In February 2020, the former coach of the Russian national football team Valery Gazzaev was appointed chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities. The operatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation could only shrug their hands; all their materials were simply unnoticed. Gazzaev appears in criminal files on two of the largest organized criminal groups of recent times - the gang of Aslan Gagev (Dzhako)

and the gang of thief in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan). So, the shadow banker Alexander Slesarev became the victim of the Jaco gang.

He was shot in 2005 with his whole family. During the investigation, it was found that the Slesarev family led a very secluded life in the last years of their life, and only the family of Valery Gazzayev was included in their cottage. Slesarev and Gazzayev were very friendly, almost did not spill water. Sources of say that the banker and the coach have commercial interests in common. Gazzaev was not just a CSKA coach, but a business partner of the team owner Evgeny Giner. The latter, along with his friend, the current Senator Alexander Babakov, has always been an active participant in the shadow banking business, the same as Slesarev. The operatives had evidence that Gazzaev was also familiar with Aslan Gagiev, both of them from North Ossetia. It was Dzhako who, due to financial "showdowns", gave the go-ahead for his fighters to shoot the Slesarev family. In connection with all these events, field investigators believed that Gazzaev at least knew exactly the motives for the execution of the Slesarev’s family and the “customer”. There were hot heads that Gazzayev suspected of something more serious. During the interrogation, Gazzayev answered in general terms. Like, they were just friends with Slesarev, he never talked about business, in 2004 he said that the problems were in business. According to Gazzayev, who could commit the crime, he is not even close. And these are such testimonies about a man who constantly visited Gazzaev, talked with 15-year-old Elizaveta Slesareva, who was also shot by a killer.

In 2019, Valery Gazzaev introduced the attention of field investigators. This time in connection with the case of organized crime group Oleg Shishkanov. As the VChK-OGPU channel informed telegrams, interest in Gazzaev arose in connection with the investigation into the murder of the family of the chairman of the Ramenskoye state farm, Tatyana Sidorova, in no way. The customer of the crime was Oleg Shishkanov, who was arrested in 2019. Witnesses testified that Sidorova was personally and well acquainted with Gazzaev. In her office there was even a large photo where Gazzaev was with Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, Gazzayev was a close friend of thief in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), who is accused of killing the Sidorova family. At the same time, Gazzayev was not just a friend of Sidorova and Shishkan, but also participants in their business. When a conflict arose between Shishkan and Sidorova, Gazzaev was on the side of the "thief in law." “He, too, can be safely attributed to the beneficiaries after the death of Sidorova,” suggested the Cheka-OGPU. According to a TC source, the state farm, which owns vast territories, was controlled by five people: Oleg Shishkanov, Valery Gazzaev, Tatyana Sidorova, her common-law husband Vladimir Kremnev, her former deputy Nadezhda Shkutko. The operatives had information that it was Gazzayev and Shishkan who built a huge residential complex on the lands of the state farm.

At some point, there was a question about the interrogation of Gazzayev in the “Shishkan case”, for which he had to remove parliamentary immunity. However, with extensive connections, Gazzaev cracked down on his problems. And he went not for questioning to the investigators, but for a raise. He became chairman of the Duma committee.

It is worth noting that Valery Gazzaev knows how to masterfully get out of difficult situations with security officials. In 2008, the son of a trainer, Aslan Gazzayev, had fun with friends in a mansion on Rublevka and shot a guest worker Georgy Morar for fun. The Moscow Region investigators showed the highest skill so that the offspring of the coach would not sit down. As a result, they blinded such a version. Young people shot at jars, and one bullet ricocheted into a passerby. But the young men did not even notice. It is impossible to establish by whom of the party participants the ill-fated bullet was fired (and everyone fired), so there is no one to charge. And the case was suspended and thrown into the archive with the wording that it is impossible to establish the person to be held accountable.


To be continued

Arseny Dronov