Source: continues to publish confidential conversations of officials and oligarchs which debts were fixed by Boris Berezovsky for years. From these conversations readers can learn many secrets of representatives of the Russian imperious and business elites, what they say and think actually, instead of "sing" in ears from TV screens. In this portion of "wiretaps" we will bring Berezovsky's conversation with the daughter of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin Tatyana Dyachenko (Yumasheva). The conversation takes place at a turning point for the country: Yeltsin had heart surgery, and he went on the mend. It was absolutely clear that he was returning to the presidency. More recently, Berezovsky "buried" Boris Nikolaevich and has actively moved General Alexander Lebed to the post of head of state. But things have changed dramatically. Almost not interested in the health of Yeltsin BAB, began to actively pay attention to the "family" and ask about the state of the President. The tone of the conversation Berezovsky happily-unctuous-helpful.

Dyachenko, Berezovsky thanks for the support. Berezovsky modestly replies that he does not understand what she is talking about, everyone, in General, was very worried and this is normal among close people. And that he, Berezovsky, very much hopes that everything will continue to pass normally. Berezovsky "gigaget" and is pleased to announce Dyachenko, everything is fine. (that Yeltsin is on the mend) and that everyone was scared and "... all stood in such a stance, waiting for the same down on the head of a club." Tatiana laughs: "Cool." (they laugh at Berezovsky's joke). Berezovsky is interested in: "Tanya, well, how are you in the mood, so I understand, now a little better?"She answers: "Yes, well naturally" (it is Very interesting to listen to this conversation after Berezovsky's conversation with Abramovich about the Swan).

In an exciting form Berezovsky advises that you can not rush to go to work and you need to take care of yourself. Tatiana complains that Yumashev wants to broadcast information about Yeltsin's recovery. Berezovsky agrees and says that now we need to make every effort to do everything right. Further Dyachenko, Berezovsky asks to meet with the kind of Amirkhanova, who was a trusted person at the elections in Chechnya. Reports that it met Chubais, was in the government of Zavgayev and in General, it there – not the last person. Berezovsky asks Dyachenko to give him the phone Amirkhanov, and he immediately call him and, of course, meet. Then asked "How's Naina, tan?"Dyachenko reports that anything, smiles. Berezovsky is happy. The atmosphere of family idyll. Dyachenko carefully, in an apologetic form, says that there is a mass of information and it is necessary to do something. They're discussing Dorenko. Dyachenko carefully points out the shortcomings – Berezovsky protects, but agrees with some drawbacks and they befriend berate Dorenko. Berezovsky translates "arrows" to Ksenia Ponomareva. Finally, Dyachenko decides to tell Berezovsky that it is time to close the topic of dual citizenship. Requests consult about this with Yumashev. Berezovsky says, confused in words and letters that he has official papers that it is not. Dyachenko condescendingly-friendly advises him to give interview in "news". Berezovsky says that they just discuss it with Yumashev that they will find a way out and in two days will remove this question. He says that maybe it will be in "Results" and "news". Dyachenko asks, that it was not much, and his (Berezovsky's) appearance, frankly, irritating people. Berezovsky says that "depart" from it at all. Berezovsky feels that the time has come to "promote" his topic and says that he has a completely new superglobal and very interesting plan for Chechnya, and in General for the Caucasus as a whole. (A plan which he has already begun to implement, through Udugov), And he is with anyone but Dyachenko and Yumashev, does not want to share them. Also says that they already started discussion of this channel with Yumashev, and he then will tell about it.

B: Ale, Tanya?

T: Boris Abramovich, Hello.

B: Hi, Tanya.

T: first of all, thank you very much for your support, I got this message on my pager, only it was such a fuss that I did...

B: (laughs) No, Tanya, what are you talking about, Tanya, what does it mean for support, I really like... everyone was worried. And I really hope that everything will continue to go well.

T: Me too...

B: Fine. Moreover, as if, in my opinion, almost all felt that normally occurs, all the other (inaudible, speaks through laughter).

T: What-what-what?

B: I think everyone has already understood that everything is normal...Hello!

T: Yes, Yes, Yes...

B: And everyone stood at a counter waiting for a club falls on his head.

T: Great! (laughing together)

B: Sure. Tanya, how you're feeling, I understand a little better?

T: Yeah, of course.

B: God willing, God willing. Now there, I in General, as though the only thing that I don't know of course, there medical institution, I consider that it is impossible to hurry in any case in this situation.

T: Yeah, not sure. Here though Val says that on the TV show.

B: Well, that's a different question. I believe that now, now just do not need to hurry, do the maximum that can be done to ensure that everything goes right.

T: Yeah. Well, now, just (inaudible)

B: Sure, sure, yeah.

T: that's dangerous.

B: Yes.

T: Boris Abramovich.

B: Yes.

T: I Have one more thing to do...

B: I'm listening.

T: So... Then, well, we had Trustee elections in Chechnya?

B: Yes.

T: And Increases.

B: So.

T: Here. And he in principle then as met Anatoly Borisovich, he was there in the government...therein...Zavgaeva.

B: So.

T: Well, as I understand it, in principle, he is not the last person there. Anyway, he really wanted to meet you.

B: Tanya, well, no questions at all.

T: Yeah, I don't know how...

B: Well, give me his phone, I'll call him.

T: Yes, please call. Amerkhanov Kharon Agiewich.

B: Charon Agiewich.

T: X - one.

B: I, I wrote it down, Yes.

T: Charon Agiewich. Phone – 976…

B: So. Is it mobile?

T: I don't know.

B: Okay, 976-79-44, I get it.

T: Yes. He might just have it...and, in my opinion, he was very pleased when he met with Anatoly Borisovich, I really do not know how useful it is there…

B: (interrupts) Well, well, I'll meet him then and talk for sure.

T: Okay...

B: Tanya, definitely, don't worry.

T: Yeah, 976 -....

B: Yes, definitely.

T: Yeah.

B: How Is Naina Iosifovna, Tanya?

T: Well, nothing, of course it's like that now...

B: take it Easy, huh?

T: Smiles (laughs) That's right...Here is what is in the media, something must be done, Boris Abramovich.

B: Why don't you tell me what's in there now?

T: I don't know... First, Dorenko, of course...

B: Well, have you seen Dorenko?

T: Today?

B: Yes.

T: Today, Yes.

B: So what's wrong?

T: No, today ...

B: (interrupts) first of all, he doesn't squint.

T: Well, the cat(?) still smiling.

B: Well, wait, wait, whatever you want. You see, I figured it out. He's been off the air for 4 years, 4 years.

T: Yeah?

B: 4 years only on the record, he's ...this is now, second gear, when he's live.

T: Well, he's crazy, so he's gone. No, Boris Abramovich, what he did about van was a nightmare.

B: Well, what are you telling me, that's not the word.

T: It's just, I'm looking for " my God," I'm just kind of...

B: Yes, what are you talking about, Tanya, for me, you know, really, I was not, not only is he really to blame, Ksenia is to blame yet.

T: Sure.

B: Because she controlled it.

T: Sure. That is, if he would like to do something nice...

B: No, Tanya, he didn't really think that way. I have already explained, I then him led telephone conversation, I just explain, as if what he was saying. But, in any case, he is to blame, of course, but also to blame Xenia, we must also not forget. Because she's the one who ultimately edits the program.

T: Yes.

B: That was very bad...

T: (interrupting) Boris Abramovich, well, need something to do there, you check with the valley of course, because in General, also this say, open and closed.

B:, I understand that, but really...

T: (interrupts) said that here too I with (it is illegible), too speaks the General concern such, i.e. it is necessary to act somehow, to tell something there, about citizenship there...

B: Oh, no. This tan, it's just tomorrow I will... here I am with the valley just to discuss it, because, as I have documents for this reason.

T: Yeah.

B: Who say it's not there.

T: Yeah.

B: Official papers.

T: Yeah, no, I don't know, maybe an interview with Izvestia is there...

B: (interrupts) Well now with Valya...Valya and I are just discussing this, and he is also talking about Izvestia. Well Tanya, in General, will find a solution, and this solution we can find for tomorrow and after tomorrow day, i.e. two days we take off.

T: Yes, to somehow, and then of course there, still put the blame for some reason Chubais, (unintelligible, laughs). Well, nothing, so, you know, like that...

B: No, this is a serious issue, but tomorrow we are, as it were, in General, tomorrow, now we think, maybe in the "Results" to say something in the "news", this is now we are discussing with Valya.

T: Yeah. Well, that, too, may not be so much, Boris Abramovich...

B: (interrupts) No, no, you know, really...

T: (interrupts) the Figure, your appearance frankly, only because of the people, that's just such a terrible irritation here.

B:, now you just need to move away from this topic and all.

T: Yeah. All right, all right, Boris Abramovich.

B: No, this is a serious issue, but tomorrow we are, as it were, in General, tomorrow, now we think, maybe in the "Results" to say something in the "news", this is now we are discussing with Valya.

T: Yeah. Well, that, too, may not be so much, Boris Abramovich...

B: (interrupts) No, no, you know, really...

T: (interrupts) the Figure, your appearance frankly, only because of the people, that's just such a terrible irritation here.

B:, now you just need to move away from this topic and all.

T: Yeah. All right, all right, Boris Abramovich.

B: Yes, and also, I haven't started discussing a very serious issue with you yet, because after these trips, after these trips, I have a completely new idea, and I'm going to discuss it with you now. She's a global character, just superglobal. And I would not want to discuss it with anyone at all, before discussing it with you, well, there with Valya.

T: Yeah.

B: Well, now I'll start talking to Valya about it. She really is, I mean ... I have a completely new feeling about Chechnya, the Caucasus, in General. Well. OK?

T: Okay, Boris Abramovich.

B: Tanya, well, once again all the best, Hello big.

T: All right, thank you very much. Tell Lila hi.

B: Thank you Tanya, thank you.

T: yeah, well, good day.

B: Happy Tanya, bye.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov