Source: Rucriminal

Resource continues to spread "bugging" that all political careers "collected" Boris Berezovsky. This is his personal conversations with other oligarchs and state officials of different ranks. This time there were conversations BAB with the head of Boris Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana Dyachenko state, head of the presidential administration, Valentin Yumashev and banker Alexander Smolensky. The most interesting conversation last. During her Berezovsky and Smolensky discuss ORT funding Boris Yeltsin and exchanged pleasantries, "calling them" one another toad and a thief. Then the conversation is connected Yumashev, near Berezovsky. leads short excerpts from this recording. ( Http:// ).


B .: Ale

S .: Yes, Bor.

B .: Alexander, welcome.

S .: Hello, hello.

B .: So, I have a good question.

S .: Yes.

B .: That means we have everything ready for the 100 millionth loan.

S .: I know, we're ...

B .: Tell me, I need a man. Your man said that he could give a passport only on Friday.

S .: So.

B .: What we do not guarantee ... that guarantees us the impossibility of arrival ...

S .: And it is not present, it is now in Germany, he arrives only ...

B .: (interrupting) And you can give someone else who has a pass ...

S .: No, someone else, I can not, I can give the person who has the right to sign documents. And to understand this. Here Badri Badri now (inaudible) has signed a contract, right?

B .: Yes.

S .: We are studying it is already sent to him in Germany, fax ...

B .: Well, good.

S .: And on Friday morning already, so we'll give the original, they will deliver your visa ...

B .: Absolutely it fits perfectly suited.

S .: Yes, but the point is that we do not understand how these 100 million. Will glow where they are, it gets ORT?

B .: It's what you know, I do not know the scheme, Badri knows everything.

B .: Hi Val sends you.

S .: Val?

B .: Yumashev called.

S .: That give him a tube for a second ...

B .: No, he does not want to talk to you, he says ...

S .: Yes, it tube ...

B .: No, he says you're a damn thief and does not want to talk to you



Further conversation with Smolensk continues Yumashev.


U .: Hi Alexander, glad to hear you. You do this all call the seller, like this ... second-hand vehicles.

C: Yes, yes, yes, the seller is supported ... the showman, you know.

U .: Showman.

S .: Yes

J. Alexander, you are still alive?

S .: I am, yes.

U .: fend them all?

S .: Wow, look how cool the BN did yesterday ...

U .: Yes, yes, it is ...

S .: It aerobatics ...

U .: This aerobatics, right.


Source: Rucriminal