"Thoracic aortic aneurysm torn" - this cause of death of journalist Sergei Dorenko is indicated in the conclusion of the forensic medical examination. However, as suggested by the death of former telekillera has already started to grow konspirologichesky versions. Moreover, the most different: from the domestic to the political. Dorenko's older daughters asked law enforcement to investigate the circumstances of his father's death, claiming that he could have been poisoned. Thus women hint at the present wife of the journalist Yulia. In confirmation they say that she insisted on cremation Sergei and they suspect that the way to cover their tracks. Daily Mail and Bild remembered that Dorenko used to criticize the current government. In particular, harshly made after the death of the submarine "Kursk", for which he lost his job on the First channel. "threw" fans "conspiracy theory" food for thought. In Russia Boris Berezovsky recorded absolutely all his conversations with other people. Such an image he has accumulated "archive wiretaps", which due to the forced and unexpected flight of the oligarch remained in Russia in a number of persons close to Berezovsky in the 90-ies . And do not think that this is unnecessary junk. The archive opens your eyes to many secret 90s and early 2000s. He can decide the fate of billions of dollars. Sources it is said that during the trial in England Berezovsky and Abramovich tried to gain access to the archive, but to no avail.

One of the main guardians of the archive was detained by the FSB in early 2018. However, in the framework of a completely different investigation and "wiretaps" counterintelligence were not interested. And at the beginning of 2019, the search for the archive, as a team, engaged operatives of two departments of the interior Ministry in Moscow. Moreover, they were working in several criminal cases. Sources they say that suddenly a major prize for the archive announced miliarder from the list "Forbs", a man of 90 years. As to how searches are conducted and are scattered by different people, entries, killing a person close to saeculorum games Berezovsky in the 90-ies and discussions which are present in the archive. First Igor Malashenko, then Sergey Dorenko, There are others. On this, as on other details of the "hunting" for the archive, we will tell another time. In the meantime, we bring one of the wiretaps. This conversation Boris Berezovsky and Anatoly Chubais. Next to the first at this moment are Igor Malashenko and Oleg Dobrodeyev.

During this conversation Chubais and Berezovsky discuss a number of joint actions, various joint intrigues against other politicians. At the same time, the intellectual Chubais is not particularly shy in terms. So, he calls Yury Luzhkov "the shit-eater".


B: Ale.

H: Hello?

B: Yes.

B: Boris Abramovich!

B: Yes, I'm listening.

CH: So I keep thinking…

B: Yes.

CH: And I have more doubts than positive. So, what counterarguments…

B: Yes.

W: Well, actually, one main counterargument.

B: Yes.

CH: All this would be good if it wasn't for our common Fund. This is, in fact, such a strategy, as to catch the enemy on the move, to strengthen it, and in the same direction as-to shake and win.

B: Yes.

CH: But the buildup itself that appears here, …

B: Yes.

CH: I think the consequences are painful. Especially against the background of our next week, with all Affairs, there since November 5th, with the all-Russian strikes and so on and so on…

B: Everything is calculated. Here, I'm one of you... exactly from these positions and reason. So, this is how it will be very difficult for us to explain, but they do not hear. And what do you hear - you hear this one act, right? And everything else is heard much less. No one made any official statements there, right?

W: No, that's the fact that you can't hear it.

B: This fact is very audible.

CH: This fact is only, then, in the news, and nothing more…

B: It.

CH: If the day ends with a comment about the trip, that is, about the business part.

B: Yeah.

H: it's Not about so, who what accused, who about who said what, what's the new scandal emerged with Berezovsky. And instead, just what Berezovsky was actually doing that day. That is, it is as though the transition from the controversial plane in the plane perfectly working, without increasing the controversial component.

B: we're like, here's Igor Milashenko.

H: Yes.

B: And Virtues.

H: Yes.

B: So Igor is against this idea. Igor against this idea, and Dobrodeev for.

W: Okay.

B: So, at the same time, we have estimated now, in fact, we can not do any scandal, we can not do serious, because the first will not be able to work, went, right, so I must remain silent. NTV is also no one to put will not, so will process only the second, right? Hello!

H: What? What to work?

B: Well, that information. Really.

W: What "this" I don't understand.

B: Well, that's what I just told you.

W: Oh, this one.…

B: Yes.

H: Yes.

B: So it's going to be pretty weak, and that's why it's good. But on this, as I for themselves…

W: wow, Weak, second channel all over the country.

B: No, it's weak anyway. Now say. But at this point, how do we get the editor-in-chief's comment, right? They will comment on this. And with great pleasure. This is very important. "Izvestia", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Moskovsky Komsomolets" ... Understand, Yes?

W: Yeah, I think it's all wrong. It's all Moscow stuff, all these editors-in-chief, which no one in Russia reads. For the country as a whole, another half of the country learns that, what it means here, left, as it was said, that in General completely "brutalized", devils-that, then the refutation will reach half of those who heard about the first... All this extra, extra, extra elements of the buildup, which in our General background, in my opinion, is now extremely risky. Extremely risky. In my opinion, a competent tactic is to generally reduce the scale of the event, as I asked Igor and Oleg. Reduce the scale of the event, and move on to the content of the comments on the content made.

B: All Right. Then let's do it this way, now we'll think about it more, I accept your argument, I accept. Just as if the idea is beautiful, and so …

CH: I know, I know. (Berezovsky chuckles) you Know, if there was, if there was an election campaign, this kind of thing is exactly what you need, and because instead of the election campaign all-Russian strike, (Chubais grins, Berezovsky laughs in the voice) the fifth.

B: Well, let me think about it, if you don't mind.

H: Okay.

B: anyway, like, my time is running out, right? As long as I have a flight, right?

H: Yeah.

B: Well, if I may, then, I don't know, either Igor or Oleg then, I don't know, will document this or that position, okay?

CH: Okay, well, I actually, anyway, I'll fly in the morning, so how do you decide, and decide, but just attach my voice to Igor, I have…

B: (interrupting) Thanks, I am going to announce here what you said. Anatoly Chubais, then, now then, as you look at it, if tomorrow, here, before your departure, or... well, Yes, there will be a camera? Is that bad or not?

CH: Well, journalists are flying with me.

B: Oh, I see. Well, it is very important that you are together with Yuri Mikhailovich?

H: Well, Yes, Yes, Yes.

B: So it's all going to be like (inaudible) .

W: yeah, that's why I'm flying with this shit-eater.

B: (laughs) I'm now…

Q: You are waiting for the situation to calm down

B: Absolutely, absolutely...Yes, by the way, there was another idea, you still need to appear with Victor Stepanovich several times together.

W: Yes, I agree.

B: Yeah, well, it's kind of a series of ideas, now we've thought it through…

CH: Listen, if I'm with Yuri Mikhailovich appear, so the rest is simple to me...

B: (interrupts, laughs) Yes, Yes, Yes. I spoke with him now, curious as well it in person…


B: we'll discuss it When we meet.

W: Okay, okay.

B: All the best, Anatoly Borisovich.

W: Well, good luck.

B: Thanks. Happily.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov