Source: Boris Basati continues to talk about the sad fate of the 87-year-old legend of Soviet intelligence. In 2013, he had a great grief. His son died, the millionaire Vyacheslav Basati. After him, the elderly man and his family should have inherited more than $ 250 million. However, here suddenly showed up Igor Kesaev. It was Vyacheslav Kesaeva brought into profitable status and projects. And here Kesaev announces distinguished the whole country to the old man like Vyacheslav nothing left but a gigantic debt. And these debts, including Chechens, who have already prepared looking for someone to get the money. The generous Kesayev still holds them back, but can stop doing it and then the legendary scout will have problems. From the "lordly shoulder" Kesaev offers Boris Basati to take all the debts of Vyacheslav, put the old man's pension, and in return requires to sign some documents. Later it turned out that the legendary scout refused in favor of Kesayev from assets whose value exceeds 250 million dollars. publishes the second part of Basati's statement to law enforcement agencies.    

"However, after death of the son, Kesayev I. A. and Kobzev A. M. presented me the list of debts known from their words and assets of my son without any supporting documents. According to this paper (with handwritten notes Kesaeva) the debts of the son stood at $ 22 million and 77.8 million rubles, while its share in tower (for unknown reasons) accounted for 15.38% of the share of the SC "Merkuriy" - 1,8%. It is noteworthy that the portion of the assets of the son "disappeared" on the eve of his death.

In the composition of the debts of the son Kesaev has acknowledged a debt Khetagurovo in the amount of 7 500 sq. m. in the tower, ie, wrote about the latter in his statement. However, despite the obligation to pay off all debts without exception, until today the specified question between Kesayev and Khetagurov isn't settled, all written addresses of Khetagurov remained not answered that indirectly testifies that it is part of the General plan for capture of business of my son.

In this case, as fully described the assets Vyacheslav paper Kesaeva, I do not know, may exist or existed any more property, which I don't know, but I could be deprived, by signing the relevant documents within other documents that I brought packs on the signature Kobzev A. M., Kesaev I. A. and their agents. As well as I can't confirm reality and validity of the size of debt obligations of the son allegedly existing at the time of his death, except obligations to Khetagurov S. V.", - it is said in the document which has ahhh!

"After some time, apparently, completely re-registering the assets of my son, Kobzev and Kesayev communication with me abruptly stopped.

Approximately in the same period monthly payments which Kesayev started paying to me from the moment of signing by me of all papers demanded by it ceased to arrive.  After my written request addressed to I. A. Kesayev, I was offered to open a Bank account for transfer of funds by Bank transfer on the basis of the signed agreement. However, one Bank refused to open an account, explaining that the agreement signed by me is void. In Sberbank, I was also initially refused to conduct operations with the account on the basis of such an "agreement", but Kobzev was able to negotiate with the Bank's employees and the account was still opened. Subsequently, independent lawyers, who were approached by my daughter, concerned about the events, confirmed the Bank's conclusion.

Thus, taking advantage of my physical and mental condition, abusing my trust, misleading me about the real composition and value of my inheritance and the amount of debts of my son, Kesaev Ia and Kobzev a.m. re-issued in their favor the inheritance owed to me, which according to various estimates is not less than $ 200 million, in exchange for a promise to settle the alleged debts of his son in the amount of 22 million dollars. and 87.8 million rubles, as well as the promise of payment of monetary content for 15 years. In fact, instead of billion-dollar inheritance I was left with only a void document agreement dated 23.05.2014 city between me and Kesuvim I. A., signed in the presence Kobzeva A. M.

Based on the above, I urge You to verify the facts described in this statement and bring the perpetrators to justice in accordance with the Law.

Medical documents showing my physical condition at the time of the death of my son and at the time of signing the agreement, as well as the agreement itself is ready to provide on demand."

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov