FSB officers came with searches to the Deputy head of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Stavropol territory Lieutenant Colonel Aslan Shekhmurzov, and in Makhachkala-to a native of the same region Colonel Marat Oguzov, who is the Deputy head of THE SU TFR in Dagestan. It is far not the whole list solovkov controlled by Arashukova. decided to fill this loss and begin the publication of all the "guardsmen" are not serving the Fatherland, and by Arashukova. 

In the first the publication propose a selection of the most close to clan silovikov, whose further career, and, perhaps, and freedom are now under big question.

            The chief of the Moi for KCR Timur Betuganov.  According to this senior staff member has maintained a close relationship with Rauf Arashukov for almost ten years. They met in 2010, when the KCR was committed murders of public figures Aslan Zhukov and Fral Shebzukhov. Everyone in the Republic knew that Rauf Arashukov had organized the attacks. And to solve the crime, as well as to arrest the customer, it was possible "in hot pursuit". Betuganov at that time headed the orch of the Ministry of internal Affairs of KCR and it was he who organized operational work on cases of high-profile murders. As a result, everything was done to ensure that there were no "strings" that lead to Rauf Arashukov. For example, the testimony of the future Senator decided to give his bodyguard albert Chukov. The latter was familiar with Shebzukhov, his murder had a strong effect on the guard, and he wanted to call the "customer", as he knew him. Unable. Through the efforts of Betuganov in the same 2010 Chukov was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and ammunition and sent to the colony for three years. The output of the IR, albert did not abandon their intentions. Then betuganov's subordinates began to rigidly "press" the family of the ex-guard, promising to put them all behind bars for extremism. In 2017, Chukov still gave evidence. When the case was already in Moscow, in the Central office of the TFR, to albert came "messengers" from Betuganov, offering 5 million rubles for that he refused his testimony.

            Rumor has it, after a "successful" operational work in 2010, Betuganov was awarded Arashukova 10 million rubles, a brand new SUV and a vacation trip to Spain. Since they constantly can be found in together in "adiyukh Palace" (reception House Arshakovich), in Sochi, on foreign resorts. In fact, Betuganov served as the head of the Senator's security service on the law enforcement line, he also organized "raids" on the objectionable. When, in 2018, in the case of the murders of Zhukov and Shebzukhov tried to interrogate assistant Arashukov Guzer Khashukayev, Betuganov hid it, adding to the list of persons in respect of whom the witness protection program. To Guzer put armed fighters. 

The Deputy head of SU of SKR on KCHR Kazbek Bulatov. As suggested sources Kazbek Bulatov is in a relationship with Rauf Arashukov little more than six years. Agreed they are all on the same topic - murder cases Zhukov and Shebzukhova.  In 2012 he was arrested three perpetrators of the murder Shebzukhova — Alex Totorkulov, Nazim of Kosterov and Mohammed Gubaev. The latter turned out to be the shooter. During interrogations, the killers said that they were hired for 500 thousand rubles to organize an attack on policy. "The order" was given to Rustam kopsergenov, but he directly said that he was acting in the interests of Rauf Arashukov. Then in the case for the first time officially "surfaced" the name of the Senator. It was necessary to "hush up" this direction of investigation urgently. This and engaged Bulatov. No stroke to the testimony of the killers was not given.

            In December 2017, kopsergenov was detained. He stated in interrogation that he acted on behalf of Rauf Arashukov, called space and time, where he met with the Senator, received his money and instructions. The situation was difficult, but Bulatov found a way out of it. He tried to send to court the case against Kopsergenov as the" customer " of the murder. And absolutely all materials where Arashukov was somehow mentioned, ordered to allocate in separate production. Now it is already known that in the future the selected materials should have just been lost.

            Since 2012, Bulatov became a member of the house Arashukov, he was a regular participant of all parties and parties Rauf. Over time, his functions have become more extensive than just the Senator's guardian of murder cases. He became on the go-ahead Rauf to initiate proceedings against the enemies of the Senator. In particular, a case was brought to the head of logistics of the interior Ministry on KCR Mukhtar Peshawa. Latest once headed the ATS, the habezsky district, which is considered the birthplace of Areshkovich. The clan believed Peshawa. But, going to work in the regional interior Ministry, Mukhtar refused to serve the interests of Areshkovich . As a demonstration of "flogging" it brought the case.

            In 2018, the Rauf Arashukov had a conflict with the head of the Federal tax service of the KCR by Hazrat niravam. And then, by order of Bulatov, an investigation was launched, the main person involved in which was nirov.

            In the same 2018 operatives, including the clerk of the 2nd division of the Center for extremism prevention (Center "e") of the MIA of Russia in North Caucasus Federal district, Rustam Gelateria, was taken in for questioning in cases of homicide the same Guzer Hasukawa (now under arrest). On release, he took a photo with Arashukova, where it was seen that Guzer looks great. However, under the picture was written a direct threat to the operatives. Soon it was filled with Bulatov's hands. On Geleteria opened a case about alleged torture Khachukaev.

Deputy head of GSU SKR across Stavropol territory Aslan Shakhmurzov. This is the nephew of Raul Arashukov (son of his sister). As suggested, the clan Arshakovich contributed to Aslan's appointment to a responsible position in an extremely important family of the region. Raul for many years headed "Stavropolregiongaz", then put in this chair their receivers, in the Stavropol region are the main assets of the clan. The father of Aslan Sultan Shakhmurzov long been a Deputy Director of "Stavropolregiongaz". Aslan fulfills well the attachment part of the opponents Arshakovich in the region have already got, and to the representatives of the family on the part of law enforcement there has never been an issue. Even when there were a lot of such issues, as in the case against the Minister of construction, roads and transport of the Stavropol territory Igor Vasiliev

The head of GSU SKR across Dagestan Sergey Dubrovin. This is the main hope of the clan, he led from the gun to the position of head of GSM TFR in the North Caucasus Federal district, who is also the Deputy Chairman of the TFR.  Raul Arashukov took under his" wing " Sergei Dubrovin, when he was Deputy Prosecutor of the Stavropol territory. And Arashukov-senior was the head of OOO "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Stavropol". The cooperation was extremely successful, Dubrovin helped the clan in every way. As a result, he literally cleared the service ladder until Dubrovin took the place of the head of the SU TFR in the Stavropol territory. In 2017, he became the chief investigator of another extremely important for the Arashukov region – Dagestan. We will remind, TFR accuses Raul Arashukov of plunder by means of gas schemes of 31 billion rubles from which 27,5 billion were stolen in Dagestan.

 30 Dec 2018 Dubrovin celebrated their birthday. The holiday took place in the castle "Treachery and love" near Kislovodsk. By this time for the clan everything was not very good, so Raul firmly settled in St. Petersburg, almost without leaving the Central office of "Mezhregiongaz". I thought it was safer and easier to find a way out of a difficult situation. However, Raul could not miss the holiday of his main support in the Caucasian law enforcement system and also arrived at the castle of "Treachery and love". Moreover, there was present the majority of other security forces close to the clan. As a result, the holiday grew into a meeting on further plans to counter the FSB and TFR. First, it was necessary to do everything not to speak the General Director of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Makhachkala Vladimir Anastasov, who was detained in St. Petersburg only in mid-December 2018. He flew there for protection to Arashukov, and He advised to urgently go abroad. Anastasov did not have time, handcuffs put on him right at the airport "Pulkovo". Anastasov was at one time planted with Raul on the gas business in Dagestan and could give a very unpleasant statement. The second topic for discussion in the castle "Treachery and love" - gaining momentum the case of the murders of Aslan Zhukov and Fral Shebzuzov, the organization of which was suspected Rauf Arashukov. Discussed options on how to "plug" the accused and witnesses in this case who testified on Rauf. 

            The plan would be drawn up. But its implementation was prevented by the FSB, who detained Raul and Rauf Arashukov. Now it's time to deal with their assistants on the law enforcement line.  


To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy