Source: continues to publish the confession-testimony of the former Moscow policeman Ruslan Yurtov, who was a killer in the gang of "authority" Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). This publication will focus on the massacre of the two "oldest" members of the "Family" (the so-called Dzhako's organized crime group) - Givi Slonov and Timofey Yezeev. The latter was the killer of the group, on account of his many lives. Both were wanted and were hiding with several other members of the Family in one of the cottages near Moscow. Clouds were already gathering around Jaco himself, operatives were following him, and he left for Austria, where he wanted to stay. And from there he began to clean up the tracks. In particular, he ordered the elimination of Slonov and Ezeev. The reason was given that the couple had betrayed the Family and wanted to eliminate influential members of the group. Elephants never parted with weapons, so they decided to deal with him first. They pounced on him and first strangled him. When he seemed dead, the man jumped up and ran. He had to be hammered in with a baseball bat and fireplace tongs. Ezeev's throat was deliberately cut after the interrogation.

Паспорт Юртова

“At the end of January 2014 in the garage of the house in the village. Summer vacation, where they were detained by police officers, they killed G.G. Slonov. and Ezeeva T.Kh. nicknamed "Timokha". At the beginning of December 2013 Kodoev D.O. moved to a dacha owned by a police officer, then they moved to live at a dacha in the village. Summer rest. Together with him lived the guys who were on the wanted list, namely: Bagaev R.A., Zasseev I.I., Kodoev D.O., Tautiev E.Kh., Slonov G.G. and Ezeev T.Kh., nicknamed "Timokha". Slonov G.G. being in the said house, he constantly carried a weapon with him. In the room where he slept, he had a sports bag with weapons and ammunition. There were two short-barreled Kalashnikov assault rifles, 4 pistols (two Makarov pistols (PM), Tokarev pistol (TT), an Israeli pistol, an unloading machine that had 6-7 magazines of 30 rounds each, as well as 5 magazines for each pistol.) were on the wanted list for several years, such as, Bagaev R.A., Zasseev I.I. and Slonov G.G., Ezeev T.Kh. was friends with Slonov G.G. Bagaev R.A., Zasseev I. I. and Kodoev D.O., Tautiev E.Kh. adjoined them.He communicated with everyone in the same way.Ezeev T.Kh. was constantly indignant at the fact that he had to live without leaving the country. , and Bagaev RA and Zasseev II, on the other hand, the relationship was tense. It did not go into an open conflict, but the tension was felt. From GG Slonov, he personally never heard any intentions to leave the dacha or "Family "One day, at the end of January 2014, he does not remember the exact date, Kodoev DO either left home for the city, or has not yet arrived, as he is mostly silt at another dacha. At about 18-19 o'clock, he went into the garage to smoke and drink tea or coffee. Zasseev I.I. went down there. and Bagaev R.A., sat down next to him. Bagaev R.A. began to tell him that he had news. Bagaev R.A. told him that it was necessary to kill G.G. Slonov. and Ezeeva T.Kh. Bagaev R.A. said that the instruction about the murder of Slonov G.G. and Ezeeva T.Kh. received from A.M. Gagiev, they will learn about the final decision from D.O. Kodoev, who is to come. Slonov G.G. and Ezeev T.Kh. at that time they were on the second floor of the house, watching TV. About 20 minutes later, Kodoev D.O. arrived, Dzitiev A.V. came with him. Slonov G.G. and Ezeev T.Kh. also went down to the first floor, greeted D.O. Kodoev, after that T.Kh. went up to the second floor. He went to the garage for cigarettes, Bagaev R.A. came out there, he wanted to return to the house to the toilet, but Bagaev R.A. said that now GG Slonov will come here to smoke, who will sit on a chair. Then Zasseev I.I. will enter, who will seize GG Slonov. by the neck and will choke. He and Bagaev R.A. will have to keep Slonov G.G. by the hands, so that he could not get the weapon if he is with him. Tautiev E.Kh. on the hands of G.G. Slonov handcuffs. D.O. Kodoev will have to twist Ezeev T.Kh. in his room, he will be insured by A.V. Dzitiev. He sat down on a chair that was closer to the entrance, with his back to it, resting his feet on a radiator that ran along the wall. As it turned out later, he sat down on the wrong chair, which I.I. Zasseev had planned. and Bagaev R.A. Slonov G.G. sat down in the second chair with his back to the garage entrance gate. To approach him unnoticed from the back, without arousing suspicion, Zasseev I.I. left the house with a bag of rubbish and went to the garage door. Then Zasseev I.AND. threw a bag of rubbish at the garage door, approached from behind GG Slonov. and grabbed him by the neck in a chokehold, pulled him from the chair towards himself, they fell to the floor. I. I. Zasseev lying on his back and strangling Slonov G.G. First, Bagaev R.A. ran up, grabbed G.G. Slonov. for his right hand, then he began to hold his left hand. After that Tautiev E.Kh. ran up. and put on the wrists of the hands of G.G. handcuffs in front position. Bagaev R.A. he searched him, there was no weapon with him.

After the hands were handcuffed, he sat down on the feet of GG Slonov. I. I. Zasseev continued to choke him. As such resistance Slonov G.G. did not have time to render, in all likelihood Zasseev I.I. I was immediately able to convey to Slonov G.G. the carotid artery, and he lost consciousness. Approximately 5 minutes after the start of the strangulation, GG Elephants. stopped showing signs of life. Bagaev R.A. and Zasseev I.AND. turned over the Slonov G.G. on his stomach and wanted to put a plastic bag on his head and tie some duct tape around his neck, but they didn’t succeed. Around this time, D.O. brought Ezeev T.Kh. into the garage, whose hands were handcuffed in the front position. He shouted not to kill GG Slonov. Ezeeva T.Kh. They put him on a chair in front of the washing machine with his back to it and began to talk to him. Kodoev D.O., Zasseev I.I. and Bagaev R.A. At this time, G.G. Slonov. suddenly jumped up, hit the garage door, since he was nearby, then grabbed him by the clothes, GG Slonov. fell against the wall next to which there was a washing machine. At this time, Zasseev I.I. shouted for him to move away from G.G. Slonov. He walked away, Zasseev I.I. ran up to G.G. Slonov. and hit him in the parietal and occipital region of the head at least 3 times with metal fireplace tongs. Then Zasseev I.AND. threw down the forceps, took a wooden baseball bat of standard factory size, not painted, but varnished, hit it at least three times in the occipital and parietal parts of the head of GG Slonov. Any signs of life GG Slonov did not serve. After that Ezeev T.Kh. began to ask questions, mainly Bagaev R.A. and Zasseev I.I., while Zasseev I.AND. beat him with a bat. From blows Ezeev T.Kh. slid off the chair onto the floor. I. I. Zasseev hit him with a bat at least once on the head, in the back of the head; at least 3 times on the hands; at least 3 times on the legs. Since almost the entire conversation with T.Kh. went in the Ossetian language, he does not know its content, except that Ezeev T.Kh. and Slonov G.G. they planned to kill someone in the city of Vladikavkaz, who exactly he does not know. When Ezeev T.Kh. was still alive, Kodoev D.O. left for Moscow to call A.B. Dzhioev. and report the murder. Tautiev E.Kh. and Dzitiev A.The. were present at the murder of G.G. Slonov. and Ezeeva T.Kh. in the garage. Bagaev R.A. and Zasseev I.AND. Ezeeva T.Kh. about 20 minutes. From the blow of Zasseev I.I. on the head, Ezeev T.Kh. probably passed out. He asked them what they were going to do with him. Bagaev R.A. said he would cut his throat because he had betrayed them. He did not argue with them, as he was afraid to be next. Someone brought to the garage a large dark plastic basin, which I.I. and Bagaev R.A. They put T.Kh. Ezeev under the head so that the blood would go there. Bagaev R.A. took a kitchen knife in his hand, which was in the garage, who brought it, does not know. The knife was 30-35 cm long with a brown wooden handle, blade width up to about 3 cm in the widest part, with one-sided sharpening, with a sharp blade end. Bagaev R.A. or Zasseev I.AND. covered the head and neck of Ezeev T.Kh. some kind of towel so that the blood does not gush. Bagaev R.A. turned his head slightly to the right, stuck a knife into T.Kh. Ezeev's neck. right and cut it. The blood did not gush, and there was only a small amount. By about 21 o'clock, G.G. and Ezeev T.Kh. were dead. The corpse of T.Kh. Yezeev were dragged to the body of G.G. Slonov. After that, Zasseev I.AND. or Bagaev R.A. put into the hands of A.V. Dzitiev PB pistol or Makarov pistol with a silencer. He asked what they were going to do, to which Bagaev R.A. said: “Let Dzitiev A.The. he will shoot at the corpse. " He was against it, he said that they would make a lot of noise. But nobody listened to him. Dzitiev A.V. shot twice in the head of the corpse of G.G. Slonov. The bodies were left overnight in the garage. The next day, at about 13 o'clock, I.I. Zasseev. and Bagaev R.A. dismembered the corpses of G.G. Slonov and Ezeeva T.Kh. using axes and knives on wooden beams into small fragments weighing no more than 2 kilograms. The clothes were cut off from the corpses. In what Slonov G.G. and Ezeev T.Kh. were dressed, he does not remember, on the Slonov G.G. was also wearing a blue pea coat with a fur collar. At this time, Tautiev E.Kh. tried to light a fire in the yard next to the house, but he could not. Then D.O. Kodoev arrived. and kindled a big fire. He personally did not dismember the corpses, he helped R.A. Bagaev. and Zasseev I.I. put the fragments of corpses in black garbage bags. The packages were then delivered to the boiler room, from which there is an exit to the street. From there they took one of the packages, put them next to the fire, threw fragments of corpses into the fire. This was mainly done by D.O. Kodoev, A.V. Dzitiev. was present at the burning of corpses, but he did not see him do anything personally. They burned the corpses until the end of the day, and then the next day they also lit a fire. Two axes, tongs for a fireplace, a bat, knives, wooden beams, on which they cut up corpses, clothes of corpses and their own clothes, in which they committed murder and dismembered corpses, personal belongings of T.Kh. Yezeev. and Slonov G.G., with the exception of weapons, they burned in the same fire. The weapon of the Slonov G.G. put it under the stairs to the weapons stored there "Family". The corpses burned down almost without residues, and the metal parts of axes, tongs, knives remained, they were taken out by Kodoev D.O., where exactly, he does not know. The floor in the garage and the walls he, Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A. and Tautiev E.Kh. washed thoroughly with detergents. Who and where the fire debris from the fire, he does not know. "

Показания Юртова

To be continued

Arseny Dronov