Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg told the Financial Times about how his life changed when the us Treasury Department in 2018 imposed sanctions against him. This is the "first big interview" billionaire Western edition since their introduction, the newspaper said."All my life I have tried to be a man of the world... I moved the whole family in the United States — said Vekselberg. — I would never be able to predict what will be the situation in which I now found".In addition to the ban on doing business with Americans and isolation from the American financial system, Vekselberg faced another problem due to sanctions — he can not come to his daughter and grandson living in new York, writes FT.

The billionaire admits that he still does not understand why sanctions were imposed against him: "of Course, I met with Putin. But many met with him, and did it more often, and they had more topics to discuss. Many people tell me that it's something else," he told the newspaper.

About "something else" at the time close friends wrote Victor paly - once the head and owner of one of the largest Russian oil companies "Nizhnevartovskneftegaz". Wrote a letter paly almost 10 years ago, when he was serving a term in one of the colonies, which, in his opinion, was with the participation of Victor Vekselberg. The letter was available and we publish it almost in full. 

"What would I like to write to you? Rumors about me, which you have anxiously reported, do arise and spread with enviable regularity. I have a strong belief that public consciousness is being prepared for something. There is a reasonable question – who needs it?

The only answer – to those who ordered on me criminal case, sent at night to my house of bandits to burn the iron and to prick knives of my son, to beat the wife and the daughter-in-law. They are easily recognizable. Today, they present themselves as a socially responsible business elite, appearing on TV screens surrounded by top officials of the state. For simple and ignorant people in politics of their purchase of Faberge eggs or bells for the cathedrals seem to be the benefactor. And this is nothing but the purchase of positions. The SKOLKOVO centre is proof of this. Now everyone knows that Vekselberg will lead the "Russian silicon valley". F., presenting himself as a pious gentleman. But few people know that this Nouveau riche addressed a letter to the former Director of the FSB Patrushev N. P., in which asked exert aid in my condemnation. And this service was provided by the FSB. A copy of this letter, I have...

This is the money earned by my family for 25 years in Siberia and taken away by the hands of mercenaries from the Prosecutor's office and the courts under a custom criminal case, I believe, including, reconstructed airport "Koltsovo", built a residential area in Yekaterinburg, but issued as investment projects businessman-benefactor. This is now possible only in Russia. Oligarchs from the big road, on TV screens next to the President, it does not just look cool, but also sounds proud!

As for the fate of Bogdanovich AA, its outcome is not a surprise to me. This scoundrel "sat" exclusively on custom-made Affairs, destroying ordered people. I repeatedly told him in the eye, wrote in a statement that he is sure it will end up. Another fate of killers does not happen. With a lot of knowledge to do so always. Life has shown that I was right.

By the way, I think you will be interested to learn about the fate of other "participants" decisions of my life:

1.      Prosecutor General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Dubinsky, represented the charge in court. After the trial, organized a riot in a Moscow restaurant on the script of major Evsyukov. Expelled from the prosecution.

2.      Lawyer Mamaev, representing the interests of TNCs. In a drunken brawl got a bullet in the stomach from a drinking buddy.

3.      Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Karpov, who refused me in the Supervisory appeal. Two weeks after the refusal, he was expelled from the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for family extortion of bribes from the defendant. And there's something about it.

4.      The presiding judge, judge Poluyan, immediately after the verdict was announced, received the post of Deputy Chairman of the court of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug…

Unfortunately, I do not know who else was the victim of the "Poluyanov justice", but I have no doubt that sooner or later will not be revealed one such case, camouflaged under justice, "the name of the Russian Federation", for which will have to face real justice. I will contribute to this in every way.

As for my state of health, it is in order. I can not do otherwise, because there is still much to do…

You will consider possible, place this letter on the website. Let it be a response to the participants in the discussion of this topic, to whom I am also very grateful.

As for the essence of the criminal case, on which I was actually publicly executed, I hope that in the near future its fabricated content will become common knowledge. Before its publication, the judges still have a chance to "surrender".

Sincerely, paly. 3.06.2010," reads the letter, which publishes


To be continued

Timothy Zabiyakin