Source: continues to analyze the archive of the Spanish special services, which carefully recorded the negotiations and actions of dubious Russians who have chosen the resorts of the Kingdom. They were primarily interested in the “godfather” of St. Petersburg Gennady Petrov and his entourage. And it included many interesting people, for example, State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and ex-defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Reznik respectfully refers to the mafiosi as "the leader" and shares a private jet with him. The authoritative businessman Ilya Traber (Anikvar) also used the same plane. In turn, Petrov has his own authority. In a conversation with his son Anton, he calls ex-defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov "the first". The first one is often asked to solve various problems at the level of government and business.

   In this article, you can listen to the conversations of the "godfather" of St. Petersburg Gennady Petrov with his son Anton. Anton is the father's assistant in his affairs. On the first entry, Petrov Sr. talks about airplanes, steamers and the First. "Airplanes" and "steamships" are about the FLC and the UAC, which Petrov actually took under his control. He decides who to appoint to these structures, what loans will go to these structures, how to withdraw these billions correctly, etc. At FLC, he is assisted by the head of this company Nail Malyutin. Malyutin also brings various topics, and Petrov, through his high-ranking friends, undertakes to solve them. One of his main contactees according to the "Reshalov" is a man who is called "Upper", "First". We are talking about ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. And Petrov also talks about his friend Igor Sobolevsky, who at the time of the conversation was deputy chairman of the Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor's Office (UPC) of the Russian Federation.

On a record published by, Gennady Petrov tells his son that everything is going fine on the planes. This topic was discussed with the First. “We can also build a good scheme for steamers. We must meet with the First, and you still speak. It goes well on steamers. We have our own shipyard, which we will buy. Sergei wants to meet on the steamer. And they talked to Abramov, ”Gennady Petrov shares with his son“ Antosha ”very much.

Anton replies that he discussed everything with Nail Malyutin.

"It can be done very powerfully according to the sovereign's proposal," Petrov continues to admire.

Anton is also pleased - "a lot of interesting topics." And the most interesting is from a certain Electrician.

“The first is okay. We must meet. The electrician is waiting for your call. The man said we will try. With you even in a whirlpool ", - replies Gennady Petrov.

  The report of the preliminary investigation of the Spanish court in the case of the Russian mafia, which was published by the Infobomb telegram channel, contains a detailed dossier on two more partners of Gennady Petrov - Deputy of the State Duma Vladislav Reznik and his wife, banker Diana Gindin. ... “Vladislav Reznik and Diana Gindin. Despite the public position held by Mr. Reznik, he is in a subordinate position in relation to Petrov, to whom he addressed in one of the telephone conversations as “our leader”, “leader”, “our everything” (in a conversation dated January 1 2008, at 14:21:04). Mr. Reznik is responsible for the implementation of the required and necessary actions, both legal and illegal (trade in communications, confidential information, etc.) at the highest levels of the Russian Federation, acting in the interests of Petrov and the organization that is subordinate to him. In a number of cases, Mr. Reznik acts with extreme caution, taking security measures in his relationship with Mr. Petrov, postponing the transfer of information until a personal meeting, and also interacting with members of criminal gangs using the appropriate manner of speech. Maintains close direct contact with Mr. Petrov, sharing with him the right to use the same private jet, they often communicate and meet periodically in person. The court case indicates a conversation of 26/01/2008 (at 13:14:25), where Mr. Anton Petrov calls his father, Mr. Gennadios Petrov: "Both are talking about the same private jet that PETROV and REZNIK use for of their movements, and they say that they pay 154 for leasing an airplane, to this amount it is necessary to add another 200 thousand for flights, just for two the plane costs them about 400 thousand; Anton says that REZNIK uses the plane more often. " As already mentioned, Mr. Gennadios Petrov has a private jet leased, which he uses for most of his trips abroad. In addition, this aircraft is in the use of two more persons who are very closely associated with it in the grouping under investigation, we are talking about Mr. Vladislav Reznik and Mr. Ilya Traber (crime boss). In this regard, we can cite as an example a conversation of February 3, 2008 (according to the report of the Spanish Civil Guard of September 17, 2008 on wiretapping the phone 629 587977), during which Mr. Reznik himself tells Mr. Petrov that he is trying contact Mr. Ilya Traber.

In fact, this aircraft is shared by Mr. Petrov and Reznik, while Mr. Reznik uses the jet more often. The court concluded that Mr. Petrov was using Mr. Reznik's influence so that people associated with the organization accountable to Petrov could occupy key positions in the Russian administration, sending the organization's requests to the authorities and taking part in resolving conflicts with others. criminal gangs. One example of this is the conversation of February 5, 2008 (report of the Spanish Civil Guard Guardia Civil dated September 17, 2008 on wiretapping 629 587977), where Mr. Petrov refers to Reznik in order to use Reznik and his connections (dated 10/08 / 2007. at 14:35:33): "PETROV calls Ilya TRABER and informs him that in October he intends to make a trip to Russia, since he wants to settle scores with some people from that country and will try to make them to achieve this goal, he informs him that he is holding meetings with a number of people and that some of these meetings will be held in Madrid; PETROV intends to go to Madrid, accompanied by Vladislav REZNIK, in the coming dates. " On 20/12/2007 at 11:58:59: "Anton called PETROV. Anton says that he called" FIRST "(we are talking about Defense Minister Anatoly SERDYUKOV), taking advantage of the fact that he is in Moscow, since Slava (available in mind Vladislav REZNIK) asked to give him one letter on his behalf. " Mr. Serdyukov recently served in a criminal corruption case (RF). The relationship between Messrs Petrov and Reznik is also economic in nature, which is associated with their activities in Spain and Russia. The investment activities of the Reznik-Gindin spouses cannot be called transparent: in the companies through which they conduct operations, the last beneficiary (or who exactly is the beneficiaries) is not indicated. unless there are investigations into the shadow side of the matter. As in the case of the investment operations carried out by Mr. Reznik and Mrs. Gindin together with Mr. Petrov, as well as a number of other money laundering activities, the spouses were aware of the status of the leader that Mr. Petrov holds in the criminal group.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov