Source: Rucriminal continues to publish collected by the Spanish secret services, materials in relation to the leaders of the Taganka criminal group Zhirnokleeva Igor and Grigory Rabinovich. According to the results of this work to the "authorities" in the Russian Federation it can be prosecuted.

Submissions were received in the course of the investigation against former junior partner "Tagansky" Alexander Romanov, who this spring was convicted in Palma de Mallorca to three years and nine months in prison. From the materials against Romanov identified thousands of pages of documents. These documents, and arrived in the Russian Federation. In the newsletter, compiled with the assistance of the Spanish Interior Ministry, told participants about the main groups. And also given the name of firms controlled as a whole Taganka OPG and its leaders Zhirnokleevym and Rabinovich. Russian investigators are aware of these gangsters almost everything. It remains to wait for this knowledge, I grow into concrete actions and "authorities" will be behind bars.



TOPIC: an organized criminal group "Tagansky"


DATE: 2/10/2014
Organized criminal group "Taganskaya" acts in the Moscow region since the nineties, and specializes in the raider attacks, banking fraud, extortion, organization and execution of contract killings. Estimated number of members of this criminal group of over 50 people who are suspected in the murder of General Director of JSC "Rospischeprom" VI Zhuravlev, deputy head of the legal service of OJSC "Department store" Moscow "A. Bralyuka "kingpin" AV Golubev (nicknamed "Skif"), "kingpin" VKIvankov (nicknamed "Jap"), one of the leaders of organized crime A. Selvyana (nicknamed "Selva"). They may also be involved in the attempted murder and murder "kingpin" AR Usoyana (nicknamed "Grandpa Hassan").
There are the following main members of the gang:

Igor Anatolevich ZHIRNOKLEEV born 195yuyuyu city, uses violent methods to fight with rivals. It maintains close contact with well-known "thieves in law": Tariel Oniani, Merab Jangveladze and his brother Levan, Jamal Mikeladze and others. Igor ZHIRNOKLEEV participated in raider attacks Moscow companies. Group members have the weapons may be involved in gang attacks and provide support for a power raider attacks.
Most of its controlled companies are located in Moscow and engaged in various activities, from trade and security to the production of chemicals, research and development in the field of natural sciences and engineering. This group has a financial interest in Latvia (real estate trade), Kazakhstan (oil), USA (investment). Many companies associated with this criminal group through the company CJSC "General Investment Corporation", founded by Igor ZHIRNOKLEEV and the company "GL Group Corporation »(GL Group Corporation) (United States, is actually owned by Grigory Rabinovich).
The list of companies under the control of the criminal group includes those companies that are engaged in trade in precious metals. In order to seize the assets of companies, members of the criminal group used illegal methods, including raider grabs.
Igor ZHIRNOKLEEV is the leader of one of the most active criminal groups in the Moscow region, and has extensive interests in different business areas of criminal organizations and communication with the leaders of other criminal groups, including ethnic gangs.

Grigory Rabinovich Leonidovich, was born 195 ... was an active member of an organized criminal group "Taganskaya", is suspected of committing economic crimes. It is involved in two criminal cases:
- In 2000, the Tax Police Department of the city of St. Petersburg was a criminal case against a person for tax evasion (Article 199 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation);
- In 2005, the Department of the Moscow police opened a criminal case against a person for fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code).
Grigory Rabinovich led the company "AC Capital Investment Corporation» (AS Capital Investment Corporation) (property management, design of shopping centers, contracts with employees and builders). In addition, this person is a director of the company "AC Capital Département Store» (AS Capital Department Store) (Latvia), which was founded by JSC "General Investment Corporation". In 2008, she received the franchise of "Debenhems» (Debenhams) to carry out activities in the countries in the Baltic Sea region for 10 years. Company "Capital department," whose leader was Vladimir GREEK was created.

Temurlang Mukadasovich BATRITDINOV, born 195 ... an active member of an organized criminal group "Taganskaya", engaged in fraud on a large scale, using front companies.

Boris Tretyak born .. 196 active members of the group, engaged in corporate raids companies.

Oleg Solomonovich Rosenthal, born 196 ... is suspected of organizing and executing assassinations.

Vladimir Greco, born 196 ... an active member of the group, engaged in corporate raids companies.

Yuri A. Malinowski, rodilsya.196 ... suspected of organizing and executing assassinations, also oversees the victims.

Dmitry Rurikovich Yukhnevich, born 196 ... an active member of the group, monitors the victims.

Marat Yanbukhtin Halilovic, who was born 197 ... an active member of the group, it is used to kill people.

Renat Rashidovich Taktash, born 197 ... an active member of the group, engaged in extortion, murder, forcible takeover.

Edgar Rashidovich Taktash, rodilsya.196 .. active member of the group, engaged in extortion and murder.

Alexander Romanov, .196 .., an active member of the group, in 2005, appeared as a suspect in a fraud in the criminal proceedings against him.

Boris Germanovich grapes, 193 .. does not appear in the archive of the Main Criminal Investigation Department as a member of organized crime, it has a daughter Natalia B. Vinogradov and son Alexander Ivanovich Romanov,

Alena Pushkareva (KOCHETKOVA), 198, no information is available in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The lack of information may reflect the fact that she is not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Zurab (Zurabi) R. LORDKIPANIDZE, nicknamed "Zurab",. .. 195. He died in 2008. He was the leader of a criminal and a "thief in law". He was convicted in 1988 (Art. 17, 152 of the Criminal Code) and in 1999 (art. 30, para 3, Art. 158, paragraph 2 of the Russian Criminal Code).
No information is available on the C LORDKIPANIDZE as founder and director of several companies.
Known companies controlled by organized criminal group "Taganskaya":
- JSC "Supermarket-Invest";
- JSC "Baltic aluminum";
- CJSC "World Diamond Center";
- LLC "General Electronics";
- Ministry of Health of "Crystal";
- CJSC "Yuvelirprom";
- ZAO "Company Jeweler" Treasure Island ";
- CJSC "Diamond Trading Company";
- OJSC "Department store" Moscow ";
- "GL Group Corporation "(USA) (this company is one of the founders of the company" General Investment Corporation ";
- "MK Group";
- LLC "Trading House" Abitare ";
- LLC "Abitare Interior Tverskaya";
- LLC "Abitare Interior";
- LLC "Trade Invest";
- OOO "Roman Seven";
- JSC Insurance Broker "Rusfinstrah";
- CJSC "Trunk";
- LLC "Gemological Center" Russian Standard ";
- OOO "Architect-98";
- LLC "Katran";
- CJSC "Tikor";
- "Company Ruseko";
- CJSC "Ecooil";
- OOO "Innovation Group" Vikon ".


Source: Rucriminal