Last week Runet actively discussed hashtag young Russian model Natalia Gorchakova # skazochnoeBali, Essential on an island in Indonesia. Joked - forgotten, but then with some delay on the joke reacted main Russian news channel Russia 24. Frankly, we are somewhat taken aback when he saw on the evening prime-time channel just such a picture.


After watching the story, we decided to find out who are the people who make decisions about the "ether" of a topic on the public channel. To do this, first we have used social networks.

Chief editor of "Russia 24", Mr. Eugene Snipes, has a page to Facebook. Nothing unusual. Photo with colleagues, photo with family and friends. It remains to be happy for Mr. Bekasova on holidays to drink champagne Dom Perignon 1996.

The main producer of TV channel, Mr. Vladimir Prudnikov, the character has appeared a very different sort. Produced by actively using the network Vkontakte. Reading got curious.

Judging by the numerous photos on the personal page, in January 2017, "Russia-24" Vladimir Prudnikov rested in a luxury Crimean hotel "Mriya"