Source: was surprised to find that the publications, including our resource, about the dubious past of the owner of the company "Granel" Andrei Nazarov disappeared from the search engines. Interested in the causes of the incident, we contacted the search engines and found out that this was done at the request of lawyers Andrei Nazarov, who refer to the decision of the Kirovsky district court of Ufa (Bashkiria) as of August 8, 2011. found this judicial act and learned a lot of interesting things, both about the peculiarities of justice "from Nazarov", and about the personality of the judge who rendered the necessary decision to the owner of "Graneli".

The lawsuit filed by Nazarov's representatives in the Kirov court is truly unique. It generally does not have a defendant site, media, author, etc.-that is, a specific source of allegedly unreliable information about Andrei Nazarov. The lawsuit was filed about the dissemination of information inconvenient to the head of Graneli "on the Internet", without instructions, on which resources in the "World Wide Web" information appeared. Judge Munir Valeyev did not embarrass such a thing, and he began to conduct unique hearings "Andrei Nazarov against the Internet". From the text of the decision it follows directly that the respondent in this case is the "Internet". For example, someone would publicly say some information about Nazarov on the air of one of the TV channels, and he would file a lawsuit not to the offender and to the transfer, but in general to television. Therefore, it is not surprising that in these hearings there were no representatives of the defendant. They are not at all provided for in such an interesting form of hearing. Accordingly, no one could provide documents confirming the veracity of the information published about Nazarov.

As a result, Munir Valeev, according to, made a terrific decision. It sounds like this: "Recognize the above information, circulated on the Internet concerning Nazarov A.G. not true. " Thus, Valeev and the owner of "Graneli" built a perpetual document. In order not to write further journalists, even if they have a copy of the verdict against Nazarov, the latter already has a solution from Valeev, which allows to delete this information from the Internet. Readers say: "And such judges are still working?". And they will be absolutely right in their doubts. Exactly 11 months after such a strange decision in the interests of Andrei Nazarov, the Qualification Collegium of Judges decided to satisfy the submission of the Chairman of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and impose a disciplinary penalty on the chairman of the Kirovsky district court of Ufa Munir Valeyev in the form of early termination of his powers as a judge and chairman of the Kirovsky district court from November 9, 2012 from deprivation of his third qualifying class judge. And with disgrace drove Valeev from the judiciary, as found, with the following wording: "systematic violations of the requirements of the law" On the status of judges in the Russian Federation and the code of judicial ethics. " Behind this wording lies the fact that Judge Valeev made strange decisions in the interests of a number of plaintiffs, far from legislation and just reasonable appearances.

That's the whole explanation for the appearance of such a decision Valeev, with which Andrei Nazarov "cleans" the Internet. About other cases of cooperation Valeeva and the owner of "Graneli", will tell in the following publications. As long as we move on to the contested arguments in this case.

The main one concerns the conviction of Andrei Nazarov for hooliganism and rape. Valeev's decision reads: "According to the information of the main information and analytical center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Republic of Bashkortostan № 3 / 3-3340 dated 12.07.2011, information about the criminal record of Nazarov A.G. (personal data). on the territory of the Russian do not have. " Of course, I would very much like to see this information and study it. Most likely, the following took place. Nazarov was tried for a long time, back in 1986. Therefore, this conviction is considered canceled and information about it is transferred to the archives of information centers. But just in them information about Nazarov's conviction is present. Here is the extract that has at its disposal.

In 1986, the Sibaysky GOVD for Andrei Nazarov was opened criminal case 0024219 on two articles of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR - 117 (rape) and 206 (hooliganism). The investigation went on for almost two years and then the case was transferred to the Baimak District People's Court of the Bashkir USSR. The court found Nazarov guilty, but ordered an extremely mild punishment-three years' imprisonment on probation with a probation period of one year. On August 8, 2008, a card about Nazarov's conviction was transferred to the archive.

Therefore, the owner of "Graneli" can indefinitely show "decisions from Valeev" that 2 + 2 = 5, but from the truth you can not go anywhere.

A similar story happened with Nazarov's "false" diploma of higher education, but we will tell about it another time.

This whole story should cause serious concerns among the buyers of apartments from the Graneli and the participants in the shared construction. If the owner of the company easily obtains such decisions of the courts, then, as the believes, buyers should not wait for justice and honesty in relations with Granle.


To be continued


Mikhail Ermakov