Source: Rucriminal continues to publish materials from the Interpol report, which includes intelligence information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, wiretapping materials and surveillance of immigrants from the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related individuals among them Which mass of large businessmen, former and current officials. In the fifteenth article, we present a list of "thieves in law", which were associated with the Solntsevo OPG and its leader Sergei Mikhaylov (Mikhas). Of course, the main curator of the "Solntsevo" from thieves was Jemal Khachidze, who died in 2014. However, in this list you can meet the influential Slavic Japanese (killed in 2009), Ogonyok, as well as Shakro the Young.


1. "Japanese" or "Japonchik" or "little Japanese" or "Glory" or "Glory Japonchik" are the nicknames of Russian Ivankov Vyacheslav Kirillovich, who is the most famous "thief in law". He is the head of the underworld, responsible for a large "obshchak" (the total monetary fund) of all criminals of the former Soviet Union. There are reports that he is the leader of Russian organized crime. Not all "thieves in law" recognize Ivankov's leading role, but they do not discuss this topic for fear of being killed. It is believed that he is / was the head of Russian organized crime in the United States. He observed all the activities of cocaine trafficking, prostitution and money laundering. The connection between Ivan'kov and the Solntsevskaya group is confirmed by the Interpol Prague Public Center.

Notes: he controls prostitution through brothels: according to the "thief-in-law" code, he does not have the right to directly benefit from prostitution.

Ivankov was arrested on June 8, 1995 in the US and is now in prison. By extortion, he received 2.7 million dollars from the owners of the company "Summit International Company", founded in the United States in the name of Volkov Alexander Anatolyevich, September 29, 1960. And Voloshin. Ivankov was sentenced to 9 years and 8 months in prison.

In 1982 Ivankov was already convicted in Russia for armed robbery, illegal possession of firearms, falsification of documents and drug trafficking.

In November 1991, he continued to engage in illegal business. In addition, on April 4, 2000, Moscow authorities issued an arrest warrant for Ivankov, who was accused of murder, asking him to locate him. The US authorities informed the Interpol's NCB that Ivankov was currently in prison in the United States and will be released only in January 2004.


2. Okunev Alexander with the nickname "Ogonyok." Until recently, Okunev was the leader of a criminal organization, headed by Deng Viktor. In 1995, Money was stabbed by a "thief-in-law". He turned to Okunev for help, but he was not able to solve the problem. Then Denga turned to Mikhailov. Mikhailov helped Dengue in exchange for 70% of the spheres of his influence. The grouping of Money merged with Solntsevskaya and Okunev was included in it.


3.Jonua Beslan called "Besik", born in 1953.

His nicknames are "Basik", "Besik", "Beski". Known as: John Beslan, 25.12.1953 of the birth (NCB of the Interpol of Jerusalem), Johnov or Jumba Beslan, 15.12.1953 of the birth (NCB of Interpol Washington), Dzhonova or Dzsonova Beslan Alekseevich, 26.12.1954. (NCB Interpol France). He has dual citizenship - Russian and Hungarian, Russian passport No. 41-1027796.

According to the information of the NCB Interpol Washington, he is a member of the Solntsevo organization and, according to their leader, lived in Paris while seeking refuge in France. According to another source, Jonua was not a member of the Solntsevo group. Despite this, he is a "thief in law" and a friend of Mikhailov, and also contacts Tokhtakhunov, Oniani, etc. He takes decisions and participates in concluding agreements as an intermediary.

According to the information of the NCB of the Interpol of France, his name surfaced in the course of an investigation conducted by the United Kingdom in 1995 on money laundering against Kurchvard Adrian, his wife Grigorieva Galina and Mogilevich Semyon. Jonua was wanted in France on suspicion of money laundering and was found on a fake Hungarian passport.

According to the information of the NCB Interpol of Jerusalem, Mikhailov instructed the suspects of the "Russian Romance" to speed up the procedure, as a result of which Jonua could obtain citizenship. His Israeli citizenship was a gift from Mikhailov personally. The French police contacted Johnnoux through the upstream members of the criminal organizations, among them Oniani Trial, who is currently in prison in France.

  1. Thanks to fictitious marriages and using forged documents, many citizens of the former Soviet Union illegally obtained Israeli citizenship

4. Khachidze Jemal, born on June 16, 1937

His nicknames are "Jimal"; Jamal; "Jema or Jamal or Jemal or Jemal Supam".

He is also known as Kachidze Djemal Konstantinovich; Chachidze Jamal; Jimal Konstantinovich; Chachidze Jamal; Chachidze Jemal; Caciche Jamal; Gachidze Jemal; Khashidze Dzhemal Konstantinovich, 19.12.1932; b. Khachidze Dzhemal Konstantinovich, June 16, 1937; Khachidze Jamal Konstantinovich; Shachidze Jamal, born on June 16, 1937. In the NCB of the Interpol of Washington and Prague, he is known as Khachidze Djemal, "Jemal", 16.01.1937. To the police authorities in Germany, he is known as Chachidze Jamal Konstantinovich, born on June 16, 1937 in Surami. He is Russian and has a Russian passport number 00283844.

In accordance with the information of the NCB Interpol Washington, Khachidze is a "thief in law", which represented the main force of the "Solntsevo" organization. Mikhailov and Averin rehabilitated Khachidze after his release from prison. He controlled the import and distribution of drugs (cocaine) in Moscow. According to another source, Khachidze is not such a significant figure, and Mikhailov and Averin simply provide him with financial assistance.

In accordance with the information of the NCB Interpol Switzerland, he acts as an arbitrator in the event of unexpected problems in the group. This information was confirmed by the NCB of the Moscow Interpol, which stated that Khachidze was involved in the links between the "Solntsevo" grouping and the so-called "thieves in law" - the leaders of the underworld.

In accordance with the information of the NCB Interpol Prague, he was responsible for the distribution of cocaine. It is reported that in 1994 he ordered the murder of former world boxing champion Oleg Karataev, who worked for his group and stole money from the drug trade.

NCB Interpol Wiesbaden said that according to the authorities of the Russian police Khachidze belongs to the "Solntsevskaya" and "Kutaisis" factions, and also reported that he is an influential member of the leadership of the Russian organized group in France. NCB Interpol Wiesbaden also reports that he has a property in Alicante / Spain, not very far from the property of Kalachov. Khachidze Dzhemal, born 16.06.1937, in 1997 and in 1998 twice applied in Moscow with a request for a visa to Germany. He registered in Germany on 8.03.1998, presenting his passport No. 0009964. He has a house in Khashuri / Georgia, where he stayed in July 1998.

The NCB of the Interpol Prague added that the identified Khachidze Jemal, 19.12.1937, borne passport No. 083844, took part in a meeting of organized crime leaders that took place in 1995 in Prague / Czech Republic.

According to the information of the NCB Interpol of London, Khachidze founded the company "Mercury and Mars" (or "Mars and Mercury") in the USA and the real estate agency "Consult SA" in Moscow. According to the NCB of Interpol Wiesbaden, he acts as a companion in "Baltic Shipping Gmbh" (Bremen / Germany), which is a subsidiary of a large shipping company in St. Petersburg.


5. Kalachov or Kalashov Zakhariy or Zakhar Knyazevich, nicknamed "Shakro" or "Shakro Young," was born on March 20, 1953 in Tbilisi / Georgia. He is a Russian and a "thief-in-law". In March 2000 the NCB of Interpol of Moscow released Green Sheet C-26 / 3-2000 on it. He was convicted three times in Georgia in 1975, 1980 and 1985. He is the cashier of a large "obshchak" and is responsible for families engaged in oil production in the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is reported that he is now in a Moscow prison on suspicion of drug trafficking, but has not yet received any verdict.

Notes: Green Leaf is information about a person who has committed a crime that affects the interests of several countries. His fingerprints are available in the international Interpol.

In accordance with the information of the NCB Interpol Kiev, Kalachov together with Oniani Tarielom, 2.06.1958 borne. Are the organizers of the murder of Ukrainian deputy Hetman Vadim, committed on April 22, 1998 in Kiev. According to the NCB of the Interpol of Madrid, Kalachov and his accomplices were wanted in Alicatna / Spain for trafficking in white slaves and money laundering. According to the NCB of the Interpol of Wiesbaden, Kalachov did have a property in Alicante / Spain.


6. Bisikachvili Nicholas nicknamed "Tsika", born in 1956. It is reported that he was killed.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal