After information about the gratitude of 3.5 million dollars paid by the wife of Alexander Sytin Anastasia to some intermediaries for the collapse of the criminal case of the father and son of the Sytins, who are in neighboring cells of the Serpukhov pre-trial detention center on charges of pedophilia and a number of economic crimes, unhealthy activity began in the upper echelon of the security forces . Details - at

Александр Сытин

So, last fall, First Deputy Prosecutor General Anatoly Razinkin gave a tough command to the Prosecutor of the Moscow Region Sergey Zabaturin to remove the episode of pedophilia and a number of other economic episodes from Alexander Sytin's criminal case. It is known that Major General of Justice Sergei Golkin also intercedes for Sytin.

Recently, one of Alexander Sytin's 12 lawyers has reappeared on the horizon - Alexander Baksheeva, who appears in the Sytins' case at the most crucial moments and when large sums are paid or promised to the Padva and Partners law firm. According to a source, by the way, back in 1982, Genrikh Padva himself or one of his lawyers accompanied the criminal case, when Alexander Sytin's father, Boris Sytin, who is also an adherent of the School of Astral Karate sect, General Boripolk, cut the throat of the chief psychiatrist Moscow and received 12 years of strict regime for this.

So, Baksheeva was present at a number of interrogations of Sytin, at which Sytin openly threatened the investigators with the organization of persecution by the Department "M" of the FSB. And the “M” Department just oversees the courts, the prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other state bodies.

In the fall of 2020, Baksheeva, in violation of the law, organized a meeting between Alexander Sytin, the person involved in the criminal case on bribes, to the head of the Rosreestr of the Serpukhov district, Armen Zakharyan, with Zakharyan's lawyer. At the meeting, Baksheeva and Sytin discussed how to ruin the criminal case due to their connections in the M Department.

When Alexander Sytin was detained in 2021 by the traffic police for violating traffic rules and for dozens of unpaid fines, Alexander refused to get out of his S-class Mercedes, called Baksheeva, shouted that he was disabled, could not walk, and all offenders would be “rolled up” by Department “M” .

During his arrest in August 2021, Alexander Sytin shouted Baksheeva a phrase that became “winged” among the security forces: Sasha! Quickly run to the "emshchikami"! Let me get out!

Now Baksheeva has reappeared, which means other "sponsors" of the pedophiles of the father and son of the Sytins. And Sytin's wife is already telling everyone that Sasha will soon be released and he will deal harshly with all the investigators and victims and witnesses.

It remains only to "guess on the coffee grounds" than any "employees" and all sorts of other security officials are pedophiles, sectarians of a dubious sect, scammers and defendants in a large number of criminal cases, the father and son of Sytina.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued