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The Central Bank of Russia revoked the license from Yugra Bank, although until recently, as reported, the issue of its rehabilitation was under consideration. Three factors contributed to the changes in the position of the Bank of Russia and its head, Elvira Nabiullina. First, checking the state of "Ugra" by the provisional administration confirmed the worst fears-the owner of the bank, Alexei Khotin, withdrew almost all the assets from it. "To revive" such a credit institution makes no sense. Secondly, Khotin himself instead of a normal dialogue began digging under the first deputy head of the Central Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin (who replaced Alexei Simanovsky, the long-time patron of Ugra and Khotin) and Nabiullin himself. Thirdly, Khotin went the beaten path and began to use the remaining links to block the robot CB against Yugra. Now the fate of the bank put a point. It remains only to put it against Khotin himself and the logical conclusion of his Russian career would be a criminal case, followed by a search.

He himself left Russia prudently, only through his PR people, saying that "he is at the office every day." Khotyn tells a very interesting version of his fall from the Olympus. According to, from one of the European countries, Alexei complains to friends that Igor Ivanovich Sechin personally gave the signal to him. Like, therefore, the powerful patrons of Khotin could not work, and not because he became an unnecessary bankrupt to anyone. According to Alexei's logic, Rosneft received a "leaky" Bashneft and to shut this hole, Sechin decided to get oil assets of Khotin. How true these rumors, dissolved by the owner of "Ugra", will show the time. But they cause a certain amount of doubt. By and large, the main asset of the Khotyn oil empire is the former senatoro, and now the vice president of Transneft, Mikhail Margelov. He, on behalf of Transneft, gave such preferences to the oil companies of Khotin, which some state structures do not have. What is not surprising is that Margelov is a longtime friend of Khotin, and his son Dmitri is headed by one of Alexei's structures.

The acquaintance of Khotin and Margelov, according to, occurred no later than 2008, when Margelov was a senator and head of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs. In October 2008, St. Petersburg hosted the Russian-German Forum "Petersburg Dialogue", to which Margelov was invited as a participant. With him, he was allowed to bring a couple of close friends. Do you know whom he chose? First, his close friend and adviser Dmitry Alexandrov. Together with this man, Margelov owns at least two apartments in Miami. And the second "guest from Margelov" was Alexei Khotin, the president of CJSC Integrated Investments, who was not known at that time. Alexandrov and Khotin received observer status at the Forum.

In 2014, Margelov took the post of vice president of Transneft and, according to, began his already business cooperation with Khotin.

         By this time, Alexey Khotin managed to seize a number of oil-producing enterprises, including "NK Dulisma", which entered the company controlled by him "Rus-Oil." Also, Khotin acquired a stake in the oil company Exillon Energy. The main shareholders of Exillon are offshore Honina Senegal International Agency ltd (29.99%) and another offshore Sinclare Holings Limited (26.69%). In total, they own 56.68%. Sinclare Holings Limited at the time of the purchase of shares Exillon belonged to another major raider Alexander Klyachin. However, it is known that he is not interested in oil industry at all. But Khotin and Klyachin are close friends, they have many joint "dark" deeds. Therefore, no one doubted that Klyachin was buying shares to immediately transfer them to the control of Khotin, who became the main owner of Exillon.

        As you know, not one oil-producing enterprise simply can not work without cooperation with Transneft, which is engaged in transportation of oil and oil products via main pipelines of Russia and CIS countries. Initially, in this state company, the raider and the newly-born oilman Khotin were hostile. As a savage who has climbed into an industry in which he does not understand anything. And they talked about it in Transneft openly.

And then Mikhail Margelov became the vice-president of the state company. And then huge benefits fell for the oil structures of Khotin from Margelov and Transneft. quotes a small excerpt from the expert report on the "strange features" of Transneft's activities announced in 2016: "The names of such oil companies as Kayum-oil are known today only in a narrow circle of oil market professionals, but as noted in the report Experts, it was this company that almost instantly became one of the largest oil sellers in the offshore. Now even large oil companies can face in ports with refusal in tanker transportation of oil, and for the same "Kayum-oil", "Tranenft" allocates in the port of Kozmino a special export schedule for almost 1.1 million tons of oil. "

According to, the owners of Kayum-Neft are two offshore companies - Benito Holdings Ltd (through Optima LLC) and Corewell Limited. The first is off-shore Khotina, and the second is 100% owned by Exillon Energy, which, in turn, is controlled by Khotin. Until February 2017, one of Khotin's managers managed Kayum-neft. This is Egorov Alexey Ivanovich. He is also the general director of CJSC "Crowncity", which is 100% owner of NC "Dulisma". This winter, Yegorov was succeeded by another manager, Khotin, as head of Kayum-neft.

         That is, "Kayum-neft", which, with the filing of the vice-president of Transneft, Mikhail Margelov, "unveiled" unprecedented export traffic belongs to his good friend Khotin. By the way, according to the CDU of the fuel and energy complex, the annual volume of oil production at Kayum-Neft is 0.51 million tons, and Transneft has opened twice its export traffic through Kozmino - 1.1 million tons of oil. What is this extra oil and where it came from is another story.

Soon after the arrival of Mikhail Margelov in Transneft, his native son Dmitry Mikhailovich Margelov, who was then only 24 years old, was appointed adviser to the chairman of the board of directors of JSC Rus-Oil, owned by Khotin. And in 2016, the young man went on promotion and took the chair of the general director of Exillon Energy. The same Khotyn company, which includes "Kayum-neft", receiving from the filing of Margelov, the elder, unprecedented preferences from "Transneft".

To this, we can add that the Central Bank's verification was established: a significant part of the funds withdrawn from Yugra went to the development of oil projects of Khotin and the Margelov family. It is clear that Alexei is counting on the help of an ex-senator. Can it help to ensure that oil assets are not chosen?

At the disposal of was the scheme of the oil empire of Alexei Khotin, which we publish. Explanations to it will be given in the nearest publications.

Source: Rucriminal