The American part of the story of the runaway banker and former owner of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov, according to, is becoming more interesting. Firstly, because she confirmed the close commercial ties of the Bejamov family and the family of ex-deputy prime minister and former head of the ROC, Alexander Zhukov. Secondly, the common business of the two families led to the topic of contacts with Donald Trump and the campaign to denigrate Hillary Clinton.

The investigation, which is currently being conducted by the US Treasury, confirmed that Georgy Bedzhamov hid most of the assets behind the offshore, which he issued for his wife Alina Zolotova. Rather, Zolotova is an established beneficiary, but there are still unidentified ones. And there are also deceived partners who previously controlled these assets with the Bedzhamov family. In the latter case, we are talking about the family of Alexander Zhukov, his son Petra (he was a member of the board of directors of Vneshprombank) and his wife Ekaterina. At one time, Bedzhamov acquired a third of the shares of the five-star premium hotel Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in Swiss St. Moritz. As Bedzhamov himself said, the share in the offshore on which the hotel was purchased was also owned by Zhukov's wife, Ekaterina.

However, sources at say that the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is only a small part of the joint assets of Bedzhamov and the Zhukovs. At one time, this calving became a kind of residence for two families. On the website of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) you can find an article from February 2013 about the party held at the Bedzhamov-Zhukov residence entitled “From St. Moritz to Sochi”, which took place at the Badrutt's Palace hotel. It was attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco, IBSF President Ivo Ferriani, President of the Russian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation Georgy Bedzhamov, President of the National Olympic Committee of Russia Alexander Zhukov, Deputy Minister of Sports of Russia Yuri Nagorny, etc. The site had photos from this event, then they mysteriously disappeared. But there were signatures for the missing photos. On one of them you could see together Ekaterina Zhukova, Yuri Nagorny, Alexander Zhukov and Alina Zolotova (wife of Georgy Bedzhamov).

Part of the assets of the Bejamov-Zhukov families was registered for offshore companies Basel Properties Limited and Lucksoft Management Limited, the beneficial owner of which is now Alina Zolotova. Zolotova is the wife of a fugitive Russian banker, Georgy Bedzhamov. Before fleeing from Russia, Bedzhamov was the ultimate beneficial owner of Basel Properties. In 2010–2016, Swiss lawyer Judith Hamburger acted as director and secretary at Basel Properties Limited and Lucksoft Management Limited. At that time, she controlled the companies Prime Nominees and Sea Holdings, which, in turn, owned the Israeli company Psy Group. Representatives of the Psy Group during the election campaign in the United States were seen in contact with the team of Donald Trump and in the "war of incriminating evidence" against Hillary Clinton.

According to sources at, after fleeing from the Russian Federation, Georgy Bedzhamov and Alina Zolotova began to urgently make various transactions, as a result of which the Zhukovs lost control of their joint assets.

Recall that when Alexander Zhukov came to the leadership of the Olympic Committee in 2010, money flowed not only to the OKR, but also to social funds that Zhukov oversaw as deputy chairman of the government. Then George Bedzhamov headed the Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation.

As already said, Georgy Bedzhamov and his sister Larisa Marcus (serving time in the Russian Federation) are suspected in the United States of having laundered large sums of money using the American financial system. Among other things, Bedzhamov invested them in the purchase of a large number of real estate. Several federal services, including the FBI, are taking part in the investigation. As part of the investigation, a certain Zhukov testified. A source at says that the American witness is a relative of the former president of the ROC, Alexander Zhukov. The family of the latter has long been closely associated with Bedzhamov and Vneshprombank (VPB).

To be continued

Timofey Grishin