Source: continues to talk about the "miracles" performed by the leadership of the SU Department of internal Affairs TSAO. First and foremost we are talking about the head of the 2nd Department Irina Shineaway and its Director Anton Pankow. They previously worked in the 12th Department of GSU GU MVD in Moscow and took part in a lot of very interesting stories. In particular, - in detention of the largest shadow banker Evgeny Dvoskin. But fairly quickly, Dvoskin of the enemy turned into a friend. And the result of this friendship was that he became the owner of the General Bank, which later turned into one of the main banks of the Crimea. 

In the production Irina Sineeva was case No. 2162 initiated under part 2 of article 172 of the criminal code (illegal banking activity) according to the materials of the 4th Service Management "To" SEB FSB of Russia. With this service for a very long time close punks and Sineeva. Within the framework of this case, many searches were conducted, including those of Yevgeny Dvoskin, who then held the position of adviser to the Chairman of GenBank. Dvoskin was not the owner of the Bank. After the search, he was detained and taken for questioning. The fact that Dvoskin has to do with large cash transactions has never been a secret. That's why they brought him to the address. 

Evgeny Dvoskin also had powerful patrons in the FSB, so the situation that threatened him with landing, has changed dramatically. Was awarded the plot by extortionists, who wanted $ 1 million. The US Dvoskin for the failure of his responsibility. Sineeva and Co. also can not touch it was because of their patrons, therefore, limited to intermediaries. Shaking down Dvoskin arrested a small-time fixer of Vladimir Berezkina, a former investigator of the GUS GU MVD of Russia, and then lawyer Alexander Burchuk. Wanted announced a major solver Elan Antonov.

In the course of the MPAS recorded conversations of the victim and Barrachina and there are interesting moments. So, Evgeny Dvoskin States the following: "I will receive some guarantees after I close all questions,". This phrase is always given to the FSB of Russia at the instruction below to make the extortion. But the most interesting phrase to which it would be worth paying attention, according to, such: "I pray God that Beloborodov was detained. Because he is the only person who can give sane testimony and say that I had nothing to do with this Bank". Konstantin Beloborodov then owned 7.5 % of the General Bank, and in reality And imagine, upstairs Dvoskin heard. And helped in the process just Sineeva. The thing about cashing sharply seen from Dvoskin and directed toward Beloborodova. He was put on the wanted list and then arrested.

  And Evgeny Dvoskin mysteriously from the adviser to the Chairman suddenly became a co-owner of the General Bank.  The official data of the Bank of Russia and the list of founders of the Bank from 03.02.2014 g. indicate the following: Elena Gomenyuk (15,79 %), Alexander mimran (7.6 percent), Konstantin Beloborodov (7,5 %), Love Podilska (7, 25%), Gennady Kostrov (7%), Gulnara Alimova (7%), Eugene Nenashev (6, 97%), Alexander Savin (6,7%), Gregory School (6,57%), Vladimir Kuznetsov (5,6 %), Nikolay Ignatov (5,3 %), Arthur Chechetkin (4.71 per cent), Alina Ermolenko (4,54%) and Sergey Rybalko (or 4.54 %).

As you can see, Konstantin Beloborodov had 7.5 % of the Bank's shares, and his girlfriend Gulnar Alimov recorded 7%. However, the adviser of the "GenBank" Evgeny Dvoskin some reason prays that the bodies found founder Konstantin Beloborodov. And when the latter is detained, Dvoskin will become an official shareholder (7.2 %). Also under its control will pass the 7 % Gulnara alimovoy.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin