Who is he? Former anarchist, whose friends by conviction in the late 90s tried to organize an attempt on the life of the Kuban father, Nikolai Ignatievich Kondratenko. Already in the 2000s, he was a man who declared "war" to almost all major presidential projects being implemented in the Krasnodar Territory. The coordinator of the movement, whose activity, according to the Ministry of Justice, is undesirable on the territory of Russia. This is Andrei Rudomakha, who in recent years has been among the closest advisers and associates of the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev.

"Let the one who is sinless himself throw the first stone." Does everyone know the quote from the Gospel? It is about the fact that only a person who has no sins can judge others. But when a sinner tries to shove himself into the skin of a saint, and is judged-judges-points-instructs others, the first question is: what is the interest of this comrade? And what is the interest of those bosses who endow him with a considerable set of powers.

In recent years, the star of the coordinator of the Environmental Watch for the North Caucasus (EWSC) Andrei Rudomakha (in their midst they call him "Rudik", "Wolverine") has somehow rapidly risen in the regional bureaucratic horizon. They also hang on the websites of various foundations of appeals with "strict demands to protect Rudomakha", and the client, once again comfortably located in the "den of persecutors", at 35 Krasnaya Street, in Krasnodar, the regional administration building, teaches Kondratyev's unreasonable subordinates how environmentally live well.

A. Rudomakha in some incomprehensible way was inscribed in the structure of the regional government. No, he is not an official. He is a prominent social activist. And he will be very prominent, more abruptly than any other vice-governor. After all, only a person who feels that his superiors will not give offense is able to write out a trendyule, say, to the mayor of the Kuban capital.

Here is a quote from the EVSK website.

“Coordinator of the Environmental Watch for the North Caucasus, Andrei Rudomakha, criticized the inaction of the Krasnodar administration in fulfilling the governor's order to create four new specially protected natural areas (SPNA) of local importance in the city. This instruction was given at a meeting of the City Planning Council, which took place on August 19, 2019 ... A year has passed, but so far nothing real has been done to create these protected areas, even the corresponding land plots have not yet been formed. Rudomakha directly accused the city leadership of sabotaging the given order of the governor and unwillingness to create protected areas. The governor agreed with the concerns of the EWSC coordinator. ”

 "Criticized ... blamed the management?" Somehow it hurts too much for a "simple social activist".

We are not fans of the mayor of the Kuban capital, Pervyshov. But, if he did not fulfill some of Kondratyev's instructions, it means, quite possibly, there were reasons for that. Maybe you should have listened? And even if the mayor is not right ... Still, the Town Planning Council is an exchange of views, disputes, discussions, making proposals, necessary corrections, a common interest in solving problems. And here, just some kind of public flogging of the head of Krasnodar by a person, in fact, with zero powers.

Андрей Рудомаха

And in this case, it is not at all about the necessary modifications to the general plan of the Kuban capital, namely, how easily Rudomakha now distributes cuffs even to the mayor Pervyshev, and Kondratyev himself, imbued with his speeches, formalizes the wisdom of this comrade in the form of orders to his deputies.

In general, when you look at the current takeoff of Rudomakha, you understand that everything is very well calculated by him. Recently, the regional leadership is in dire need of formalizing its highly controversial decisions "for public opinion", and this is where the public figure Rudomakh comes in handy.

Let us recall how actively he opposed the Safari Park in Krasnodar. It seems that it was already obvious to every resident of Krasnodar that there was a battle for a "fat" piece of land. But this war also needed "weighty environmental arguments." “This is a specially protected natural area, a natural monument that has existed there since the Soviet times, and in principle nothing can be sold there,” Andrei Rudomakha put in his ecological “five kopecks”. He brought, so to speak, the ecological "basis" for the "tuning" of land extraction from the owners, on which one of the best zoos in the country was located. As an argument in this war for an attractive piece of land, the low cadastral value of the site was called, which at one time the owners bought out for the future zoo. Most curious of all, this value was determined under the direct supervision of Veniamin Kondratyev, who at that time was the vice-governor, who was in charge of land relations.

Andrey Rudomakha especially distinguished himself in the garbage battle around the Belorechensky MSW landfill. He was called under the bureaucratic banners, to calm down the residents of Belorechensk with unrealizable projects, whose health is ruined by the stinking garbage. The EVSK coordinator fulfilled the instructions of the regional leadership on “five grater ". He was convinced that planning for a new landfill was about to begin far from Belorechensk, that he had already personally selected a good location. True, the problem of the Belorechensky MSW landfill remained a problem. On the other hand, Rudomakha's personal "authority" was even more secured by the regional leadership. The Belorechensk problem has practically disappeared from the “agenda” of the regional, but most importantly, federal media.

Actually, the most important question is: who in general came up with such a “toxic asset” as Rudomakh and his Ekovakhta? Indeed, for such a strong, sweet "friendship," and you can win, if someone behind the Kremlin walls such an unusual misalliance of the head of the Krasnodar Territory and a very controversial ecologist is interested.

To understand this, it is enough to look at the glorious past of the coordinator. A more fierce enemy of the presidential, federal projects being implemented on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory cannot be found.

Let's remember, for example, the battle of Rudomakhi against the CPC pipeline. Let us recall some details. At the beginning of the century, there was a serious struggle between Russia and Turkey for the right to transport Caspian oil. We had the CPC - the Caspian pipeline consortium, the Turks had the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline project. At that time, dozens of Turkish tourist offices were in fact the resident network of Turkish intelligence MIT and were working against the CPC. But Rudomakha, at that time, "worked" against the interests of the country even more abruptly than the Turkish special services.

One can recall his furious speeches against the Sochi Olympics. Or his active opposition to the construction of the Blue Stream gas pipeline. Or protests against the construction of a new port of Taman. And even more than a definite position on South Stream. “It is still difficult to predict the consequences of the construction of South Stream. But there is reason to believe that they are unlikely to differ from the environmental lawlessness that Gazprom arranged during the construction of Blue Stream - this is also a quote from Ekovakhta's website.

The paradox of the situation is that the current leadership of the region, reporting to the president about the next successes, includes in the list of achievements exactly those points with which the beloved ecologist fought mercilessly. And our pipeline transport is developing - the president opened South Stream, and the regional leaders were so happy, so happy. And the branch of the Blue Stream - the Dzhubga-Lazarevskaya-Sochi gas pipeline, Veniamin Kondratyev is finally going to use for the gasification of the coast. And then all the structures were built five years ago, for some reason, he did not care about that. The gasification level of the Tuapse region, for example, remained at the level of 14.5 percent. That, given the presence of a pipe, it is more than strange ... And the port of Taman, according to regional reports, is developing for the benefit of the region and all its inhabitants. Well, the objects of the Olympics serve the residents of the region, the people of the whole country at full speed ... In general, a good psychologist is needed here to understand the logic of close cooperation of regional officials with those who were going to not let all these present reasons for pride into the territory of the region.

It would seem that if there is a fighter against the plans of the authorities, then why is he to the authorities? Moreover, the hero's biography as a whole does not imply the development of such a fruitful cooperation. Usually, people involved in civil service undergo fairly thorough checks. Although, it is clear that there is less attention to “freelancers” and other “sympathizers”, but it is still useful to take a closer look at their biographies. If there are specks or spots in it, then it would be better to stay away from such allies - you yourself will get dirty. In the case of Rudomakha, even digging is not required. The richest biography of a person.

He "made friends" with ecology in 1996, having organized the activities of the communes "Atshi" and "Sakhrai" in Adygea. At that time, he was part of the anarchist movement ... Almost no one here knows that in 1998 representatives of the Krasnodar cell organized an attempt on the life of the then governor of the Krasnodar Territory Nikolai Ignatovich Kondratenko. Any resident of the Kuban, this is simply impossible to imagine: the dad enjoyed absolute authority and national respect ... Rudomakha was held in the case as ... a witness. After he testified against L. Shchiptsova (who was convicted on July 20, 1999 by the Pervomaysky District Court of Krasnodar), the association of the anarchist movement accused Rudomakha of collaborating with law enforcement agencies. The criminal "friendship" of terrorist accomplices came to an end. The question is different, if Rudomakha knew about the preparation, why did he say this only during interrogation? Interestingly, the current leadership of the region, somehow attracted Rudomakha to events dedicated to the recent 80th anniversary of Batka? He must have studied Kondratenkov's habits quite well while working as a member of the cell. I could remember what. Share.

Кондратьев и Рудомаха

At the landmark meeting in Armavir at the end of last year, an interesting dialogue took place between Governor Kondratyev and Vice Governor Alekseenko ... In addition to other scandalous statements, the region The first leadership (in particular, about the "dead" United Russia ", about the regional health care, which is" in the ass "), an explanation was given about the" profitability "of cooperation with Rudomakha.

- He's promoting me everywhere, - said Kondratyev during the dialogue with his vice Alekseenko, - it is clear that he is not beneficial to officials.

“I’m not saying that it is beneficial to them,” Alekseenko replies. “You just need to have information.

- What for? - asked Kondratyev. - I am interested in what I am interested in ... I will know everything I need to know, proceeding from the fact that this is an external component… An external component of the work… But not mine. And I have an inner one ... Inside it will not climb.

- Let it drain?

- Let it drain. I understand. I asked who I needed, but maybe I have ... Everything else is not interesting to me. Rudomakha annoys them. The thing is that many elites are especially annoying. Well, I figured out the question: "Tell me, what is he doing wrong?" They said: "You can."

In general, despite Kondratyev's usual chaotic ornate speech, it is understandable: the regional leadership received carte blanche for the “internal use” of Rudomakha, for various “leaks”.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued