Russian President Vladimir Putin, by his order, appointed Valentin Yumashev an adviser to the president of the Russian Federation on a voluntary basis, the Kremlin press service said on Friday. Yumashev is married to the daughter of the first Russian president Tatyana Dyachenko. In the period 1997-1998, he headed the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin. And now, 20 years later, Yumashev was back in the Kremlin. In this regard, decided to recall the events of the late 90's. Then the approach to Yeltsin for the oligarchs was possible primarily through Yumashev. It was he who organized the first meeting between Yeltsin and Berezovsky, after which the power of the BAB increased at times. Yumashev was in business relations with other oligarchs of those times.

Boris Berezovsky recorded absolutely all the conversations that he conducted with others and kept these records. According to, this archive served as an incriminating evidence on individuals. At the disposal of our site was one of these records. Three people talk to him-Boris Berezovsky (B), banker Alexander Smolensky (C) and Valentin Yumashev (Yu), who held the posts of Yelitsin's adviser, and then the head of the presidential administration. Berezovsky informs Smolensky that everything is ready for a 100 million loan, but you need a "person" who has the right to sign. Smolensky responds that he did not understand where the money should go, whether they receive ORT. Berezovsky says that he does not know himself, Badri Patarkatsishvili knows everything. Two oligarchs make fun of each other. Berezovsky hands the tube to Yumashev. Smolensky complains that "this toad" offends him. He notes that "BN En" (Yeltsin) did all in 2 days. Yesterday he saw "Sergei Pavlovich" (Mironov?) And was "driven" by him, because he personally responds to society for the fate of Yeltsin. Yumashev promises to call back, as will the last "good." gives its readers the opportunity not only to read the transcript of the conversation, but also to listen to the voices of its participants.

B: Ale

S .: Yes, Borye.

B: Alexander Pavlovich, welcome.

S .: Hello, hello.

B: So, I have one good question.

S .: Yes.

B: So, we have everything ready for this 100 million loan.

S .: I know, we are here ...

B: Tell me, I need my man. Your man said that he can only give a passport on Friday.

S .: So.

B: What guarantees does not ... that guarantees us the impossibility of coming ...

S .: He's not here, he's in Germany now, he's just arriving ...

B: (interrupts) And you can give someone else who has a passage ...

S .: No, I can not give anyone another, I can give a person who has the right to sign documents. And understands this. Here Badri, Badri now (inaudible) signing the contract, right?

B: Yes.

S .: We are now studying it, we have already sent it to Germany, by fax ...

B: Excellent, good.

S .: But, (illegibly), we have a copy of the passport, Bor. Hello.

B .: Copy of the passport, (illegibly) a power of attorney, but, a copy of the passport, yes, I think it is possible, agreed. A copy of the passport, yes it's fine, it fits.

S .: And on Friday morning, then we will give the original, they will put their visa ...

B: Absolutely suitable, absolutely suitable.

S .: Yes, but the fact is that we did not understand how these 100 million will shine, where are they, does ORT get it?

B: It's like, you know, I do not know anything by the scheme, Badri knows everything.

S .: Very good, Boris Abramovich, we will not give you those 100 million.

B: It's not the first time, so I'm used to it.

S .: Oh, that's so even.

B: Yes, of course.

S .: Do you mean to say that I held something?

B: Naturally.

S .: What exactly?

B: (laughs) I'm at a personal meeting ...

S .: No, you know what, Borya (laughs) ... You already made a statement of Chernomyrdin, I'll remember this ...

B: What kind of statements did I make?

S .: What I (inaudible) millions stole. "

B .: 40, if I were talking about 40, I would not be me. And Chernomyrdin, I would not have exchanged $ 40 million.

S .: Oh, that's it.

B: Yes.

(both laughing)

S .: Boris Abramovich, he laughs the one who laughs without consequences.

B: This is absolutely true ...

S .: Yes ...

B: I just want to remember and write down this.

(both laughing)

S .: When will we see each other?

B: Today, if you do not mind ...

S .: Huh?

B: Today, if you do not mind.

S .: When?

B: Well, set the time yourself.

S .: In the evening somewhere ...

B: Come on in the evening.

S .: Where will you be?

B: I'm always here.

S .: At home?

B: Yes.

S .: Is it in the club?

B: Yes, at the club.

S .: Well, I'll be closer to 9, okay ...

B: I'm looking forward to it.

S .: Come on, you're looking forward to it, you are now waiting for one person with impatience.

B: No, only you.

S .: No, you only wait for Gusinsky.

B: Oh, I see.

S .: To fly away faster pancake.

B: Yes, it's clear.

S .: To Madrid.

B: I see.

S .: Yes ...

B: I embrace.

S .: Goodbye, Boris Abramovich.

B: I embrace.

S .: See you ...

B: Valya sends her greetings to you.

With: Valya?

B: Yumashev is called.

S .: Here, give him a pipe for a second ...

B: No, he does not want to talk to you, he says ...

S .: Yes, he had a pipe


B: No, he says that you are a damned crook and do not want to talk to you.

(both laughing)

B: And he says that you did not sneak millions, but much more, Mikhail Ivanovich has a certificate for you.

S .: Well, well ...

B: Everything, I'm sending the phone.

S .: Come on.


(second conversation)



Yu .: Hello Alexander Pavlovich, it's good to hear from you.

S .: Valya, hello dear. You see how this toad bows me everywhere, as well.

Yu .: You call this all the seller, like this ... the backed cars.

S: Yes, yes, yes, the seller of the supported ... showman, you know.

Yu .: Showman.

S .: Yes

Yu. Aleksandr Pavlovich, are you alive?

S .: Yes, I do.

Yu .: You beat them from everyone?

S .: Wow, listen, how cool yesterday BN did ...

Yu .: Yes, yes, it's ...

S .: This is aerobatics ...

Yu .: It's aerobatics, right.

S .: (laughs) I was so happy yesterday, as if I won a car without participation ...

Yu .: He soaked all ...

S .: Huh?

Yu .: He soaked all of them, in two days.

S .: Yes. Well, thank you, Lord. I saw Sergei Pavlovich yesterday ...

Yu .: Aga

S .: There Pal Palych instructed me to do the job ...

Yu .: Aga

S .: ... gave, here, and I yesterday on him, frankly, a little bit so ... ponabal, because of some problems there. I say - you, personally answer to the public, for everything to be normal. He - yes, I, well, you know, it's difficult ... I say - I do not know anything. Nothing. Does not know.

Yu: Absolutely right.

S .: Here, but he is such a good guy, I liked it.

Yu .: No, Seryozhka is cool, classy ...

S .: Such, sane ...

Yu .: Absolutely cool, just really.

S .: Okay, Valichka, is everything all right?

Yu .: I hug, Alexander Pavlovich. So everything is moving there, and I'll call you, as I will have this, the last good.

S .: Good.

Yu .: Aga

S .: Everything, is, thank you.

Yu .: So far, happily.

To be continued