn't know where to put a comma and a period! I will call him BeDa, or better - Bide.

And these are the BiDe who keep us in the isolation ward for 10 days in the TDF in Moscow at 38 Petrovka. Horror!

Listen, they threw us into a cell, what did you want to prove these? You wanted to scare us, or what, or what? You understand that I grew up in the village, and then lived on the street. Vyazemsky in Penza, where after sunset it was safe to pass only as part of a unit armed with AK-74. You than wanted me to scare - a toilet bowl, which is walled into the floor? Don't you understand what my village toilet looked like? Do you even understand what stalactites and stalagmites are? Well, those that grow from the bottom up. Continue, don't you? You wanted to scare me with a wooden floor and an iron bed? Do you know what I slept on until I was 16? Have you ever lived in a house with wooden floors? You wanted to scare me with a dim mirror nailed to the wall? Did you know that until the age of 12 I lived without a mirror at all? Or did you want to scare me with 3 hot meals a day? Don't you understand that in my childhood there was also three meals a day, but according to a different scheme: Mon, Wed, Fri. Have you ever eaten wild radish, sorrel, unripe apples and rhubarb for a whole week? Uniformly painted walls instead of wallpaper? Well, are you serious? Bare logs, in some places upholstered with a rail, between which mice scurry about - this has been a daily occurrence in my life for 12 years. You wanted to scare me with a small walking yard without a roof? Have you ever come to school in waist-deep snowdrifts, where you were told: “Hmm, today the school is closed, because. -42C outside? And you walked back another 5 km waist-deep in snow, and then joyfully ran for a walk. Or did you think that I would be afraid of an unsightly washstand in the cell, but with the presence of cold and hot water? Have you ever carried 2 buckets of 10 liters of water home from a well on a nearby street? And when there is a fierce blizzard in winter, have you ever lived in a hut with chickens, geese, goats, which were brought home so that they would not freeze? BUT? And you don't even have cockroaches here, you know? Do you understand that we collected mopeds from wire, window putty, pieces of wood and rags, and they rode with us ?!

Therefore, everything that you have organized for us here is a pathetic semblance of what we all endured as entertainment in childhood. You understand that the “standard” room in the Beryozovaya Roshcha sanatorium near Penza looks like cell No. 442 in TDF No. 1 in Moscow, only there were no lockers for things, but here there is, and there is a larger table. And my wife and I spent our honeymoon in this resort. Did you think that I would be afraid of a flickering light bulb and the absence of a TV in the ITT cell? Can you even imagine life without electricity? Well, it's just that you don't have electricity, that's all! Turned it off. For summer. And then in the fall. You understand that here I have a basin for washing clothes, hot water, laundry soap. None of this happened in my childhood. There was only a village pond, where there was clay. Here it is used as soap.

In general, everything is fine here, and I am staying also because I was ready for this both mentally and physically. And Vasek and Irina were ready. When we were taken away by a paddy wagon to the isolation ward, they, without rehearsing, told me that they did not regret anything, and they would endure everything with me. You understand that from this moment you have given me new family members! That's it, Vasek and Irina are now my brother and sister, these are my new close relatives, for whose sake I am ready for anything and everything. You understand that we did not make any mistake, it is the system that works with errors, and by throwing us on the bunk, you gave us a real chance to correct these errors in the system. And we will not miss this chance! Do you understand what kind of support we will have?

Speaking of support. Irina is a young girl, a widow, who alone pulls two minor children, who has nothing but an apartment in Saransk on a mortgage. And if a delay is allowed now, then she and her children will lose their only home. And this cannot be allowed! Previously, Vask and I supported her, incl. financially as best they could. But now there is no such possibility. So I'm asking for her. I'll figure it out myself somehow.

Thank you all for your support, see you soon and all the best!”

Timofey Grishin