Source: continues to acquaint the reader with the "wiretaps" from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. At this writing, talking to Boris Berezovsky and Yumashev. The conversation takes place immediately after Yumashev and Dyachenko lobbied Berezovsky for a personal meeting with Boris Yeltsin. Yumashev and Berezovsky considered Yeltsin a key figure in the entire political field of Russia, but before this meeting Berezovsky solved all his problems through the Berezovsky-Yumashev canal with Dyachenko-Yeltsin. And although the Regency was established, Berezovsky understood that there were still many political figures of a sufficiently strong scale with which he could not ignore. The reason Berezovsky considered the lack of personal contact with Yeltsin. Now this obstacle has been overcome, and Berezovsky had become virtually absolute master of Russia.

Greet. Yumashev tries not to show interest in the meeting Berezovsky and Yeltsin and offers to call back tomorrow, but Berezovsky bursting with emotions and he begins the story

B: Val, what I want to tell you, I met today, a-a-a, okay?

Yu: Yeah.

B: Well, in principle, positive, of course, Val

Yu: Yeah

B: Long talk

Yu: Yeah

B: Wal, you know, I want to tell you, I'm convinced again, Wal, he's awesome, Wal

Yu: Yeah

B: It can not be lost, Val

Yu: Yeah

B: That is, and more than that, you can not just lose, but together you can solve very fundamental problems.

Yu: Yeah

B: Maybe for the first time, we can decide that we couldn't even approach at all.

Yu: Yeah

B: Okay? Yes?

Yu: Great

B: Well, we'll discuss it tomorrow? OK?

Y: Yeah, yeah, great.

B: You know, here... but... but... as if... here, you know, here... Val, it needs to be accepted absolutely in campaign (Berezovsky says that it is necessary to distribute profits taking into account Yeltsin's personal interest) you Understand?

Yu: Yeah

B: This is the person to start with, and, well, here... I'm not saying how we're getting along, right?

Yu: Yeah

B: Well, close to that, Val.

(Berezovsky very much wanted to enter into a circle of the closest people to Yeltsin, and he persuades Yumashev to help him to make it and not to be afraid of consequences)

Y: yeah, yeah.

B: That's why you have to approach this relationship in a completely different way.

Y: yeah, yeah

B: I mean, there's no Precedent for that ... Ale?

(Yumashev thinks it over carefully. He is afraid that as soon as Berezovsky enters the circle of Yeltsin's closest people, he, Yumashev, will be unnecessary. He saw Berezovsky go "up" on the heads of his friends.)

Yu: Great

B: Got it?

Y: yeah ... And most importantly, that's just... a Key figure to the same.

B: Absolutely, Val. That's why I'm telling you, you know... Like... Like...  Uh... This is a completely separate topic. And, from my point of view, just a key, main topic. Everything else is important, but it is secondary.

Yu: Yeah

B: Here's my understanding

Yu: Great (Yumashev did not make a final decision)

Then they agree to meet the next day. Berezovsky said that a little drunk and goes for a walk, but tomorrow will be in shape.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov