Salvation - the question of reputation

According to the newspaper "Izvestia", said the head of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan Artem Zdunov.

Recall, the bank due to the large-scale withdrawal of funds clients in danger of losing the license. Tatfondbank, who was on the 42 th place in terms of assets in Russia, stopped work in the second decade of the last month, after an outflow of deposits due to the negative news about the relationship with the ROC problem bank "Relight". A couple of weeks Tatarstan bank lost more than 10 billion rubles.


According to the newspaper, the authorities subject Fedetratsii bank rescue is a matter of honor and reputation. The national government makes payment that lenders still will make concessions to the authorities and the Central Bank and agree to write off part of the funds to replenish capital Tatfondbank. Then the central bank instead of the revocation of a license may allow the reorganization of the credit institution.


"There is a lot of work to the bank has been sanitized," - told "Izvestia" Mr. Zdunov. According to the national Minister of Economics, the timing is too early to say. So far, the bank operates a temporary administration, conducting financial condition tests. Thus, all will become clear when the survey is completed.

"Savior" will become creditors

Tatfondbank could become the first credit organization "resurrects" not using public money (DIA and the Central Bank), and with funds of creditors. According to the Central Bank of idea, "rescuers" may be customers who in December 2016 were stored in the bank accounts of more than 100 million rubles. According to the received "News" information, financial regulator insists on this scheme.


The Central Bank is keeping silent about his intentions regarding Tatfondbank.


Apparently, for the salvation of Tatfondbank have to pay its main shareholder, the regional government. It should be noted that the authorities of the republic control more than half of the bank's capital, the rest belongs to the pre- eminence and legal entities of Tatarstan.


The readiness to transfer their deposits into shares Tatfondbank at his rehabilitation on Friday said "Tatneft" was holding in the bank 5.4 billion rubles. "What and how much can be converted it depends on the negotiation of such an operation (which was not yet)", - stressed in "Tatneft".

As you know, (about 8 percent of the company's share in the Russian Federation), the share of "Tatneft" accounts for over 80 percent of the production of "black gold" in the country.

Coffin Park Tinchurin

Meanwhile, Tatarstan banking crisis may entail political consequences. This is the opinion of renowned political scientist, head of the fund "Petersburg Politics" Mikhail Vinogradov. "The banking crisis in Tatarstan even require thinking, - says Mr. Vinogradov -. Events are developing rapidly, and the question is how far they will go."


As the political scientist, former force majeure situation in the Volga republic - whether it be a disaster of the ship "Bulgaria" or bursts of terrorist activity - did not have staffing implications. "While the credibility of the republican authorities is great" - Vinogradov said. Though, according to him, in Moscow, there are those who are dissatisfied with the self-sufficiency of Kazan.

At the same time, we note that the end of last week, the situation with the banks resulted in the country in protests. In the capital of the region affected investors "IntechBank" and brought to the park Tatfondbank Tinchurin coffin. According to local media, a total per share were approximately seventy participants.


People came from all over the region, with the protest action was held without the help of any social movements or parties. Protesters unfurled banners calling Tatfondbank and sanitize "IntechBank".