In November 2019, an authoritative businessman, Sultan Sigauri, died in a colony in the Tula region. He was one of the leaders of a group of fixers who took sums ranging from several million to several tens of million dollars for the promised positions (heads of state corporations, governors, etc.).

The victims were received directly in the complex of buildings on the Old Square. Then a significant part of the victims was eliminated by killers from the brigade of Valid Lurakhmaev (Validol). It was Sultan Sigauri who brought the leader of the "fixer" gang Akhmed Khamidov to the killer Valid Lurakhmaev. Sultan Sigauri has a very interesting brother. His name was Aslan Sigauri (also known as Salman Alievich Variev).

Салман Вариев

In Moscow, he was detained on suspicion of trying to blow up the building of Moscow State University. Then he was among the militants in Syria and Iraq, rose to the rank of a field commander and was destroyed by an American drone. Sultan Sigauri worked closely with another member of the fixers' organized crime group Dmitry Pivovarov, posing as an employee of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Moreover, he received visitors right in the office on the Old Square. At the disposal of were the interrogation protocols of Pivovarov, during which he tells how and through whom the “fixers” organized their business. We continue to publish them. In this part of the interrogation, Pivovarov talks about how the deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma Leonid Pisnoy decided to become the governor of the region. For this service, he gave the fixers 2 million euros and 38.5 million. Pisny was interviewed by Pivovarov in the office of his friend Yevgeny Martynov, an employee of the Union State of Russia and Belarus. As Pivovarov admitted during interrogation, if Pisnoy approached the post of governor, Matynov would decide his appointment through Vyacheslav Volodin, with whom he is on good terms.

Question: How did you meet Sigauri Sultan Alievich?

 Answer: In early 2010, I was introduced to Sigauri by Imamzhanov Akhmed Alekseevich (his number is in the contact list of my phone), a former employee of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. I have known him since 1996 1997, I was introduced to him as a person who had connections in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as acquaintances and the number of employees with whom it was possible to conduct joint business in various directions. Imamzhanov introduced Sigauri to me. as a person who has construction contracts and also needs diesel fuel. I began to communicate with Sigauri, in fact, we conducted joint intermediary activities, namely, I found suppliers of diesel fuel, as well as subcontracts for companies involved in construction (scrap, roads, etc.). Sigauri had clients who were interested in this. In addition, Sigauri asked for assistance in the employment of a number of persons. Namely, this happened three times. It originally happened like this. Sigauri called me on 12.02.2010, in the morning and asked where I was. I clarify that he called from one of his numbers, which are in the contact list of my phone. I replied that I was in the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. I want to clarify that Sigauri knew that I was in the Administration building on the Old Square on my own business, although I did not work there myself. Sigauri said that there is a man next to the administration building, and asked me to talk to him about resolving the issue of appointing this person to a public office. I asked what kind of person he was, to which Sigauri replied that this was L.A. Pisnoy, that he wanted to discuss his appointment as governor of the Saratov region. The meaning of the request was that I talk to Pisny in the administration building, as if on behalf of a civil servant, and give him my explanations. I replied that I would accept Pisny, I would meet him on the second floor near the elevator, and talk to him, but it is very difficult to achieve such an appointment. ... I ordered a pass to Pisny through Martynov, said that I needed to talk to a man, and then met Pisny at the named place. Martynov himself left the office, I did not specifically ask him about it. This happened in the period from 12.00 to 14.00, that is, at lunchtime. I introduced myself with my personal data, and did not say anything more about myself. Pisnoy himself was not interested in who I am.Then, together with Pisnoy, I entered office 219, and which at that time was empty, I sat down at the desk occupied by Martynov, and the two of us discussed the issues of interest to Pisnoy for 15 minutes, I explained that it is rather difficult to organize such an appointment. But I also explained that perhaps Pisnoy will be able to take some other, less significant position, I suggested that, just in case, prepare my own plan for the development of the Saratov region. I advised this to Pisny, as I had already come across the collection of documents necessary for employment, and I knew that this could make a difference. After that I accompanied Pisny to the elevator and returned to the office. I kept Pisny's resume. Subsequently, I showed my resume to Martynov when he returned, and he explained that the appointment of Pisny to such a position is impossible. Martynov did not name specific reasons. After that, I called Sigauri and explained that the appointment of Pisny to the post of governor of the Saratov region is impossible. Sigauri listened and said that he understood me.

Question: Did you have the authority or ability to decide the issue of appointing Pisnoy to the post of governor or any other public office?

 Answer: No, I did not have such powers, I could only consult with Martynov. If he had approved Pisny's candidacy, I would have asked Martynov to introduce me to Volodin (I knew that Martynov was on good terms with him) in order to try to resolve Pisny's question. "

To be continued

Tomasz Wisniewski