Source: continues to tell how in St. Petersburg the entire business associated with migrants was taken over by the family-power clan. The heroes are as follows: former deputy head of the St. Petersburg Federal Migration Service Sergei Smirnov; his nephew Anton Voronkov, head of the “M” department of the FSB of Russia in St. Petersburg; husband of Smirnov's daughter, that is, Voronkov's cousin, deputy head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Chaika.

Вячеслав Чайка

  According to the source, almost the entire UVM is now in the power of Voronkov and Co. All patents, migration registration of foreigners, etc. "Voronkov feels very confident thanks to his patrons," our source believes.

Meanwhile, the spheres that are under the control of the clan are expanding. For example, the owners of hostels, hostels and construction camps face difficulties in registering migration registration with the Federal Migration Service, at Tekstilshchiki, 15A, their guests from abroad.

The problem is not really a problem if we remove from this procedure "OWN", who climb without queues and in all windows to the inspectors of the FMS, occupying 85% of the total working time of all inspectors allotted for this work.

How does this happen. A foreign citizen (hereinafter “IG”) comes to temporary residence in a hostel, hostel or construction camp of a construction company (we will call all the latter “host”), the latter are OBLIGED to register the IG at the place of his stay (residence). Because At present, the entire registration of the IS migration register has been transferred to Tekstilshchiki 15A, then everyone comes there. BUT here the receiving party is faced with a problem related to the queues for the delivery of previously prepared documents to the inspector of the FMS. And this problem lies in the fact that a certain group of young people, consisting of about 8 people, led by a young guy named Shah (Shahzod), who is a citizen of another country, daily “seizing” all the windows for submitting documents to inspectors, leaves no chance submit your documents to the legal sector of this business.

And surprisingly, no one can get ahead of them. Moreover, he himself (Shah) sits in the windows in front of the inspectors and submits documents, stamping on them the seals of the companies "supposedly" of the receiving parties.

He and his wards have the MOST large volume of cases for ISIS to register for migration (to make it clear from 300 registrations per day; from 1500 per week; from 6000 per month).

And then the question arises how they do it, how they accept such a volume and do not ask uncomfortable questions, why the checks by law enforcement agencies do not go. Do they really have such a successful hotel business that, with closed borders, they accommodate 6,000 people every month, and every month they are different.

It is known that migration registration by the Occupants is carried out for three companies: Zabota LLC, PRK LLC, Investro.Pro LLC. There may be more companies for which migration registration is carried out.

It can be said more, there is no IS, according to the place of their registration, and never was, for one simple reason that copies of IS passports are collected from all over the city from various intermediaries and for a fee. Documents are also brought directly to the entrance to the FMS or in its vicinity.

But in fact, who supervises this group of persons ???? The answer is simple - the unit headed by Chaika. According to the source of, Anton Voronkov plays the role of a higher cover. Why do they stay in the service is a rhetorical question! Why aren't management checks assigned? - also ... this information in St. Petersburg can be confirmed by any merchant who has a relationship to the migration market.

P.S. Inside the building, visitors / representatives of legal businesses regularly demand the management of the FMS to give explanations on the above fact, about solving their problems associated with colossal difficulties in submitting documents to the inspector, but "Alas" the management does not appear in the hall and cannot do anything.

  To be continued

Alexey Ermakov