Relatives of the vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Anna Minkova, who is responsible for the social block in the structure of the regional authorities, have begun to build a new scheme for the development of considerable budget funds. It seems that this time the goal is to redirect the financial flow directed to school meals to the family pocket through the firms and firms of the relatives of the deputy governor. Details - at

Анна Минькова

Over the years of her socially oriented work, Anna Minkova has repeatedly given rise to loud accusatory statements by the leaders of the Russian political elite. From among those who flicker on TV channels and like to speak out "for the people, for the people." Anna Alekseevna herself somehow does not really sympathize with the people, which, at times, splashes out in her speeches. Immediately raising with his promulgated "wisdom" waves of righteous, albeit stupid indignation of the Russian political elite. At the end of July last year, Minkova stirred up the whole country with her next bureaucratic rudeness. At a meeting with the parents of future first-graders, one of the mothers complained that her child was not accepted into an overcrowded school (and in Krasnodar, based on building codes, today, with about a hundred existing secondary educational institutions, there are not enough of them about four dozen ).

  - This is your husband's choice - to work 1.5 thousand kilometers from home and not take part in raising children. It is your choice to have children. Do you want me to say this?

The main fair Russian - Sergey Mironov - immediately took into account the conjuncture of the all-Russian parental indignation with this message, and decided to pick up populist points for himself.

“Punishment for bureaucratic rudeness is a fine or disqualification for up to a year, that is, forced removal from civil service. If the Krasnodar authorities themselves do not make organizational conclusions, it is just right to apply this rule. And if this is not done, we will ask the regional prosecutor's office - why the article of the Code of Administrative Offenses does not operate in the region, ”the chief of the party said.

Now it is obvious that these words have a place, perhaps, on toilet paper. That is where they would be most effective. For Sergei Mikhailovich did not take into account one thing: the incredible ability of Minkova to avoid even the slightest responsibility not only for what was said, but also for what she did.

True, this impudent Kuban official also had times when there were doubts about her own untouchability. Some time ago, desperately brave Kuban law enforcement officers began to dig under it. Then, in order to certainly avoid criminal consequences, the vice-governor decided to become ... a mother. And simultaneously with the birth of twins, Minkova received, even in the event of a worse outcome, guarantees of freedom in accordance with Article 82. Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. "Delay of serving a sentence." "A pregnant woman, a woman with a child under the age of fourteen ... the court may defer the actual serving of the sentence until the age of fourteen."

        The reason for the crime that did not take place at that time, those in the know, was the scam played by Minkova with a two-story building, where the Krasnodar city polyclinic No. 16 now lives. The publication said that the vice-governor received a 595.4 square General Trosheva, 41). Through repeated rewriting of ownership rights to figureheads, the premises - an extension to a high-rise building, turned out to be the property of Minkova's mother-in-law, Tatyana Mochalova. The mother of her second in a row, young husband Stanislav Mochalov (the first husband, to whom Minkova confessed her strong love in all previous interviews with the Kuban media, peacefully dumped into the fog, having received a very sickly directorship in the Printing Yard of Kuban as a kalym, - the publishing house was very successful mastering the budget, printing almost all regional districts and other power tediousness). The building "Non-family" began to lease the city polyclinic No. 16. Initially, for 400 thousand rubles a month. Rooms No. 94-118 (1st floor of the extension with 25 offices) and 156-176 (second floor, 21 offices) were leased.

Contract No. 7 dated October 30, 2019, IP Mochalova T.Yu. the premises were leased to the State Budgetary Institution of Health Care "City Clinic No. 15 of Krasnodar". And on the same day - October 30, Mochalova, as the only supplier, had her first victory in public procurement, under state contract 231103900419000017. Over the last two months of the year, on behalf of her daughter-in-law Minkova, she was forfeited her first rent - 893,100 rubles.

Bottom line: Minkova sued the authors of the article. And as all the pro-government Kuban media then enthusiastically narrated, “justice has triumphed!” - as always, an unbiased Kuban court b yl severe and merciless in the execution of the will of the regional leadership. Minkov was recognized as right in everything. The size of the satisfied claim of the “offended” unmercenary woman was especially touching - 1 ruble! But what served as an argument for the court in making such a decision was not mentioned in any of the Kuban reports "from the courtroom." The journalists who brought this bureaucratic abomination into the light of day "got a hole" in one thing - they called Tatyana Mochalova a member of the Minkova family. And the Family Code of the Russian Federation does not consider the mother-in-law to family members. So, according to the indicators of the Family Code, it was not the family who arranged this scam with a building with an area of \u200b\u200bunder 600 squares, but the mother of the young husband. Which is not a member of the family at all. True, for some reason, the glorious Krasnodar court, in no way dependent on the norms of the law, did not even look at the fact that the family (already in the interpretation of the Family Code) of the vice-governor was still present in the scam. The responsible person on the part of his mother-landlord was his son - Mochalov Stanislav Vladimirovich, the husband of Anna Alekseevna Minkova.


In the Krasnodar Territory, an unshakable sign clearly, without any exceptions, operates: with an officially poor official, there is always a rich spouse (husband or wife, depending on the gender of the official), who generously earns his numerous talents, or a son-daughter, an enterprising mother -father or unexpected business women in the face of elderly, blind, deaf, but very advanced grandmothers in terms of multi-million dollar business. And since Minkova is now officially designated by the court as clean as a tear of corruption, it would be interesting to see who is now responsible for the financial fullness of the family (well, “non-family”).

And here the role of the young husband - Stasik Mochalov - is difficult to overestimate. His main talent, however, like the talent of his mother, Tatyana Yuryevna, is comparable to the features of the mythical King Midas. With a slight difference: the greedy king begged the gods to grant him a miracle: everything he touches turns into gold (as a result, he died of hunger, because you can’t really gnaw on golden bread or a golden chicken leg). The Mochalovs have a different kind of talent: everything they touch in terms of business turns into bankrupt dust. But since there is enough wealth and unclaimed property in the region, ruin does not really affect the family.

How loudly, for example, the Mochalovskaya family pizzeria "23 centimeters" was presented. Named as envious evil tongues used to say in honor of the length of Anna Alekseevna's male happiness. From June 1, 2018 to the present, the director of 23 cm LLC is Mochalov S.V. (TIN 2309167665. 350063. Krasnodar, Rashpilevskaya st., 23, office 21. “Activities of restaurants and cafes with full restaurant service, cafeterias, fast food and self-service restaurants.”)

At the opening, the beau monde was present. Mostly friends-officials and other hangers-on, mostly from a social group. But when the beau monde realized over time that the purchase of unremarkable products "23 centimeters" is not included in the circle of their official duties, which means that it makes no sense to buy Minkovskaya pizza, the company actually went bankrupt. Franchising St. Petersburg co-founders Kayirov and Petukhov did not help. At the moment, the pizza point, located in the very center of Krasnodar, next to the building of the regional administration, does not operate. Not only that, "23 centimeters" turned out to be unique in terms of ruin by such a public catering enterprise. Other central Krasnodar cafes-barchiks are quite flourishing. And "23 cm" today are the defendants in five litigations. There is no profit. Only JSC "Waste-cleaning company" pizza "23 cm" owes 223 thousand rubles. And not only them alone.

It is not at all surprising how such unsuccessful pizza masters were able to grab the building in the center. The father of Stanislav's husband is Vladimir Mochalov, the first deputy manager of the affairs of the Government of the Krasnodar Territory. Below it is all regional property: premises, bases, cars. So, with the allocation of the necessary premises for their relatives, there have never been problems. The problem was that these relatives of the business they started could not give mind.


But the “family-non-family” Minkova-Mochalovs did not abandon the idea of ​​conquering public catering.

And not just catering outlets, but food companies that could take on the heavy burden of supplying hot meals to schools in the region. This is a guaranteed part of the regional budget expenditures. And as the hero of one of the miniatures of the Soviet Arkady Raikin used to say. “With us, what you protect is what you have.”

A little over a year ago, the mother of Minkovsky's husband, Tatyana Mochalova, bought out a 50% stake in Manu LLC. The legal address is the house adjacent to the "23 cm" (TIN 2365028175. Krasnodar, Rashpilevskaya st. 24, room 3-6). These 50 percent of Manu LLC (which until January 2020 was called Fyuti-Fyu LLC) belonged to Georgis Budagov, a resident of Tuapse. The company's assets are a coffee shop in Tuapse and a coffee shop at the corner of Rashpilevskaya and Mira streets in Krasnodar. The second co-founder of "Manu" - Patsar (Bachinskaya) Elena A natolyevna. The director of the LLC is her husband, Aleksey Nikolaevich Patsar.

Another purchase by Tatyana Mochalova looks at first glance even more strange - in April 2022, she buys a 50% stake in Manumania LLC from Alexey Patsar. (TIN 2365029789, Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse, Internatsionalnaya st., 8 kv.21).

The main activities of this office are the same as those of Manu LLC. But at the same time, the company does not provide tax reporting, the required licenses for these types of activities have not been issued.

It should be noted that another enterprise of Alexei Patsar, LLC Sosisli, is registered at the same address. (“Restaurant activities and food delivery services”), which also does not conduct any activity today. While not leading.

The question is why buy zero firms? To breathe new life into them? But as that very life showed, with the mother-in-law of the vice-governor, this is somehow not very good. She has been a sole proprietor since October 2015. And being the founder of LLC Kuban Cossack Bread, she achieved little. And its Industrial Investment Company Everest LLC is now in the bankruptcy stage. The only financial successes of the "family-non-family" of the vice-governor happen only when they stick to the regional budget. Which is successfully proved by the same rental of premises for the 16th Krasnodar polyclinic. The rent of which is paid from the budget according to the documents with the visa of Anna Minkova.

All these potyagki, with incomprehensible at first glance, purchases-assignments of the shares of "Manu-Manumaniy", and "Sosissley" who joined them, at first glance may look like an attempt by the family to start mastering the seaside catering market. Which seems to be logical. Glorious Russians, deprived of almost all the opportunities to swim, eat and drink in foreign resorts, will rush to the Black Sea coast, where, with due promptness of new restaurateurs, visits to Manu Sosissley cannot be avoided. But, as already noted, if there is no way to generously milk the budget, then any enterprises close to Minkova are doomed to deafening bankruptcy failures.

Here another scheme is set up - the development of the budget for hot meals for schoolchildren. Moreover, all the preparatory work has apparently already been carried out. There are people responsible for the auction, there is a vice-governor's daughter-in-law who approves any budgetary spending on social issues, there are already bought out enterprises in which quite criminal-adequate accomplices work.


Let's go through the schemes of connections and interactions. From November 2015 to May 2018, Stanislav Mochalov, Minkova's current husband, was the head of the State Treasury Institution of the Krasnodar Territory, the Center for Strengthening the Material and Technical Base of Education, attached by the father. The main activities are the implementation of measures for the construction, overhaul and reconstruction of buildings of educational institutions, equipping them with means of education and upbringing, organizing the transport of students, ensuring the safety of educational institutions, providing students with textbooks, catering for schoolchildren.

  According to the activities for the construction of new schools, it makes no sense to repeat. When there are already 1 “I” classes in Krasnodar, it is not surprising that Minkova, during meetings with indignant parents, spins like a frying pan and is rude. Non-working interactive whiteboards, long-extinguished projectors in classrooms, bought at three prices, repairs made exclusively at the expense of parents - these are the main signs of the current equipment of the regional education. But "Organization of meals for schoolchildren" has become an interesting topic for the family of the vice-governor this year.

There are more than scandals regarding the provision of food for Kuban schoolchildren in the education sector supervised by Minkova. Either in Tuapse, children are deprived of hot meals and they are being delivered “dishiraki” since September 1, or in Novorossiysk, rogue suppliers are cheating with prices. Then in Sochi, a whole school food plant, inherited from the Olympics, you will not understand in whose interests it works.

And how not to make money in this troubled water? Moreover, the former Mochalovsky state institution responsible for food, now under the command of quite its little man - Vladimir Chernykh. Chernykh has been in charge of the office since June 2019. He is the former head of the capital construction department of the Krasnodar Customs. After he was asked to leave his post there, he tried himself (without much success) in various commercial structures, until, under the patronage of Stanislav Mochalov, he was accepted into the civil service.

But there is no better official-accomplice than a careerist who owes everything to a benefactor.

Experts in the Kuban layouts are already predicting the chain along which budget money will flow for the good cause of providing food for schoolchildren to the family and other relatives of Vice-Governor Minkova.

The structures directly subordinated to it, which are responsible for the formation of lots for school meals, will organize the auction in such a way that the victories in them mainly go to either “family” Minkovo-Mochalovsky firms, or to those enterprises who agree to use these firms on a subcontract. In order not to impudently indicate Minkovsky's interest, but as if to shade it slightly.

What it will be, so there is little doubt. Just look at the biographies of the family's new business partners.

Who else is registered there at the legal address of the new family enterprise Manumania LLC, in Tuapse on the street. Internatsionalnaya, 8, apt. 21? Mochalova Larisa P. Not a namesake - a close relative. Although she is a lady with a unique criminal biography and good connections. For example, deductions to state funds to the personal accounts of Mochalova L.P. were made from Trest-2 LLC in the city of Tuapse (the leading construction company in Tuapse, construction of housing and commercial facilities). This is the main contractor of the Tuapse refinery.

Larisa Petrovna has enough convictions for a book. Basically it is 159 Art. UK - Fraud. And Art. 174 - "legalization of income and property acquired by knowingly criminal means."

The criminal biography of this aunt Mochalova starts back in 1996, when she fraudulently acquired the apartment of the applicant Dyakin L.N, causing him damage of 80 million rubles. Then: - by deception, she took possession of money in the amount of 2,000 US dollars, which belonged to citizen Vereshchak N.S. Then, by abuse of trust, the fraudster took possession of the property of a citizen Yuricheva O.N. Then, under the guise of selling an apartment, she exhausted the money belonging to c. Trefilova A.P. Then she committed fraudulent actions against citizen V.A. Zholtikov ... These and a dozen more similar crimes were committed back in the alarming 90s. Some of the victims even attracted local thieves to return debts. Tuapse thieves then responded to the call of the unfortunate robbed. On a hot day on July 2, 1990, the muddy punks carried a lot out of Mochalova's apartment, stealing a wet asphalt-colored BMW as well. And although the statement about the theft from Mochalova was ultimately called “deliberately false” (she knew who and who endured it, and why such a robbery fate befell her), even such a “Chinese warning” did not affect the citizen. The scams continue...

Even her son ended up feeling uncomfortable for his mother. And Alexey Nikolaevich Mochalov changed his last name to ... Patsar. Well, yes, this is precisely the new partner of the cunning relatives of Vice-Governor Minkova. In addition, the member of this “NON-family” himself. And now, to someone, but now to Patsar A., and Mochalov A. by birth, the popular wording “Apple tree from apple tree” is somehow not very suitable.

Today, in relation to Patsar A.N. There are 23 enforcement proceedings totaling 2,887,174 rubles. According to the results of lawsuits for debt under lease agreements, Patsar owes another 1,300,000 rubles. (this is with regard to his business talents). And this “businessman”, although worthless, but now treated kindly by his kindred environment, also turned out to be a master. In the early 2000s, then the toga was still just a collector and also Mochalov A.N. more than once he beat his first wife, threatened her with pistols, inflicted bodily harm even on his son, Artem (which is reflected in the statements of his ex-wife).

In general, a worthy partner. Although ... Maybe at least the second wife of Patsar gives at least a little hope for the commercial success of the companies, which included the Minkovo-Mochalovsky ones?

We look. Patsar (Bachinskaya) Elena Anatolyevna, owns LLC "Rimini" (TIN 7017299695, Krasnodar, Uralskaya St., 79/1 letter Zh, room 52. "Wholesale trade in juices, mineral water and other soft drinks"). And there is nothing like financial success. The company is currently in liquidation.

And here is the most interesting question: with all that huge administrative resource that Vice Governor Minkov has, and, accordingly, unlimited opportunities for obtaining reliable information about the business and details of the biography of any Kuban entrepreneur, why the choice fell on such. Bold, roguish, who had considerable conflicts with the law in the past, the only thing they know how to do is to bring the matter to the liquidation of their inexpressive enterprises? The fact that they are relatives is one thing. But first of all, because it is precisely such regional officials who develop their cunningly inverted left-wing schemes for the development of the budget for their own pockets that they need. Especially when it comes to stable expenditure items of the budget. There aren't that many of them. Among the stably corrupt industries are road construction and repair ... Here, billions are scammed by the regional bureaucrats (we'll tell you more). Corruption-promising is also “landscaping and landscaping” (and here the “development” of budgetary funds has already been worked out to perfection in the Krasnodar Territory - you can’t look without tears how many square kilometers of lawns have to be re-paved, and how many flower-bushes of trees dry, and they are forced to to replace the unspeakable beauty of the Kuban and go and prove how much really landscaped has dried up and taken to the trash). And now, school meals. This is also a stable budget flow. And as the governor himself wisely noted in his time Author of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev, answering a journalistic question about the fact that officials swear too much in the Kuban: “But you, if you were sitting by this budget stream, wouldn’t you take a stream to yourself?”.

And in the end, I would like to turn to the leader of A Just Russia. Comrade Mironov, there is no need to shake the air with your poignant statements about Minkova's arrogance, rudeness, or theft. Because this time, everything will end in nothing. You will be uncomfortable afterwards. You, due to your romanticism and ideolism, which is not vital in the current Kuban conditions, think that at least something can change in the Krasnodar Territory now. But the wording: “the power structures of the Krasnodar Territory were struck by corruption” has long lost its meaning. If something struck something, then there is hope for a successful amputation. There is no hope for such surgery. Because the Kuban truth is simpler: "Corruption is the unshakable foundation of the Kuban power." Corruption is the main Kuban industry. The most successful one.

  Now Minkova with her "non-family" is completing the construction of a structure for the development of a good part of the budget. And by the beginning of next year, we think, it will be quite easy to predict the winners of the auctions in the direction entrusted to her. These are either firms of relatives, or firms that, having won the planned victories at the auction, will immediately begin to conclude contracts with the Minkovskys for the supply of food to school canteens. The surrogate motherhood of the vice-governor only contributed to the strengthening of her surrogate care for the Kuban social sphere, which, unfortunately, is in her charge.

Not so long ago, an absurd topic surfaced in another VTsIOM poll: “positive changes in the social sphere after the start of the SVO.” The Kuban participants in the polls noted among the positive the possibility of signing up for the necessary narrow specialist on the Internet. That with monthly queues at regional clinics, it would probably be a blessing if ... If the same participants in opinion polls did not note that it is not possible to do this over the Internet. Basically. This, in fact, is all that you need to know for a correct assessment of the work of Minkova A.A.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued