On June 4, 2020, the Moscow City Court released Alexander Sytin Alexander, accused under Article 132, part 4, "b" (pedophilia), right in the courtroom. As it became known to, this is not the first time that the owner of a brand new Ferrari Sytin, who appears to be an agent of the "K" Department of the FSB of Russia and the son of a retired lieutenant general of the KGB, leaves criminal prosecution.

2011-2015. Capital accumulation.

According to the interlocutors, until in 2015 the Central Bank revoked the license from Russtroybank, from 2012 to 2015. Sytin helped the bank to obtain ownership of a building in Moscow and the region for a penny. The company that owned the building was artificially bankrupt by him, then Sytin went to the officials he knew and changed the parameters of the non-investment, reducing its cost several times. After this, the buildings were transferred to the bank. The appetites of Sytin and the bank managers grew. When the Central Bank suspected that something was wrong with the bank, Sytin, through one-day firms, helps the bank's management to withdraw depositors' funds. According to the bank's employees, the average size of the transfer then amounted to 100 million rubles. The bank was closed, the management successfully fled to the United States, and for 2020, the claims of the DIA are around 10 billion rubles.

Despite the fact that back in 2017 the investigation proved Sytin's guilt in a number of episodes, the investigation against him was suddenly terminated.


At large, Sytin is building a number of facilities in the Moscow region with the money raised. Without approvals, without obtaining permits - why, if there is a criminal scheme worked out over the years to legalize land plots and real estate objects through his contacts in MosoblBTI and other departments for a bribe. Since the fraud is sewn with white thread, Sytin runs in panic to a rally in support of Ivan Golunov and says from the stage that he is illegally accused of “stealing spoons”. A month later, Kommersant checks the information - Sytin is guilty of bribery and is being investigated.

Significant witnesses in the case are not interrogated, Sytin provides fake health certificates and remains at large.

2020. Pedophilia.

Sytin is being sued by a victim of his harassment, who at the time of the “friendship” was only 13 years old. According to a source, Sytin was often noticed in companies with minors. He came to them in a Ferrari convertible. The victim is tested on a polygraph - it's all true. Sytin is not being tested. According to the information provided and probably fake, "for health reasons" the court is becoming more and more lenient towards him, ignoring the circus in the form of leaving the court in an ambulance. Already in early June, Sytin's lawyer from Padva & Partners, hired for a fabulous fee, boasts of being released on his Instagram: the court releases him under house arrest for 2 months. A few weeks later, while still under arrest, Sytin is seen in the office of Valery Ivarlac, the second person in the Moscow Region IC, whom the media accused of having Moldovan citizenship. The loudest scandal of Valery Ivarlak is the death in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center of an elderly entrepreneur Vera Trifonova, who suffered from diabetes mellitus and during her imprisonment her kidneys almost failed and her eyesight disappeared. The preventive measure was not changed for her then, and four months later Trifonova died of complications. After this scandal, Ivarlak and his subordinates were fired from the UK, and then suddenly reinstated back.

Now, apparently, the Central Office of the TFR will understand the peculiarities of communication between Sytin and Ivarlak.

 Yuri Prokov

To be continued