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In St. Petersburg, do not cease customs scandals, which involve a large Turkish international holding "ULS Global", belonging Dzhibrailu Karaarslanu and its Russian partner Igor sow. They were able to build a circuit smuggle contraband, because of which the state does not receive the treasury billions of rubles. Available Rucriminal .com was launched by a certificate of one of the security services of all the participants of their schemes, among which, of course, quite a few high-ranking customs officials.

   Members of organized crime groups:

Sow Igor (head, founder) - the organizer and inspirer of contraband schemes of movement of goods from Turkey, China and the EU.

Leonid Kuzmin (head, founder) - responsible for the operation of schemes of cash withdrawal and head of the financial group.

Malkov Stanislav S. (leader, founder) - the representative in Moscow, performing representative functions of the company to work with clients in Moscow.

Benaguev Valery Benevich (head, founder) - in charge of transport used when moving contraband shipments.

Karaarslan Jabrail (head, founder) - the owner and the owner of the airline YULS build warehouses and consolidation of goods in Turkey.

Marchukov Alexey Nikolaevich - Director YULS Broker (universal broker logistics systems). Communication with existing staff SZTU, organization design smuggled imported goods in the Russian Federation at the checkpoints Ust-Luga customs post MAPP Ivangorod, Pulkovo customs post, as well as interior design at these positions SZTU Kingisepp and Pulkovo customs. Coordinates actions YULS staff carries including transfer of money in bribes to officials SZTU persons. It has strong ties with the head of Customs kingshiseppskoy, head of the customs post of Ust-Luga, chief orginspektorskoy SZTU Service, customs officers and functional departments.

Shendrik Alexey G. - head of department deklarantskogo main technical executor schemes to smuggle goods and curator direction. Personally leading the direction of the work on the movement of contraband goods by air transport in the Pulkovo airport.

Kuchin Irina - the main declarant YULS, the main performer smuggled goods scheme, responsible for the preparation of documents for registration is the connection between the YULS in Estonia, Turkey and China. Get information on preparing to import lots of goods with their description and nomenclature.

Kasyanov Natalia - Head of design YULS in the city town of Kingisepp. Conducting post declarations for Yamburg, preparation and falsification of inspections, transfer of funds to ordinary employees Yamburgskoye customs post Kingisepp Customs

Udler Eugene - communication with Benaguevym Valery main accountant YULS group companies.

Ugarov Anton - head of the department of the client (Professor Popov 28)

Bochkov Oleg - the former head of OKIPSUR SZTU, communication with existing staff and OKIPSUR OPSUR customs.

Doroshenko Sergey Viktorovich - the former chief SZOT, communication with existing staff and some staff SZOT FCS. In particular Grachkovym Leonid.

Eugene E. Samsonov - the current head of the Pulkovo customs. Over the past 5 years, members of the criminal scheme on the movement of smuggled goods in the Russian Federation through the Pulkovo Airport to the company YULS (in particular the "Palmyra" LLC).

Smolyarchuk Paul - employee OBETP CABC FCS, direct contact with Havronovym IV, regularly posted a havronova IV about upcoming events in the region, facilitated by the analytical unit of the CABC and the absence of distortion of information about the smuggling of goods to the address of companies controlled YULS, received gratuities from Havronova through an office in Moscow (Malkov SS), the amount of the monthly fee is about 100-200 thousand dollars a month. He took an active part in identifying other contraband channels similar properties to the abolition of competition YULS on this "market" and create a perfect image of YULS

Sow Andrey Vladimirovich - brother Havronova IV leads economic affairs of the family, is involved in including the movement of funds intended for bribes to officials.

Havronova Larissa - wife of Andrew, the cashier of the company YULS.

Treshchenko Denis - personal assistant Havronova Igor. With regard to the staff of the operational-search units of the FCS of Russia and the former OPS employees (surveillance), as well as private detective agencies, shall execute orders received from Havronova to conduct surveillance of the representatives of both the competing participants of foreign trade and current employees of the FSB, the Interior Ministry, FCS in order to gather information on their movements and relationships.

Meleshkin Oleg - ally Malkov Stanislav, is a mediator between some customers YULS also fulfills individual orders and Malkov Havronova regarding inf collection deformations of a competing parties VED.Parom YULS "Ferry 1" is used as a vehicle by moving trailers with smuggled goods "clothing", the national consumer goods Turkey, Southeast Asia, the EU, electronics and components, sanctions goods, was "launched" with the assistance of previously served as head of SZTU Kozlov Grachkova Leonid Olegovich (RTU REBOTI Moscow), who in turn received cash in the amount of a fixed amount of $ 2,000 for each unit of a vehicle transported by ferry, as bribes. Amounts of remuneration averaged about 300-500 thousand dollars a month. However, these persons directly referred to the coordination of the work of the ferry with the Head of the Federal Customs Service AY Belyaninov . Also, local ferry operation has been agreed in respect of corruption and co-workers Kingisepsky Customs (AE seemed Kingisepp Customs Head (fired), Kasyanov N.T (deputy head of the customs post of Ust-Luga), Zaitsev (head orgisnspektorskoy service SZTU) Doroshenko From .In (at that time head of SZOT), employee OBETP CABC FCS Smolyarchuk P. (included in the group of M FCS).

Source: Rucriminal